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Shop Update: 27.01.2015

The Wheel of Fortune is back in the shop with new items! ... learn more »

Doubled Alkahest Box

For each Enchanter's Key you will receive on average more than double the amount of Masterwork Alkahest! ... learn more »

Event: Colorful Carnival Season

It's carnival time! Starting Tuesday, 27th January 2015 you'll find blue chests scattered throughout Arborea containing both useful and fun items. ... learn more »


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Server status

Please be aware the server maintenance normally happens once weekly. You can find out on our official website if a patch is being applied. Visit our archive for patch notes in order to stay up-to-date with all the changes in the game.

Status Server Type Population Language
Zenobia PVE Medium EN
Veritas PVE Medium EN
Arcadia PVE High EN
Fraya PVE High EN
Icaruna PVP Low EN
Killian PVP High EN
Kaidun PVE High DE
Hasmina PVE High DE
Akasha PVE Medium FR
Elinu PVE Medium FR