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Weekly Maintenance: 05.05.2015

A weekly maintenance will take place on Tuesday May 5th 2015. ... learn more »

Pre-Patch available

The heavily armed vixens are advancing! ... learn more »

Shop Update: 30.04.2015

These packs can only be purchased by Elins. The offer is available until Tuesday, 5th May 2015. ... learn more »

Happy Birthday TERA!

In celebration of TERA's third anniversary we've got a triplet of giveaways for you! ... learn more »



Patch Notes 31.04: The Gunner

In the upcoming patch 31.04, slated for release on Tuesday, 5th May 2015, Arborea will see the introduction of the Gunner, the new playable class for female High Elves and Castanic!

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More Masterwork Alkahest!

With the Patch 31.04.02 on Tuesday, May 5th 2015 we’ll be making the previously announced changes in regards to how you can get Masterwork Alkahest ingame!

learn more »

Gunner: Pre-Patch available

The heavily armed vixens are advancing! Today we're starting the rollout of the patch including the Gunner, which will be released on Tuesday, 5th May 2015.

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Shop Update: Paw Outfits

Elin fans, listen up! Starting now and for a short time only, you'll find three packs with Paw Outfits and cute Cat Whiskers in the TERA Shop!

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