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Event: Cupid's Arrow Lands in Arborea

Lovestruck adventurers, listen up! This weekend we're giving you some great items for Valentine's Day! ... learn more »

Shop Update: Angel Diamond Weapons

Angel Diamond weapons are now available to purchase directly in the shop – for a short time only! ... learn more »

New Valentine’s day lockscreen images

Spread the love and adopt our newest stylish lockscreen images! ... learn more »


Join the TERA Club! ... learn more »



New Valentine’s day lockscreen images

Love knows no boundaries! People throughout TERA celebrate the miracle of love. Some take their companions to the high-class restaurants of Velika, while others prefer to share a box of chocolates near the beautiful Lake of Tears near Pora Elinu.

learn more »

Shop Update: Heavenly Nurses

Good girl, bad girl? Show your true colours with the new nurse packages! These are available in the TERA Shop until Tuesday, 16th February 2016 (only for female characters).

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