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Here Comes Ser Picks-a-lot!

For a short time only you'll be able to purchase Ser Picks-a-lot directly in the TERA Shop! ... learn more »

Gritty Metal Heads

Leathers, studs, broody wings! ... learn more »

Event: Mount a rescue!

Verno, Bandersnatch & co have struck us a heavy blow! In a perfidious and underhand attack they've captured tons of crafting material. ... learn more »


Join the TERA Club! ... learn more »



Shop Update: Gritty Metal Heads

Leathers, studs, broody wings! You'll find two new packages full of heavy metal gear in the shop until Wednesday, 31st August 2016. Grab your axe and cut your enemies to ribbons with your cutting riffs!

learn more »

New Launcher - Important Info

During today’s maintenance we encountered a critical error with the new launcher and because of that we unfortunately have to postpone its release and do a roll-back to the old launcher.

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