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Colorful Eggstravaganza in Arborea

What's that rustling in the bushes? Why it's the Easter bunny with Easter eggs for every adventurer in his bag! ... learn more »

Event: Fashion Coupons!

From Friday, March 27th until Saturday, March 28th  2015! ... learn more »

Shop Update: 24.03.2015

Power of the Elements! ... learn more »


Join the TERA Club! ... learn more »



Event: Fashion Coupons!

Whether you're showing heavy duty BAMs who's boss or simply having an idle chat with your favorite trusted broker – we'll be rewarding you for your time online in TERA with Fashion Coupons from Friday, March 27th until Saturday, March 28th  2015!

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Patch Notes 30.11 – Dreadspire

Patch 30.11, to be released on Thursday, 26th March 2015, will see the new top instance Dreadspire opening its gates. There you'll find familiar enemies with a greatly increased difficulty level.

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