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Happy Hour: 35% more Thalers!

Nab 35% free TERA Thalers now! ... learn more »

Shadow Sanguinary

Take on Dakuryon in the final battle and defeat him once and for all! ... learn more »

Shop Update: Fantastic Feathers

Starting today you'll find nine fabulous pairs of wings in a Heroic Chest in the shop. ... learn more »


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Shadow Sanguinary

In our first preview of the upcoming instances, we're putting the spotlight on the Shadow Sanguinary. This instance contains one of the toughest challenges in the new patch, and is available in both normal and hard modes.

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Event: Battle for Velika

Over the next three days, powerful enemies will be making raids across various servers, leaving a trail of terror and destruction in their wake.

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Shop Update: Delicate Winter Butterflies

Spring is slowly arriving in Arborea, bringing out these spectacular creatures of the air. To honour the occasion, you'll find three new packages containing wintry hanboks and matching butterfly wings for female characters available in the shop until 03/05. Slip into one of these graceful costumes and put on a show for the arrival of spring!

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