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Happy Hour: 25% more Thalers!

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Echoes of Aranea

The upcoming “Birth of a Tyrant” release will add another new solo instance for level 65 players! ... learn more »

Event: A weekend with summer gifts

We'll be rewarding you for your time online in TERA with Gifts from Friday, 29th July until Sunday, 31st July 2016! ... learn more »


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Echoes of Aranea

you’ll be tasked with discovering more about the history behind the world of TERA. When taking on this instance, you’ll have to choose which of two paths to take through the dungeon!

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Shop Update: Celeste Seashells

Starting today, the Celeste Seashell Collection is available in the TERA Shop, but only until Tuesday, 2nd August. Quench your thirst with delicious beach drinks while opening your selection of Viridian and Celeste Seashells!

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