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The New Items


The Maester (Adonis) Set

Players can get the Maester set from different sources, such as the Wonderhalls (NM), from Kezzel's Gorge, and from killing monsters in Val Kaeli.

In order to buy these equipment parts players will have to loot Argon Essences which are dropped by killing Argon Troops. Then you'll need to turn them into Frozen Stones using Argon Coolers, which can be bought from Karem in Kanstria.

Once a player has enough Frozen Stones, he can buy himself an Adonis Box, which will contain the item of his choice.

Should players decide to defeat Kezzel, they can go to Jecolt to exchange the Molten Tockens in each of the three cities to get a Maester equipment part.

The Aphrodite Set

Players can get the Aphrodite set from either Nightmare Bandersnatch, which you can find in the Wonderhalls (HM), or from upgrading the Maester Set.

In order to upgrade your Maester equipment parts into +10 masterworked Aphrodite parts, you will have to help Adonis multiple times in the Wonderhalls. After clearing the Wonderhalls once, you can meet up with Lena in Allemantheia in order to proceed with this process.

The first step will be to clear the Wonderhalls 30 times, and each time kill Lutwidge, the One-Eye Jack, Felbane and Bandersnatch! Once the quest done, you will be able to get the recipes to upgrade your Maester Shoes into +10 Aphrodite Shoes. Another 10 clears will unlock the glove templates, followed by the armor template after a further 10 clears.

The weapon will be rewarded after the last 10 clears, and you are ready to craft the complete Aphrodite set should you already have the corresponding Maester equipment parts and a Mark of the Sorcerer, which you will get from Bandersnatch!

The Cruel Conjunct Set

You can buy the Cruel Conjunct design from the Killing Spree Quartermasters in each of the three cities.

In order to craft these equipment parts, players will need the respective parts of the Conjunct set, as well as multiple Victor's Orthoclases (Bellicarium Merchant) and Shining Enchantment Stones (Killing Spree Merchant).

Once these items have been collected, you'll be ready for your Cruel Conjunct items!

The Cruel Visionmaker Set

Just as for the Cruel Conjunct set, you can also buy the Cruel Visionmaker designs from the Killing Spree Quartermasters.

In order to craft these equipment parts, players will need the respective parts of the Visionmaker set, as well as multiple Victor's Trophies (Bellicarium Merchant) and Bright Shining Enchantment Stones (Killing Spree Merchant), as well as Noctenium Forging Stones (which you get from converting Superior Noctenium Membranes using the Essence Condenser).

As an alternative, active PvP players may also use their Bloodrave equipment parts in order to build the corresponding Cruel Visionmaker part!

The Shining Visionmaker Set

The Shining Visionmaker set will be the most powerful PvE equipment in all of Arborea after this huge patch, and players will need the current Visionmaker set in order to craft it!

You'll need to visit Nightmare Shandra Manaya in order to begin your quest to become the most powerful, as you'll need the Vision Document in order to begin this process!

Visit Muhrak in Habere, and he'll provide you with the necessary designs, as well as with a quest which you'll need to create Ancient Weapons.

Depending on which item you wish to craft, you'll need a certain amount of ancient Weapons (from Muhrak), Bandersnatch's Cubes (Wonderholme HM), Mark of the Sorcerer (Wonderholme NM) and of course a previous visionmaker part.

New Accessories with Set-Boni!

For the first time in TERA, equipment parts will have set-boni, which a player can unlock should he get more items of the same set!

The more accessories you have equipped, the higher the amount of additional effects.

Kill Kerkion and Barbosa

Only Kerkion in the Channelworks and Barbosa of the Shattered Fleet possess these accessories, and as such you should pay them a visit!