The Classic Server


TERA Classic Server

Your journey through time

Return to the year 2013 with the Classic Server and rediscover TERA! The Island of Dawn, alliance wars and brutal dungeon bosses await you!

Bring your loot back to the future

Anything you loot on the Classic Server, you can keep! Craft powerful gear, level up, collect Classic Thalers, and take all your achievements and loot back with you to the current server at the end of it all.

TERA’s Golden Age

Back to the island

Start your adventure in the former starting area: the Island of Dawn. Fight for the Valkyon Federation – protect the alliance against attacks from without and scheming from within. Complete missions throughout Arborea and level up to level 60!

Down with the argons

Join forces in raids with up to 120 players and fight the nexus invasions in Northern Shara. If you succeed, you will gain access to another challenge: the Nexus Traverse for 20 players.

One for all, all for one

Join one of the three alliance factions with your guild and fight for control over the rare noctenium skill booster. Special rewards and access to the alliance vault also await you.

The power of the queen

Venture into the Classic Dungeons with incredibly strong monsters – they will demand everything you’ve got. Almost forgotten challengers rise again: Defeat Nightmare Meldita and Nightmare Shandra Manaya in hard mode!

Eight classes with original gameplay

Choose one of the original eight classes for your character: warrior, slayer, lancer, berserker, archer, sorcerer, priest or mystic. If you already have a high-level character, you can also play as a reaper with their own starting area!

Legendary Heroes

How will you conquer the past? As an intrepid Human, a proud High Elf, or a mysterious Baraka? The world of Arborea needs heroes of all races together to claim victory in the fight against evil.

Enter the fight alongside ranks of other courageous fighters and rise to the challenges of the past!



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  • Accessing the Classic Server

Accessing the Classic Server

Can any player take part in this event?

Yes! Everyone can participate on the Classic Server, be it as an existing TERA player, a veteran from the past, or as a brand new adventurer!

How long will the Classic Server be available?

Launch is planned for February. It will then end with the release of Patch 80 at the end of March or beginning of April. It is expected to run for 6 to 8 weeks.

How do I register for the Classic Server?

If you already have a Gameforge account and play via the regular launcher, you can participate on the Classic Server with your existing account.

If you’re playing on Steam, please check the special Steam section.

If you’ve never played TERA before, you can sign up via this link.

You will need to download a special launcher to play on the Classic Server. This launcher will then download the Patch 27 version of TERA. Then you will be able to play on the Classic Server!

Please note, you need to have a Gameforge account to participate.

If you have an existing launcher/client for Patch 79, make sure not to delete this installation, or you’ll no longer be able to access Patch 79 servers! Regular servers will require the regular launcher to be accessed.

The Classic Client will require a minimum of 60 GB of disk space to download and install. After installation, the client will use up around 32 GB of space.

The Classic Server download requires about 20 GB of traffic. To give all of our players equal opportunity to start at the same time regarding achievements etc., we’ll allow players to install the launcher and download the game in advance of the server launch.

Please note that downloading the Classic client before the official launch does not allow you to access the servers before they open.

Can I downgrade my regular launcher?

Current players who have version 79 installed will need to install the new launcher and download the Classic Client to participate.

Due to the huge difference between the two versions, a downgrade would require the same amount of traffic, and result in players no longer having patch version 79 available to play any more.

I still have my version of TERA from 2014 or earlier installed, can I use this to play on the Classic Server?

Unfortunately, old versions cannot be used to play on the Classic Server.

Old launchers would automatically patch themselves to the current version, thereby patching the game client up to the current version.

Updating to Patch 80

Please refer to the transfers section for more information about this.

Can I transfer my existing character to the Classic Server?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to transfer from the current Patch 79 to the Classic Server. Every player need to start with a fresh character.

Will I be able to keep playing on my non-legendary server as well?

Playing on the Classic Server does not mean that regular servers will be unavailable. You can play on both servers as much as you wish.

Please note that the two servers have different launcher and clients, and you need to keep both on your computer to be able to access both servers. Additionally, you cannot log into both servers at the same time with the same account.

What will happen to my regular server? Will all players move to the Classic Server now?

Don’t worry, the regular server will stay online, and we’ll also support it with regular events and updates that won’t be available on the Classic Server.

How can I send you my feedback?

We’ve created a special section in the forum for all discussions relating to the Classic Server. We’re really interested in hearing your opinions about this game version, so please come by and tell us what you liked or what didn’t work very well!

Will I be able to transfer my progress to the live servers when the Classic Server ends?

Yes, you can transfer to the regular servers for free once per account. If you already have an account and are playing with this one, you can have your Classic Server hero rejoin your other characters!

Full details will be available in the transfers section.

Are the hardware requirements different for the Classic Server?

The hardware requirements will be the same as for the current regular servers. You can find them here.

Steam Questions

I’m playing TERA via Steam. Can I patch it to access the Classic Server?

Steam players will be required to download a separate launcher and client to participate on the Classic Server, just like non-Steam players.

Unfortunately it’s technically impossible to provide a smooth experience for this via Steam itself.

I have an existing TERA account on Steam, how can I log into the Classic Server launcher?

As a Steam player, you will need to link your Steam account to a Gameforge account. You can very easily do this as follows:

  • Open our official website
  • Click on ‘Sign in through STEAM’.
  • Enter an email address and the password you want to use

Please note that the accounts used for the Classic Server are the same as for the regular servers. Using an existing (regular TERA account, not on Steam) account email address during the registration process will not work.

From now on, you can use the chosen email address and password to access:

  • The characters you play with on Steam via the Gameforge launcher
  • The Classic Server via the special launcher

Why should I link my Steam account to a Gameforge Account?

This is the only way to play on our Classic Server. Only by following this will you be able to keep your character from the Classic Server at the end of the event by transferring it to your regular account (created on Steam).

Note: Logging in to the Classic Server with a Gameforge account not linked to your existing Steam account will mean that you won’t be able to transfer your Classic Server character to your Steam account! You can still transfer your Classic Server character to a regular server, but it won’t be on the same account as the characters made on your Steam account.

Can I create a Gameforge account and link it to my Steam account later?

No, it’s not possible to create a Gameforge account and link it to Steam afterwards. You can however create a Gameforge account if you already have a Steam account.

I’ve linked my TERA Steam account to a Gameforge account before, can I use this account now?

Yes, if you’ve previously linked your accounts, you can use those login credentials to access your account on the Classic Server.

Can I buy TERA Thalers on the Classic Server using the Steam Wallet?

Currency is account-wide (valid for both Classic and regular servers), which means that if you charge up TERA Thalers while playing the regular Steam version, you can also use this currency on the Classic Server, assuming your Steam account is linked to the Gameforge account you use to log into the Classic Server.

I have Steam DLCs unlocked on my Steam account. Can I claim these items on the Classic Server?

When you buy Steam DLC on your regular account, it is delivered to your account-wide item claim (in the game) after your first login through Steam after this purchase.

If you haven’t claimed these items on the regular servers yet, you will be able to claim them via the Classic Server IF they already existed in the older game version. If they didn’t exist in Patch 27, you probably won’t see them in your item claim.

What happens to the TERA Thalers I have on the Steam/Classic Server?

Just as for non-Steam players, if linked the accounts are shared between the regular servers and the Classic server. This means that if you have TERA Thalers on your account when you log in via Steam, you will also have these on your account when you log into the Classic Server!

Do I need to continue playing on the Gameforge launcher for Patch 80?

The launcher you use to play on the Classic Server will be updated to patch 80 once it is released. This means that you can continue to play via the Gameforge launcher.

Alternatively, once patch 80 has been released, Steam will also update to patch 80 and you can connect to your account and the regular servers via Steam as well.

I’ve played on the Classic Server, and transferred my character to a regular server, can I play on Steam now?

Yes, once patch 80 has been released and you have transferred your characters to Steam, you will be able to access them as usual via Steam.

Account Questions

I bought the digital version or boxed version of TERA in the past. Will I receive some kind of bonus or starter package?

All user accounts that are currently ‘Veterans’ (i.e. previously bought a Standard or Collector’s Edition whether digital or physical) will have special veteran benefits. Please check the list below for a comparison.

I have a TERA Club membership on the regular servers, what happens to this?

If you have an active subscription on the regular server and use the same account credentials to log into the Classic Server, you will be able to profit from your active subscription on the Classic Server as well.

Will the Club membership on the Classic Server be different to on the regular servers?

Due to the different patch version, the same benefits cannot be applied. Please check the following list for general advantages – content in the Club shortcut tray will be as follows:

Summon: Jeweled Lionunlimited activation
100% XP Boost (1 Hour)3x per day
100% Gold Hunter Boost (1 Hour)3x per day
100% Quester's Gold Boost (1 Hour)3x per day
100% Reputation Boost (1 Hour)3x per day
Village Atlasunlimited activation
Travel Journalunlimited activation
Daily Club Box1x per day
Dragon's Flame1x per day

What happens if I pay for membership on the Classic Server?

Subscriptions apply account-wide. So if you play on the Classic as well as regular server on the same account, you will have the same amount of time remaining on both servers.

How can I join and manage my TERA Club subscription?

Club subscriptions are managed via the official TERA website.

You can log into your account there and manage or create a new subscription.

Free UserVeteran UserTERA Club
Default Character Slots*222
Dungeon Refresh100%100%200%
Dungeon Bonus Reward1x1x2x
Daily Quests202040
Special ConsumablesNoNoYes
Teleport ItemNoNoYes
Daily Boost ItemNoNoYes
Special MountNoNoYes
Bank Tabs14
Gold Cap per Mail10 Goldunlimitedunlimited
Trade Broker Transactions103050
Brokerage Register Tax Discount0%0%100%
Brokerage Sales Tax Discount0%0%33%
Special in-game TitleNoYes

*Please note: Veteran users benefit from the normal 8 character slots on regular servers. This is only adjusted for the Classic Server. Other values might also differ from regular servers, as this is an event-based server.

What’s the maximum amount of characters slots I can add to my account?

You can have a maximum of 16 character slots on the Classic Server, so a total of 14 additional ones can be purchased and activated via the TERA Shop.

Is there a special currency in the shop or am I able to purchase items directly for real money?

The TERA Shop on the Classic Server will work similar to how it works on regular servers. You can purchase TERA Thalers for real-world currency (euros/pounds/dollars/etc.), and use the TERA Thalers to purchase various items for your account. The purchased TERA Thalers are shared between regular servers and the Classic Server, just like the Club subscription. So if you have some TERA Thalers on your account already, you can also use these to purchase items on the Classic Server.

Please note that, when opening the shop in the Classic Server, you can only buy items for characters on that server.

Will I be able to access the TERA Shop on the Classic Server?

The TERA Shop is available on the Classic Server, but will contain a different selection of items for players to purchase.

Where can I find the cash shop in-game and how can I buy things?

The TERA Shop can be opened when online in the game via the main menu. Once opened, you will be able to browse the selection of items and purchase them with a simple click, if you already have TERA Thalers on your account. Otherwise a dialog box will open informing you how to get some.

I bought something from the shop. Where can I collect my items?

Items purchased in the TERA Shop will be delivered into your in-game item claim. This can be accessed just like the shop via the main menu.

Please note that items are delivered to the character you opened the shop with, unless you manually change this in the shop.

Can I buy TERA Thalers on the Classic Server using the Steam Wallet?

Please check the Steam section for the answer to this question.

I played TERA in the past but quit at some point. I’ve now returned to the game but can’t find my old characters. Have they been deleted?

Gameforge has never deleted any characters or accounts without a specific request from the account owner. Over the previous years, we’ve had various new and merged servers, so your previously existing characters will have been moved onto another server. As a general rule of thumb:

  • If you were on a PvP Server, your character should now be on Killian
  • If you were on an EN or INT PvE server, your character should now be on Mystel
  • If you were on a DE or FR server, your characters should now be on Yurian (DE) or Seren (FR) respectively

My launcher is having problems! It doesn’t launch or patch, or it closes itself after a certain time. What can I do?

As a first step, please click the “Settings” button in your launcher followed by “Start Repair” to verify and repair your launcher and client.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, additional options would be:

  • Contact our Support team
  • Delete temporary launcher data (this doesn’t delete the launcher or game)
  • Delete and reinstall the launcher

Content on the Classic Server

Server Type

The Classic Server will be a PvE type of server. This means that it will not be possible to attack other players in the open world without them or their guild agreeing to a challenge.

It is however possible to challenge players to duels, guild wars, as well as deathmatches between two groups/raids, which are fought in the open world. Additionally, the Alliance Territories have PvP times during which factions can freely attack each other in these special territories.

The Classic Server will be based on patch 27 from July 2014. We will be making various changes though and adding some content that was removed in that version to offer the most of what a Classic Server can be!

Why use patch 27 and not an even older version?

We’ve discussed this thoroughly with TERA’s developers, and came to the agreement that it’s best to use patch 27 for this event, as it gives access to a huge amount of content, ranging from the popular contents of three whole gear generations, as well as multiple additional contents such as Alliance, Tainted Gorge and Battlegrounds.

In which language will the Classic Server be available?

The Classic Server will be available in the three official languages of TERA Europe: English, German and French.

Please note that since only one server will be available, this one will be open for all three of our supported languages.

Character Slots

Every player will have 2 character slots available on the Classic Server. Should you require more character slots, you can expand them via a special voucher purchasable in the TERA Shop.

Please note that purchased character slots will not transfer with you onto the regular servers! Unless you have a veteran account or bought character slots on the regular servers before, you'll also have 2 free slots per regular server when transferring.

Which classes will be available on this server?

The original 8 classes, plus the first addition:

Lancer, Warrior, Berserker, Slayer, Archer, Sorcerer, Priest, Mystic and Reaper.

Which battlegrounds will be available on this server?

We’ll have a special BG schedule available on the Classic Server, where some BGs will be open on some days, and others on other days. An overview will be shared in the Classic Server Patch Notes.

Which dungeons will be available on this server?

We will have all of the dungeons available in build 27, and try to add any potential removed dungeons as well. An overview of the available dungeons will be shared in the Classic Server Patch Notes.

Which other content will be available on this server?

The following additional content to the battlegrounds and dungeons mentioned above will be available on the Classic Server:

  • Gathering and Crafting
  • Reputation Factions with Daily Quests
  • Original Nexus with Nexus Traverse
  • Alliance Wars with 3-Faction PvP

Will the group matching be cross-server?

The Classic Server is based on a completely different patch version, and it cannot be added to a matching realm with the regular servers. However, should a second server be opened, both would share one matching pool.

Will Gameforge make changes to the original build 27 content?

Yes, Gameforge will adjust various values on the Classic Server to ensure that all players will be able to enjoy the end-game content in the reduced amount of time available on this Classic Server.

A full list will be provided in the Classic Server Patch Notes closer to release, but here's a rough overview:

  • Increased experience points while leveling
  • Increased item drops in dungeons
  • Faster gathering and crafting values
  • Higher daily quest amounts and starting grade for factions
  • Increased enchantment settings, strongly boosted masterworking values and improved Alkahest drop rates
  • Revamped battleground reward structure
  • And much more!

Transferring from the Server

Will I be able to transfer my progress to the live servers when the Classic Server ends?

Every player that reaches level 60 on the Classic Server with one of their characters will get a free Character Transfer added to their account automatically. This allows you to transfer one character to a regular server of your choosing at the end of the Classic Server period. Full details.

When will you announce the closing date?

Once our patch 80 schedule is defined, we’ll also publish a detailed article covering the various transfer dates. Our current intentions are to make this change around end of March or the beginning of April.

Will you delete all items from the Classic Server?

No, you get to keep everything you have learned or equipped. However, since the Classic Server’s economy will differ greatly to those on the regular servers, we might delete a small selection of items from your inventory before the transfer. This includes any unlearned glyphs. We’ll publish a detailed list before the transfer date of all items to be deleted/transformed or which are otherwise unusable.

Can I transfer more than one character?

All players who reach level 60 will receive a single free transfer. If you wish to transfer another character, you’ll need a Character Transfer Voucher from the TERA Shop.

We’ve also created a new tradeable transfer voucher, so everybody who wants can get one by trading with other players.

Can I transfer my character before the patch 80 release?

Transferring your character before both versions are aligned will not be technically possible.

Will I be able to keep playing on the Classic Server even after it gets updated to build 80?

No, the Classic Server will only be accessible for 2 weeks after the update to build 80 in order to allow players to prepare their characters for a transfer (normal content will be restricted in this period). After those 2 weeks, the server will be taken offline, so please transfer your characters beforehand if you don’t want to lose the progress you’ve made on the Classic Server.

What happens to items I purchased in the TERA Shop?

All items which were purchased from the TERA Shop on the Classic Server can be transferred to a regular server together with your character.

Please note that some items may no longer have any functionality on the regular servers, such as Charms, Panaceas or Alkahest.

How do I transfer my character?

On the TERA website, log into your account, and select “Account Overview”. On this page you can now select the button “Character Transfer” to start the transfer:

  • Select the Classic Server as your starting server, and continue by selecting the character you wish to transfer.
  • Your character will be checked for eligibility, and a pop-up will display whether you can transfer or what is blocking it.
  • Then select a destination server from the 4 possibilities.
  • Confirm your transfer by clicking on “Start”.

What are the transfer restrictions?

Your character needs to meet certain requirements in order to be transferred:

  • The destination server must have a free character slot.
  • If you are in a guild, you will have to leave it to transfer your character.
  • You must be over level 15.
  • You must have read all your mail.
  • You may not have any open item transactions with the broker.

Is there any content that will not be transferred with my character?

Some of the content on the Classic Server cannot be transferred when moving to a regular server. Among others:

  • Only the items in your inventory will be transferred, not those in the bank.
  • If the last remaining character is transferred from the outgoing server, the bank will be deleted!
  • Soulbound items left behind on the outgoing server will no longer be usable.
  • Your battleground ranking will not be transferred. Be absolutely certain that you want to change servers!
  • You might need to choose a new character name on the regular servers, as there might already be existing characters with that name.

Will there be items I cannot transfer when moving to the regular servers?

As mentioned before, some items that have no use on the regular servers anymore will be deleted, and a list will be posted before the transfer opens up.

But excluding these, we’ll make sure all items are transferable, even if normally they wouldn’t allow this behavior on the regular servers.

Patching Launcher

The moment patch 80 is released, your launcher will also be updated to the current version. It will then continue to patch your game client from build 27 to build 80. As a classic player, you don’t need to take any kind of special action to upgrade your client.

Classic & Regular

If you already have a current regular client, you don’t need to patch your classic launcher and client, you can instead use your existing regular launcher to patch from 79 to 80 and still access the Classic Server. Additionally, since both launchers/clients would ultimately be the same, you can simply delete the classic launcher and client.

If you only have the classic launcher installed, please let it update itself so you can continue to access your characters on the Classic Server as well as the regular server.

Steam players should refer to the Steam-specific section regarding this topic.

To allow all classic players to access patch 80 at the same time as regular players, we’re planning to unlock a preloading function in the classic launcher a few days before the patch 80. This allows your launcher to download the upcoming patch in advance and apply it as soon as patch 80 releases.

Do I receive my rewards immediately upon reaching the milestones?

You get achievement-specific rewards while playing on the Classic Server depending on various factors. We’ll release a full list of these in the Classic Server Patch Notes.

Why can’t I have another achievement chest in my inventory?

Certain chests are limited to one instance in your inventory, while some cannot be stored in the bank. Similarly, there are also some chests which cannot be opened while you are on the Classic Server. These rewards will be usable only once you have transferred to a regular server.

Will the equipment Items I craft and enchant on the Classic Server be useless in build 80?

While your level 60 gear will no longer have relevant performance on the build 80 content, we’re planning to exchange this for up-to-date gear on the regular server once the Classic Server ends.

Gear Conversion Table

We’ll release more details about the gear conversion at a later date, but the gear you unlock on the Classic Server will be converted into extra equipment and added to your account once patch 80 is launched.

Help & Support

I need help on the Classic Server! Can the Support team help me?

Our Support team will of course be on hand to help you with problems on the Classic Server, just as they are for the regular servers.

If you’ve never created a support request for TERA before, please create a support account here (use the same email address as your TERA account).

Please make sure to select “Classic Server” in the dropdown menu to correctly flag your ticket.

I haven’t played TERA in years, what happened to my account?

All accounts created since the launch of TERA in 2012 still exist, unless players specifically request to have their accounts deleted.

If you didn’t request the deletion of all your account-related data, it should still exist, as will your characters. If you have forgotten your password, but still know your email address, you can reset your password via the official website.

My server doesn’t exist anymore, what should I do?

Over the previous years, we’ve had various new and merged servers, so your previously existing characters will have been moved onto another server. As a general rule of thumb:

  • If you were on a PvP Server, your character should now be on Killian
  • If you were on an EN or INT PvE server, your character should now be on Mystel
  • If you were on a DE or FR server, your characters should now be on Yurian (DE) or Seren (FR) respectively

My character name has changed!

In the past, we’ve reset the character names of players that haven’t played for a long time to increase the available names for active players.

Don’t worry, once you log in with your character, you will get a pop-up to change the name to something you like. Please note however that your previous name might be taken.

I can’t create a Reaper!

Every account can only create one Reaper class per Classic Server. Additionally, Reapers can only be created once you’ve got another class to level 55 first.