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Attack on Titan Special

Face the forces of darkness and live exciting adventures: only until 17th May, you can get your hands on exclusive costumes and consumables from the popular anime series Attack on Titan!

From faithfully modeled Scout Regiment uniforms to special consumables such as Eren’s Key, fans of Attack on Titan will find everything a gamer’s heart desires with this one-off cooperation.

The Salute to Sacrifice special emote is a particular highlight, allowing you to salute in the style of the Scout Regiment.

Special Attack on Titan Wheel

Get your hands on exclusive items on our special Wheel of Jackpots. The special thing is that it has a total of 4 jackpot segments, so you’ll have a 1 in 4 chance of landing on a jackpot segment! All of the costumes on this wheel are part of the Attack on Titan special. The chance to receive a Mighty Dragon is also increased. You’ll find a list of all the possible prizes below.





New Hunting Event

You’ll also have the opportunity to get outfits and consumables from the anime series in the game. Simply participate in the event, hunt giant monsters, and attack them 50 times. The teeth you receive as loot can be exchanged for Attack on Titan cooperation items, etching materials, and consumables.

Here’s what you can win on the Attack on Titan wheel

Jackpot segments:

  • Smart Box: Eren’s Scout Regiment Uniform
  • Smart Box: Sasha’s Scout Regiment Uniform
  • Smart Box: Levi’s Scout Regiment Uniform
  • Smart Box: Mikasa’s Scout Regiment Uniform
  • Smart Box: Salute to Sacrifice
  • Scout Regiment Cape
  • Dragon Skill: Mighty Armored Dragon
  • Dragon Skill: Mighty Fire Dragon
  • Dragon Skill: Mighty Spirit Dragon
  • Dragon Skill: Mighty Diamond Dragon

Normal segments:

  • 75x/50x/25x Sasha’s Potato
  • 20x/15x/10x Eren’s Key
  • 20x/15x/10x Ultra-Hard Blade
  • 200x/100x/50x Titanic Power Potion
  • Flying Skill: Ancient Armored Dragon
  • Flying Skill: Ancient Fire Dragon
  • Flying Skill: Ancient Spirit Dragon
  • Flying Skill: Ancient Diamond Dragon
  • 300x/250x/200x Attack on Titan Token
  • 3,000x/1,500x/1,000x Golden Talent
  • 1,000x/750x/350x Golden Talent
  • 10x/4x Diamond
  • 10x Trade Chest: Otherworldly Shard
  • 10x Trade Chest: Mystic Potion
  • 2x Superior Noctenium Elixir
  • 4x Combat Accelerator Potion
  • 7x Strong Bravery Potion
  • 10x Inexorable Savage Draught
  • 10x Tempestuous Savage Draught
  • 10x Strong Canephora Potion
  • 2,000/1,000/600/400/200/150 TERA Thaler


Join the Scout Regiment and score exclusive items!

Have fun,

The TERA Team