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[Classic] Character Transfer Details

We’re fast approaching the end of the Classic Server. Patch 80 will bring an end to the event and give you the chance to timeshift your heroes from the past to the present on the regular servers.

You can find more information on the character transfer below to prepare you for the end of Visionmaker.

Please note: The final date for the transfer is subject to a few days’ delay should any problems arise during our internal tests.


  • 14th March 2019 (today)
    • Detailed information regarding end of the Classic Server
  • 28th March 2019 (launch of patch 80)
    • Certain items will be removed from the Classic Server
    • Server will be upgraded from version 27 to version 80
    • Classic launcher will upgrade the client to version 80
    • Transfer window from Visionmaker to other servers opens
    • Level 65 equipment sent
  • 11th April 2019 (2 weeks after launch of patch 80)
    • Visionmaker will be closed


Sent Items

The following items will be sent to participating players who reached level 60 with the scheduled maintenance on 28th March:

1x Character Transfer credited to your account

  • Gives you a free transfer from Visionmaker to a regular server of your choice
  • Transfer is credited directly to your account (not sent as an in-game item)
  • Can be used to transfer a character after the server maintenance if all of the requirements below are met

1x Character Slot (3-21)

  • Unlocks an extra character slot on a server of your choice
  • Sent as an item to your Item Claim and can be claimed and redeemed on the server of your choice

5x Equipment Items

  • Depending on the gear you have equipped at the time, we will send you additional equipment. Details can be found here: Google Spreadsheet
  • Affects weapons, armor, gloves, shoes and underwear
  • Sent per parcel post in the game and must be collected before the transfer


Transfer Requirements

As with a regular character transfer, you need to bear certain points in mind when transferring from the Classic Server:

  • You must have a free character slot on the target server
  • Only items in your inventory will be transferred, not items in the bank
  • You cannot be a guild member or must leave the guild for the character transfer
  • You must be over level 15
  • You cannot have any open item transactions with the broker
  • You must have read all your post
  • If the last remaining character is transferred from the outgoing server, the bank will be deleted!
  • Soulbound items left behind on the outgoing server will no longer be usable

At the same time we are changing certain restrictions to make it easier for players to transfer their characters:

  • Items do not receive a “cannot be transferred” restriction
  • Increased the limit players can transfer to 2,000,000 Gold

Additionally, the following items will be deleted during the maintenance as they can no longer be opened or used with patch 80:

  • [Classic] Imperturbable Chest
  • [Classic] Club Support Chest
  • [Classic] Dungeon Insignia I to III
  • [Classic] Dungeon Rank Insignia
  • [Classic] Battleground Insignia I to III
  • [Classic] Dungeon Insignia Fusion
  • [Classic] Battleground Insignia Fusion
  • [Classic] Rollcall Insignia


End to Transfers

Once patch 80 is launched on 28th March, you should be able to get access to your characters immediately after the maintenance.

After the maintenance on 28th March, you can launch the game as usual. There are now 5 servers listed in the server selection: the Classic Server “Visionmaker”, and the 4 regular servers (more details below).

If you log into your Visionmaker character, you’ll see the items sent to you per post and the items listed above will have disappeared. You can now prepare your character for transfer by leaving your guild (if applicable), clearing up your post and making sure you meet all the other requirements.

You can start the transfer on the website:

  • Log into your account on the website: https://en.tera.gameforge.com/user/management
  • Click on “Account Overview” to use the “Character Transfer” option.
  • Select “Visionmaker” as outgoing server to list your classic characters.
  • If you haven’t met all the requirements, you will see here what still needs to be done before you can transfer.
  • If no other warnings appear, select your destination server.
  • Click “Start” once everything is correct.
  • You character will be transferred within a few minutes and then you’ll be able to log in with them on the new server.
    • If a character already exists with this name on your destination server, you’ll be asked to select a new name after your first login (without charge).

Please note: You have 2 weeks’ time to transfer your character from Visionmaker to a regular server. After 2 weeks, Visionmaker and all remaining characters will be permanently deleted.


Choosing a Server

Choosing a server isn’t always easy. But help is at hand: we’ve provided a small overview of the existing servers below. The game itself is the same on all of them, the only differences are the language used and whether PvP is active in the open world:

  • Killian
    • PvP server
    • International server (English)
  • Mystel
    • PvE server
    • English
  • Yurian
    • PvE server
    • German
  • Seren
    • PvE server
    • French


Visionmaker and the End of the Event

With the end of the Classic Server, Visionmaker will be updated to patch 80, making big changes to various contents:

  • TERA Club bonuses change
    • Existing Club membership on the Classic Server continues unchanged
  • Regular contents in the TERA Shop
    • Your TERA Thalers remain unchanged
  • All trader items are changed
    • Many classic items are no longer usable
  • The following items can only be used on regular servers, NOT on Visionmaker:
    • [Event] Classic Thaler
    • [Classic] Progress Chest
    • [Classic] Firestarter Chest
    • [Classic] Adversity Chest
    • [Classic] Carnage Chest
    • [Classic] Bloodlust Chest
    • [Classic] Battleground Hero Chest
    • [Classic] Tenacious Chest
    • [Classic] Championship Chest
  • Various contents will be deactivated
    • Battlegrounds and instances cannot be entered
    • Merchants lose additional items and special prices
    • As various instanced areas are no longer accessible, it is no longer possible to level up a new character
    • Character creation is deactivated


Looking Forward to Patch 80

Both the regular servers and Visionmaker will be upgraded to patch 80 on 28th March. This will introduce a whole raft of changes to the regular servers:

  • Level cap increased from 65 to 70
  • New system for improving skills
  • New coins and weekly limits for entering instances (up to 80 entries per dungeon!)

Obviously there will be bigger changes for players on the Classic Server, especially if you aren’t familiar with TERA’s latest updates. Here’s what to expect on the regular servers:

  • The following items from the Visionmaker server can now be used:
    • [Event] Classic Thaler
    • [Classic] Progress Chest
    • [Classic] Firestarter Chest
    • [Classic] Adversity Chest
    • [Classic] Carnage Chest
    • [Classic] Bloodlust Chest
    • [Classic] Battleground Hero Chest
    • [Classic] Tenacious Chest
    • [Classic] Championship Chest
  • Level cap increased from 60 to 70
  • Tons of new instances
  • Masses of new skills, including the powerful Apex skills
  • Talent system for improving character stats
  • … and much more!

Should you have any further questions, please contact TERA’s Support team: https://tera.support.gameforge.com/index.php?fld=en