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Enchanting Material in the Shop

A lot has changed with item enchantment in the “The Might of the Mechanic” patch. We’ve made some adjustments to the TERA Shop so that it better presents these changes.

New category: Enchantment

We’ve made space for a new category: Enchantment. Here you’ll now be able to find a collection of different enchantment and evolution items, to help you perfect your equipment! A full listing is available at the end of this announcement under “Details”.

The category for TERA Club members has been removed and the items that were there have now been moved to other areas of the shop. You can find out the new locations of items under “Details”.


Enchanter's Key

Although the Soulbinder's Key will no longer open any boxes after this patch, the Enchanter's Key will remain. The following has however changed:

  • The price per key has been reduced from 19TT to 9TT.
  • The key does not open any old boxes anymore.
  • The key can now be used to open three new boxes:

Arborean Crystal Box

  • Contains up to 3000 Golden Talents
  • Can be attained as a loot drop from monsters

Divine Support Box

  • Contains tradeable material boxes for enchantment
  • Obtainable from the TERA Shop

Shimmering Jewel Box

  • Contains Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Diamonds
  • Obtainable from the TERA Shop

More detailled contents for all boxes available in this PDF: LINK


The Wheel of Jackpots

Other changes in the shop affect the Wheel of Jackpots: old enchanting materials have been removed and replaced with current content. For example, you can now win the Golden Talents and Mystic Potions. A full list can be found under “Details”.


The Epic Starter Chest

Even the old enchanting materials in the Epic Starter Chest have been removed and, amongst others, through an additional Character Slot and a Bank Expansion!



TERA Club Items

  • All vouchers have been moved to the “Vouchers” category and made available to all players. Identical, untradeable vouchers have been removed.
  • The Teleport Scroll: Premium-only Area has been removed from the shop.
  • The Heroic Chest: Cute Pandas is now available to all players in the “Mounts” category.
  • TERA Club membership can still be purchased from the “Featured Items” section of the shop.


New category: Enchantment

  • Contains the existing Enchanter's Key
  • Contains the 3 new locked boxes
  • The following existing boxes will now be delivered as a box in-game:
    • Large Veteran Semi-Enigmatic Chest
    • Large Semi-Enigmatic Chest
    • Master Fusioneer Chest
    • War Cry Chest


The Wheel of Jackpots


  • Masterwork Alkahest
  • Spellbind
  • Master Enigmatic Scrolls
  • Tier 10 and 11 Feedstock


  • Up to 2000 Golden Talents
  • Up to 500 Silver Talents
  • Up to 15 Diamonds
  • Up to 35 Elemental Essences