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Event: Dread Becomes Terror

The Dreadspire returns – more challenging, more unnerving and harder than ever before! The cult dungeon opens its doors with Patch 71, which hits our servers on 12th July. To make things really exciting, there are additional events and rewards for you on our servers.

First Party to Beat Floor 5

As you know, competition is good for business – who will complete the new challenge fastest? The first party on each server to successfully complete the 5th floor of the Dreadspire will receive an extra reward!

  • Period: 10:00 AM on 12th July until 10:00 AM on 24th July
  • Boss: Kelsaik’s Shade, 5th floor
  • Reward: a new underwear set of your choice
  • Details: 
    • Each party member will receive a token to exchange for underwear
    • A maximum of one party per server will receive the reward


Favor of the Goddess

For our region of Europe, as with other difficult instances, we’re adding an additional buff for the Dreadspire. During the first days you will receive the Favor of the Goddess, and the even stronger Illuminating Favor of the Goddess later on. This will allow you to first try out the normal balancing before the difficulty of the dungeon is adjusted to our region with the stronger buff.

Favor of the Goddess

  • Period: 10:00 AM on 12th July until 10:00 AM on 19th July
  • Effect: +23 power and +23 endurance

Illuminating Favor of the Goddess I

  • Period: From 10:00 AM on 19th July (no fixed end date)
  • Effect: +33 power, +23 endurance, +5% skill damage, +5% critical hit chance


Additional Loot in Europe

In addition to the loot listed in the patch notes, there will also be additional regional rewards for the dungeon. 

You’ll find the details in this Google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tTAfnKYL8Dwx04BLBe52jGsrBofOlXtbF4ariURgzlM/edit?usp=sharing


We hope you all enjoy the Dreadspire!

The TERA Team