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Event: Fire Demon’s Tome

Here’s one for you collectors – make the most of this chance to win spectacular prizes in celebration of our anniversary!

Collect the Fire Demon’s Tomes, combine the letters from them and rake in your rewards – for example, Darkan’s Wings, which are available exclusively in this event, legendary partners or an ancient mighty gryphon. These mounts not only have the hot 2.0 passive effect, they can also increase your skill advancement XP for 30 minutes – with a cooldown of just one hour.

Event Period

Start: 16th May 2019 at 10:00 AM

End: 13th June 2019 at 9:00 AM


Event Overview

  • After playing for 30 minutes each day you’ll receive a Veteran Fire Demon’s Tome
  • You can also receive tomes in dungeons from item level 444 or in the TERA Shop
  • A tome can be opened by right-clicking and contains one of 18 possible letters between A and R
  • Purchase runestones from merchants for gold and combine them with the letters from the tomes into legendary rewards!


If you combine the runestone with the specified letters, you will receive all the rewards for this stone listed below.

The tokens they often contain can be exchanged for other valuable items – you will receive etchings IV and accessory amplifiers II for Heroic Emblems, and legendary partners and enchanting materials for Gold Ducats. You can convert Marks of Bravery into ancient mighty flying mounts of your choice.


[Event] Runestone: All Letters

  • 2x [Event] Mark of Bravery
  • 1x Skill: Darkan’s Wings
  • 18x [Event] Heroic Emblem
  • 1x Chest: Golden IM39 Prototype
  • 2000x Golden Plate
  • 500x Silver Plate
  • 150x Seal of the Undying Flame
  • 1x Fleetfoot Potion
  • 100x Diamond
  • 1500x [Event] Gold Ducat

[Event] Runestone: B, G, M

  • 2x [Event] Mark of Bravery
  • 30x Glorious Memento
  • 25x Seal of the Undying Flame
  • 300x Emerald
  • 30x Aged Elinu’s Tear
  • 50x Fiery Fervor
  • 8x [Event] Heroic Emblem
  • 1600x Golden Daric
  • 400x Silver Siglo
  • 1x Smart Box: Red IM39 Ventarene Weapon Skin

[Event] Runestone: B, H, M

  • 1x [Event] Mark of Bravery
  • 50x Emblem of Eminence
  • 20x Seal of the Undying Flame
  • 200x Emerald
  • 20x Aged Elinu’s Tear
  • 50x Ice Whisper
  • 4x [Event] Heroic Emblem
  • 1000x Golden Daric
  • 250x Silver Siglo
  • 1x Smart Box: Silver IM39 Ventarene Weapon Skin

[Event] Runestone: G to L

  • 5x 1,200 Adventure Coins
  • 50x Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
  • 100x Emerald
  • 5x [Event] Rapid XP Potion (50%)
  • 10x Aged Elinu’s Tear
  • 100x Skill Advancement Scroll I
  • 100x Skill Optimization Scroll II

[Event] Runestone: M to R

  • 5x 1,200 Adventure Coins
  • 20x Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
  • 300x Ruby
  • 3x [Event] Rapid XP Potion (50%)
  • 3x Aged Elinu’s Tear
  • 100x Skill Advancement Scroll I
  • 100x Skill Optimization Scroll II

[Event] Runestone: F, E, N

  • 1x Golden Wings of Radiant Glory
  • 10x Metamorphic Emblem Chest
  • 5x Strong Canephora Potion
  • 1x Item XP +30% (30 Days)
  • 1x Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
  • 1x Skill Optimization Scroll I
  • 100x Ruby
  • 1x Hidden Weapon Sheath

[Event] Runestone: D, J, O

  • 1x Shimmering Wings of Twisted Twilight
  • 7x Metamorphic Emblem Chest
  • 5x Tempestuous Savage Draught
  • 1x [Event] Item XP +30% (15 Days)
  • 1x Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
  • 10x Skill Advancement Scroll I
  • 75x Ruby
  • 1x Transparent Mask

[Event] Runestone: K, P, F

  • 3x Metamorphic Emblem Chest
  • 2x Small Elinu’s Tear
  • 1x Strong Canephora Potion
  • 3x Superior Noctenium Elixir
  • 100x Golden Talent
  • 25x Silver Talent

[Event] Runestone: L, Q, R

  • 1x Metamorphic Emblem Chest
  • 1x Small Elinu’s Tear
  • 1x Tempestuous Savage Draught
  • 3x Superior Noctenium Elixir
  • 40x Golden Talent
  • 10x Silver Talent

Have fun hunting down the letters!