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Event: Forward the Vanguard!

The Vanguard Initiative needs your help – and will pay just rewards to all who aid them. 

During the event you’ll earn fantastic rewards for completing quests for the Vanguard Initiative. Depending on your level, you can earn marks, additional experience or extra item XP. Characters below level 65 will also benefit from double experience when killing monsters, whether or not they’re working towards Vanguard Initiative quests – after all, a world free of monsters will benefit all the forces for good!




Event Period:

  • Event start: 12th October 2018 at 4 PM
  • Event end: server maintenance on 16th October 2018

Event reward for each mission:

  • 5x Elleon's Mark of Valor

Additional reward for level 65 characters:

  • +10% item XP for each mission

Additional reward for characters below level 65:

  • +50% experience points for each mission
  • +100% experience points for killing monsters


Raise your weapons and fight for the Vanguard!

Have fun,

The TERA Team