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Event: Rootstock & Bamarama

The Rootstock festival is here! From Tuesday, April 17th until Tuesday, May 15th, it's all about fun and games in the country: Play with piglings, give a bale of hay a good kick and bet on epic BAM battles! Visit the festival helpers in all three major cities to teleport to the Fairground or the Tuwangi Garrison – the party starts there!

The Rootstock Fairground (from level 29)

Speak to Melsa at the Fairground and help her cook delicious dishes! She's also selling the Rootstock Teleport Scroll, which you can use to return to her from wherever you are. Dig up Mudroots, turn them into Mudroot Salad, prepare Popped Cobseed and have fun playing great mini-games!

  • [Mini-game] Kick-Bale

    Speak to Digory on Digory's Farmstead and take part in the Kick-Bale contest! You've got 60 seconds to kick the hay bale away from the two minions. You'll be rewarded with 50 points for each successful kick. If the minions manage to kick the hay bale, you'll lose 15 points. Depending on your score, you'll get rare ingredients as a reward.
  • [Mini-game] Pigling Rodeo

    Speak to Tippani at Filton's Dairy Farm and take part in the Pigling Rodeo! You've got 60 seconds to round up as many piglings as possible into the enclosure. You'll be rewarded with 100 points for each pigling. There's a total of 15 piglings as well as one minion, who will try to take the piglings away. If he succeeds, you'll lose points. Depending on your score, you'll get rare ingredients as a reward.

As a thank-you for helping out on the farm, you'll receive various dishes to boost yourself with useful bonuses such as HP increases, MP restoration, and critical hit rate and attack speed increases.



BAMs will be returning to the arena to fight it out for fame and glory – and you can bet on the victors! Every day between 6 PM and 10 PM there’ll be a new round every 15 minutes.




The Pond Faire at the Tuwangi Garrison (from level 20)

Help the Tuwangi hunt dragons, roast dragon meat and craft drums! An avid researcher is waiting for you at the Tuwangi Garrison, offering a Pond Faire Teleport Scroll, which you can use to return to him from wherever you are.

  • [Mini-game] Drum Away

    Speak to Kukuta at the Burning Frog Altar and take part in Drum Away! Colored frogs will come at you for 60 seconds. Beat the matching colored drums to prevent the frogs from reaching you. If a blue frog comes too close to you, beat the blue drum to make it turn back. The Tuwangi will give you rewards including colorful frog pets and flutes that raise the attack power of your entire party.


Achievements: Ride the Moonsilk Carpet!

New achievements are available for the Rootstock festival. Once you have completed them all, you'll unlock the "Eat! Drink! Cook! Enjoy Rootstock!" achievement and you'll be rewarded with an ephemeral Moonsilk Carpet!

You'll get a permanent Moonsilk Carpet by completing the "Now All I Need Is a Lamp" achievement. This is possible if you completed the "Shouldn't a Festival Be More...Festive?" achievements during the Festival of the Sun.


We hope you have fun at Rootstock!