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Are they buried in the sand? Lurking in the rock pools? Or being carried around in bosses’ pockets? Just where do you find the prettiest seashells? Go on the hunt for Arborea's seashells between Tuesday, 31st July and Thursday, 30th August 2018. Simply right-click to upgrade them, and the very best shells will even be transformed into arcane reliquaries. Open one of these and with a bit of luck you might find an Archangel Weapon Skin or the new Torment Skill!!

Event overview:

Note: the Torment Skill: Mighty Vulcan Drake is not currently present in the game. It will be added to the Sun Token Shop with Build 72 in August.

Torment Skill: Mighty Vulcan Drake




The Torment Skill: Mighty Vulcan Drake grants the following effects:

  • Restores 1% of your max MP and HP every second.
  • You learn the passive skill Cursed Howl:
    • Uses the powers of a Vulcan Drake to have a set chance of increasing crit power against monsters by 50%.
  • You learn the active skill Corrupting Tide:
    • During the duration of the activated buff, you inflict an additional 320,000 damage on critical hits against monsters. Cooldown of 1 minute, the skill can be activated once every 24 hours and has a duration of 30 minutes.

You can only benefit from the skills of one mighty flying mount at any one time. Only the effects of the last mount you summon apply.

Seashell Details

There are eight different types of seashell in total. The different seashell ranks indicate how rare they are. Viridian Seashells are the lowest grade seashells, and hence also the easiest to collect. The rarest seashells are those of rank eight: Prismatic Seashells of the Stargazer.

Once you have a seashell in your inventory, simply right-click to use and attempt to transform it into an even more beautiful variety. Depending on the type, you'll receive different items from your shell.

Icon_Skill(Unique) Viridian Seashell Either transforms into a Cerulean Seashell or crumbles into a Brittle Shell Piece when used.

Icon_SkillCerulean Seashell Either transforms into a Celeste Seashell or crumbles into a Brittle Shell Piece when used.

Icon_SkillCeleste Seashell Either transforms into a Vermilion Seashell, 120x Metamorphic Emblem or crumbles into two Brittle Shell Pieces when used.

Icon_SkillVermilion Seashell Either transforms into a Onyx Seashell, 240x Metamorphic Emblem or crumbles into two Brittle Shell Pieces when used.

Icon_SkillOnyx Seashell Either transforms into a Seashell of Glowing Lava, 600x Metamorphic Emblem or crumbles into three Brittle Shell Pieces when used.

Icon_SkillSeashell of Glowing Lava Either transforms into a Glass Seashell of Brilliance, an Arcane Reliquary of the Duskhaven or 1500x Metamorphic Emblem upon use.

Icon_SkillGlass Seashell of Brilliance Either transforms into a Prismatic Seashell of the Stargazer or an Arcane Reliquary of the Silverwaves.

Icon_SkillPrismatic Seashell of the Stargazer Either transforms into an Arcane Reliquary of the Golden Sun or can be transmuted into an Arcane Reliquary of the Harvest Moon with the help of a Sand-Encrusted Argon Artifact.

The first five seashells can crumble into Brittle Shell Pieces upon use – however, 15 pieces can be transformed into a new seashell again by right-clicking.

Icon_SkillBrittle Shell Pieces Right-click to combine 15 Brittle Shell Pieces and receive a new Unique Viridian Seashell.

Where to Get Seashells

Seashells can be collected in different ways, such as in the dungeons listed below, or purchased in the TERA Shop.


Icon_SkillPackage: Shell Hunter This new package in the TERA Shop offers a quick and easy way to gather Viridian Seashells, and comes together with an Exotic Beach Drink which restores 15% of your total HP when used.

Icon_SkillSand-Encrusted Argon Artifact This artifact transforms 7 Prismatic Seashells of the Stargazer into an Arcane Reliquary of the Harvest Moon which contains the following items:

  • 1000x Sun Token
  • 1600x Golden Talent
  • 400x Silver Talent


You will have a chance to collect Unique Viridian Seashells as group loot in level 65 dungeons until the end of the event on 30th August. Make sure you're in the right place at the right time to make the most of the seashell hunt:

  • Ghillieglade (00:00–23:59)
    • Saturday, 4th August to Sunday, 5th August 2018
    • Saturday, 11th August to Sunday, 12th August 2018
    • Saturday, 18th August to Sunday, 19th August 2018
    • Saturday, 25th August to Sunday, 26th August 2018
  • Monday, 30th July (11 AM) to Tuesday, 14th August 2018 (11 AM)
    • Antaross Abyss (Hard)
    • Ruinous Manor (Hard)
    • Broken Prison
    • Red Refuge (Hard)
    • Manglemire
  • Tuesday, 14th August (11 AM) to August, 30th August 2018 (5 AM)
    • RK-9 Kennel (Hard)
    • Antaross Abyss
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
    • Red Refuge
    • Demon Wheel

Top Prizes

The Arcane Reliquary of the Duskhaven, the Silverwaves and the Golden Sun all contain fantastic items, including the following highlights:

  • Sun Token
    • Right-click to open the Shop to get, amongst others, the Torment Skills!
  • Up to 80000 Metamorphic Emblem
    • Opens the Metamorphic Emblem shop, where you may exchange emblems for enchanting materials.
  • Smart Box: Archangel & Pandemonium Weapon Skin
  • Combat Accelerator Potion
    • Reduces the cooldown period for all skills (except for alliance skills) and increases MP regeneration for 30 minutes.
  • Niveot Chests of the Master Fusioneer
    • For crafting indestructible crystals.

Smart Box: Dyeable Vintage Beach Club



Please note: The rewards in the reliquaries will remain once the event ends, but no new seashells will be available.

Leftover Sun Tokens will be removed a few weeks after the event.

Have fun,

The TERA Team