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Event: Seashells on the Seashore

Are they buried in the sand? Lurking in the rock pools? Or being carried around in bosses’ pockets? Just where do you find the prettiest seashells? Hunt for Arborea’s seashells and upgrade them. With fortune on your side you’ll pick up some brand-new Triton or Atlantic swimwear, a Goldseeker or an Illumina Skill!

The best thing is – you get to decide how far to push the envelope and when you want to open the seashells to receive your reward. Simply use the runestones from the Vanguard Initiative merchants to combine multiple seashells of the same level into an arcane reliquary. You can find out how it works below. It’s also possible to skip multiple levels in one go when upgrading the seashells, getting you to the high quality shells even faster.

And to coincide with our event, you’ll find the Sand-Encrusted Argon Artifact and the Package: Shell Hunter available in the TERA Shop.

Event Period

Start: 30th July 2019 at 11:00 AM

End: 20th August 2019 at 6:00 AM

Event Overview

  • Collect seashells in all level-65 group dungeons and in the Ghillieglade at the weekend (between midnight on Saturday and Sunday 11:59 PM)
  • Upgrade your seashells as far as you want
  • Transform them into arcane reliquaries using runestones from Vanguard Initiative merchants
  • Use the Beach Marks from the reliquaries to pick out even better rewards – such as some new swimwear or the Ancient Mighty Goldseeker as your flying mount!

Item Overview

Seashell I

  • Available in all level-65 group dungeons (3 to 7 players)
  • Available in the Ghillieglade (only weekends between midnight on Saturday and Sunday 11:59 PM)

The Seashell I is the lowest level. This can be earned as group loot in dungeons, so everyone involved can get a shell. The chance of looting seashells varies according to the adventure coin costs of a dungeon.

By right-clicking you can attempt to upgrade your seashell to an improved version. The higher the shell’s level, the better! Upgrading a shell will increase its level, but on failure its level may drop or the shell may crack into Brittle Shell Pieces. It is even possible for levels to be skipped when upgrading. If the seashell breaks, you can reform a certain number of pieces back into a Seashell I.

Seashell II–VII

  • Available through upgrading

Right-click on the seashells to upgrade them. From level III you can combine multiple shells into an arcane reliquary using a Sea Runestone of the same level. This gift contains your reward. Found out below what the individual reliquaries contain.

Sea Runestone III–VII

  • Available for 1 point from Vanguard Initiative merchants

These runestones combine various numbers of seashells of the same level into an arcane reliquary containing your rewards. Depending on the level of the runestone, you’ll receive an Arcane Reliquary of the Harvest Moon, an Arcane Reliquary of the Silverwaves or an Arcane Reliquary of the Golden Sun.

Sand-Encrusted Argon Artifact

  • Available in the TERA Shop

The Sand-Encrusted Argon Artifact has the special ability to convert 10 Arcane Reliquaries of the Golden Sun into an Arcane Reliquary of the Harvest Moon. This contains:

  • 1500x [Event] Beach Mark
  • 4000x Golden Plate
  • 1000x Silver Plate
  • 25x Diamond

[Event] Beach Mark

  • Available from arcane reliquaries

The tokens can be exchanged for a variety of fantastic prizes.

These include the following highlights:

  • Dragon Skill: Ancient Mighty Goldseeker
  • Dragon Skill: Mighty Goldseeker
  • [Event] Heroic Emblem
  • Smart Box: Atlantic Swimwear
  • Flying Skill: Cheeks' Chimeric Dragon Boat

Reward Overview

Arcane Reliquary of the Golden Sun

This reliquary contains 40 Beach Marks and one of the following contents:

  • 100x Skill Advancement Scroll I
  • 100x Skill Advancement Scroll II
  • 100x Skill Optimization Scroll I
  • 100x Skill Optimization Scroll II
  • 5x Seal of the Undying Flame
  • Illumina Skill: Mighty Dawn Gryphon
  • Illumina Skill: Mighty Thunder Gryphon
  • Dragon Skill: Mighty Goldseeker
  • Flying Skill: Cheeks' Chimeric Dragon Boat
  • Smart Box: Triton Deluxe Swimwear
  • Smart Box: Atlantic Swimwear
  • 50x Kaia's Mead
  • 50x Seren's Perfume
  • Catmorph Fresh Meowear
  • Catmorph Sporty Meowear
  • Meruma’s Dream Hairstyle
  • 1,200 Adventure Coins
  • 4x Diamond
  • 40x/80x Metamorphic Emblem Chest
  • 4,000x/1,000x Golden Talent
  • 4,000x/1,000x Silver Talent

Arcane Reliquary of the Silverwaves

This reliquary contains 10 Beach Marks and one of the following contents:

  • Sweet Sunshine
  • Sweltering Sunshine
  • Flying Skill: Ancient Goldseeker
  • Smart Box: Triton Swimwear
  • Smart Box: Vintage Beach Club
  • Smart Box: Dyeable Vintage Beach Club
  • Smart Box: Skimpy Vintage Bikini
  • Smart Box: Dyeable Skimpy Vintage Bikini
  • Smart Box: Ostgarath Beach
  • Smart Box: Ocean Blues
  • Smart Box: Gold Shimmer Bikini and Shirt
  • Smart Box: Designer Shirt
  • Stamp: Rubber Duck
  • Stamp: Spring Dreams
  • Stamp: Frosted Ducky
  • Race Change Voucher (3 Days)
  • Gender Change Voucher (3 Days)
  • Meruma’s Dream Hairstyle
  • 2x Diamond
  • 1,000x/400x Golden Talent
  • 1,000x/400x Silver Talent

Arcane Reliquary of the Duskhaven

This reliquary contains 5 Beach Marks and one of the following contents:

  • Room-Darkening Shades
  • Mirrored Shades
  • White Sand Shades
  • Sanguine Shades
  • Ocean Blue Shades
  • Sunset Shades
  • Wind-Up Key
  • Shellback
  • Monarch Wings
  • Azure Butterfly Wings
  • White Butterfly Wings
  • Blue Frames
  • Ruby Rims
  • Emerald Eyeglasses
  • Surfboard
  • Dolme & Stefanna Sunglasses
  • Sundowner Beach Hat
  • Gold Sequin Glasses
  • Stylish Shades
  • Blue Water Wings
  • Rainbow Water Wings
  • Brown Sun Hat
  • Golden Shades
  • White Sea Breeze Straw Hat
  • Golden Aster Garland
  • Atlantic Bow
  • Atlantic Shades
  • Raindrop Headbrella
  • Polka Dot Headbrella
  • Colorful Headbrella