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EXTREME Challenge, EXTREME Loot!

It’s time for round 2 of the most epic of challenges. Teleportal appears at 19:00 CEST!

Defeat Darkan and his minions in the overhauled EXTREME dungeon - we didn’t spare the demons this time round, the dungeon offering the whole nine yards!

Between Tuesday, 12th September and Tuesday, 26th September, you can take the challenge of a lifetime in the Sky Cruiser Endeavor EXTREME. As in round 1 you’ll need an entry ticket to take part, available from the merchant next to the teleportal.


EXTREME Battles – The New Challenge

The dungeon has been given a makeover to ensure you get the challenge you deserve. The monsters before Putrion can now be defeated by classes who previously didn’t stand a chance against them. Darkan, on the other hand, has been buffed since his last defeat, so make sure you bring your AAA game! How many runs will you need to take this bad boy down?



A dungeon of this class obviously needs loot to match. Find out what loot you can scoop in this PDF (some item names may be subject to change): PDF


EXTREME Victory Chest & Loot Box

You receive this chest for your spectacular victory over Darkan or over Darkan’s minions. Open it with an EXTREME Key!



This tradeable key can be used to open an EXTREME Loot Box or EXTREME Victory Chest. Buy it in the TERA Shop and get your hands on the best of the EXTREME dungeon!


EXTREME Quests (12.09.2017 10:00 ~ 19.09.2017 05:00)

Demon’s Wheel - Clear Demon’s Wheel x times and get the following rewards:

  • 1 clear: 100x Tier 12 feedstock
  • 10 clears: 2x Superior Noctenium Elixir
  • 20 clears: 10x Dice Fragment

Sky Cruiser Extreme - Clear the Sky Cruiser x times and get the following rewards:

  • 1 clear: 20x Goldfinger Token
  • 5 clears: 2x Superior Noctenium Elixir
  • 10 clears: 5x Combat Accelerator Potion
  • 15 clears: 1x EXTREME Key
  • 20 clears: 1x Liberation Scroll

Please note: Dungeon runs are only being counted on visible quests. You might need to clear a few initial quests to get all quests displayed.



As in the first round, we’ll have some epic rankings of your dungeon runs. Check out details on the latest heroic victories and shameful defeats during the week.

Every seven days, we’ll determine the parties which completed the dungeon the most often and the fastest and reward them:

  • Defeated Darkan the fastest [Party]
  • Defeated Darkan the most often [Every character on the account]

Note: Please note that each entry to the dungeon requires one entry ticket. After leaving the dungeon and trying to enter it again, the teleportal will demand the item from you exactly like the first time.