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EXTREME Challenge, EXTREME Loot!

Defeat powerful enemies and loot their treasures! Head over to the TERA Shop today and pick up an EXTREME Key. This will allow you to open EXTREME Victory Chests which you can prise from the dead grasp of the merciless critters of the Forsaken Island. The chest can be picked up in both versions of the dungeon.

The EXTREME Victory Chest contains one of the following treasures:

  • Illumina Skill: Mighty Dawn Gryphon
  • Illumina Skill: Mighty Thunder Gryphon
  • Flying Skill: Cheeks' Chimeric Dragon Boat
  • Flying Skill: Spectral Tail
  • Quality Fresh Neon Underwear
  • Quality Sporty Neon Underwear
  • 5x Fiery Fervor
  • 1x Sunken Potions Chest
  • 2x Diamond
  • 4x [Event] XP Scroll (Large)
  • 50x Skill Advancement Scroll I
  • 50x Skill Optimization Scroll I
  • 25x Skill Optimization Scroll II
  • 40x Goldfinger Token
  • 1x EXTREME Victory: Demoros' Fragments
  • 2x EXTREME Victory: Demoros' Fragments
  • 1000x Golden Talent
  • 1000x Silver Talent
  • 10x Astral Fragment

Have fun,

The TERA Team