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Fate of Arun: Ravenous Gorge

Ravenous Gorge is the third instance in Northern Arun, designed for three players of level 65. The entrance gates can be found in Savage Reach, the first area you encounter on the new continent.


In this instance you are completely free to choose your own group composition, in that neither tank nor healer is mandatory. So that every group configuration has the same chances, there are a few buffs players need be aware of:

  • All three bosses start the fight with a defense buff. This can only be removed by healers, and compensates for their comparatively low damage.
  • Plants are summoned at the first two boss fights which strengthen the player who destroys them. The red flower restores health points, whilst the blue flowers grant a stackable power buff.


1.    Ardentmaw the Glutton

Straight after entering the instance you'll meet the first boss: Ardentmaw. The battle begins with three small sloths edging their way towards the herbs at the entrance, the banana trees on the left-hand side of the area and the lamb on the right-hand side. As soon as you have dealt with the three of them, you'll have to face Ardentmaw.


Ardentmaw is a monstrous gorilla, similar to the one you know from Balder's Temple. He uses very powerful, but largely predictable attacks. Use your skill to dodge his blows.

Leaping Strike

Ardentmaw leaps at distant targets and inflicts damage within a large radius. You should ensure you are standing far enough away from him, or use your dodge ability to avoid the damage caused by the impact.


Sphere Attack

Ardentmaw carries out a triple sphere attack, firing off three projectiles in a fan arrangement in front of him. These inflict damage and slow players hit by 50% for a few seconds.


Melee Attacks

Aside from these, Ardentmaw has a number of melee attacks. He delivers powerful blows in front of him, occasionally bowling himself forwards. Make sure you don't get steamrollered!



Nimistrix's Avatar

During the battle, a virtually invisible avatar of Nimistrix will appear, hovering for a few seconds in the air and then dive-bombing one of the players, causing a huge amount of damage. Pay attention to its eyes, which flash red shortly before the avatar plunges down!


Mini Event 1: Sloths

At various intervals, Ardentmaw becomes invisible and small sloths (talking and silent) are summoned. In this phase all players are overcome by an effect which prevents any form of healing.


The aim is to annihilate the three talking sloths. All the sloths walk around the area for 20 seconds. For every silent sloth killed, each player receives 10,000 damage. Every talking sloth which survives the 20 seconds causes 50,000 damage. You'll only survive this round if all of the talking sloths are eliminated. The event is repeated three times, during which Ardentmaw remains invisible and does not attack.

Mini Event 2: Banana tree, Herbs and Lamb

Ardentmaw stands in the middle of the area and declares one of the three locations as his target. Your task is to destroy this position as quickly as possible. If you manage it, Ardentmaw will be stunned for 10 seconds upon reaching the location and can be attacked at will. Otherwise the voracious gorilla will become invincible for 10 seconds, whilst chomping down food and dealing out special attacks.


As soon as you have defeated Ardantmaw, the path down into the water will become available. Friendly dancing creatures will be waiting for you there.



The path leading out of the water will take you to the next boss: Forengula.

2.    Forengula the Devourer

Forengula is the second boss in Ravenous Gorge, who uses poison, powerful headbutts and summoned plants in his attacks.


Caustic Breath

Forengula exhales his foul breath, dealing damage to all players standing in front of him.


Tail Swing

Forengula turns on the spot, swishing his tail across the floor and dishing out damage to all players hit.


Circular AoE Attack

Completely unannounced, fields appear around the boss causing damage to anyone standing in them. These fields rotate once around Forengula, and are followed by a large AoE attack around the boss.


Nimistrix's Avatar

As with the battle against Ardentmaw, Nimistrix's near invisible avatar appears during the fight against Forengula and bears down on you. Be careful and pay particular attention to the eyes!

Mini Event 1: Headbutt

Forengula heads to the center of the area, and great boulders appear. The boss charges directly at one of the players. This attack is lethal if it is delivered. Forengula repeats the procedure three times.

However, Forengula can be tricked into charging against one of the boulders. He is stunned by the endeavor and cannot attempt any more headbutts.


Should Forengula manage to carry out three headbutts without interruption, he repeatedly worms his way into the ground and causes damage whenever he surfaces. During this time he is immune to attacks.


Mini Event 2: Push Pods

Forengula summons small, immovable plants which inflict damage in a circular area around them and thrust players out of the circle. They continue to do this until they are killed. The circle around them gradually increases in size the longer the plants remain alive.


If you manage to survive this, then the next challenge is the final boss. There are two ways to reach the Nest of Nimistrix: By jumping on the bubbles, or climbing up the roots.



3.    Nimistrix the Giant Bird

Before facing Nimistrix, you should destroy two of the three pillars at the entrance. This way your group can be supported by two NPCs: a tank (Shielding Pylon), a healer (Divine Pylon) or a sorcerer (Arcane Pylon). But beware! When you venture deeper into the area, the battle against Nimistrix will begin, and the pylons will disappear, preventing you from calling any more NPCs.


Beak Attack

Nimistrix pummels the ground in front of her with her beak, inflicting massive damage to any targets hit.


Wing Squalls

Nimistrix swings into the air, beating her wings over the ground and spinning in a circle, spawning powerful gusts with her wings.


Dive Bomb

When the message "Nimistrix dives {playername}!" appears, Nimistrix targets a player and after a few seconds dives at them with full force, inflicting major damage on any players hit.


Nimistrix's Rage

When the message "Nimistrix absorbs nature's energy!" appears, you have only a few seconds' time to interrupt her. Use a stunning or sleeping effect, otherwise she will receive a 10-minute-long stackable power boost which cannot be removed.

Adamant Plumage

When the message "Nimistrix's skin is empowered!" appears, a buff is applied to her which increases her defense. The buff is stackable, but can be removed by healers. The NPC healer will also go about removing the buff.

Mini Event 1: Growing Egg

When the message "Nimistrix cries out!" appears, one of the three eggs at the far end of the nest will start to grow. It is up to you to destroy the egg as quickly as possible. If you fail, the egg will hatch and Nimistrix's brood will join her in attacking you. The freshly hatched beast can also be eliminated, but it is a much tougher task than taking out the egg. In addition it dishes out a damaging effect which inhibits movement speed and reduces HP on a percentage basis.


Mini Event 2: Whirlwind

When the message "Nimistrix calls a storm!" appears, four areas emerge on the ground which you should stand on as quickly as possible. Shortly after the message appears, a storm is summoned which howls through the nest inflicting lethal damage to all players stood outside these areas.



If you take heed of these tactics, you should soon put paid to this great bird. As a reward you receive recipes for etchings and brooches, new and even more powerful jewelry, as well as armor and material items.

Until next time!

The TERA Team

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