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Fate of Arun: The Endeavor

In this part of our patch preview we are heading into the skies! In the Sky Cruiser Endeavor, currently the hardest challenge, you fight against some crafty boss monsters with fiery attacks.

Here we are going to explain the normal and hard modes of the dungeon and we are also presenting the bosses and their main attacks. Attacks that only appear in hard mode have been marked with a [Hard] prior to the text.

In the Control Room: Putrion

In the first room, the Control Room, you first meet Perimos. However he is at first covered by a protective shield and cannot be attacked just yet. Once you have entered the room, the entrance will close. From then on, aggressive monsters will be summoned to attack you in waves.

To come out of here alive you need to stand your ground against the monster waves and then defeat Putrion at the end. As soon as this monster is summoned, Perimos will move on into the Engine Room, with the plan of crashing the sky cruiser.

Note: Putrion's attacks are similar to those of Chimaerus in the Macellarius Catacombs. Putrion also runs straight through the room every now and then. For this reason, it is best when the tank amongst you keeps him in a corner of the room. Otherwise, it may happen that Putrion, without thinking, walks out of the entrance and then your battle will be reset.


[Hard] Perimos aims at a player with a laser and then shoots a beam of blistering energy through the room. Players hit by this die immediately!

As soon as you have defeated Putrion, the path to the Engine Room becomes available. Head that way quickly to stop Perimos from destroying the sky cruiser.

In the Engine Room: Perimos

In the Engine Room there are six Aeonalis Pylons around Perimos that have to be protected. If Perimos manages to destroy all Aeonalis Pylons then the sky cruiser will crash and your group will perish.

[Hard] Here you have to protect eight Aeonalis Pylons.


Perimos heads to the center of the room and aims at one of the pylons. He then shoots a beam at the pylon, which inflicts damage and can potentially destroy it.

The one chance you have to at least protect the Aeonalis Pylons from damage is if you position your group between Perimos and the targeted Aeonalis Pylon. This way the pylon takes less damage and is not directly destroyed by the first beam. Players hit do however suffer damage as well as a damaging effect that leeches 5% of your health each second. Healers will therefore need to heal and cleanse.

[Hard] Sometimes Perimos may jump into the center of the room and then inflict damage when he lands. In addition to this, he can also attack two Aeonalis Pylons one after the other. For this reason, it is even more important that the group members are cleansed and healed as soon as possible.

To win this battle and save the sky cruiser, Perimos has to be defeated as quickly as you can and the damage dealt to the pylons has to be reduced as much as you can.

As soon as you have eliminated Perimos, a teleport will appear, taking you to the deck of the sky cruiser to the final enemy.

Sky Cruiser Deck: Darkan

Darkan is the last and most difficult boss on the Sky Cruiser Endeavor and he will be a true challenge in both modes. Give it your all and dodge his melee and ranged attacks as well as following his pattern on the floor to avoid taking any damage.


During the battle Darkan disappears and summons a servant who constantly attacks a player. Defeat this servant as soon as possible! If you don't manage this, Darkan will return in flames and wipe out the entire group. If you do manage to kill the servant fast enough, then Darkan will be visible once again and will also be stunned for a few seconds. This time should be used to its fullest by your team to ensure you inflict as much damage as you can.

[Hard] Here flames appear on the floor that provide Darkan with more health. These slowly move from the outside of the battle area towards the center, making the available space to fight decrease in size as time continues. Keep away from the fire at all times: It inflicts a large amount of damage.


[Hard] Darkan deals out a damaging effect to all players, where they cannot use any skills for a few seconds and in addition lose 10% of their health continually. Healers should therefore ensure that all group members have as much health as possible at all times so that they can survive this effect.

We hope you have fun high above the clouds – hopefully nobody is scared of heights!

The TERA Team