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Maintenance - 18.06.2019

We will be carrying out server maintenance on 18/06/2019, starting at 08:00 CEST.

The maintenance period is expected to end at approximately 16:00 CEST.

All game servers will not be reachable during this time.

In case of any changes to the timeframe, we'll keep you updated through our forum and social media channels on FacebookTwitter, and Steam.

Additional information:

  • Activation of the Event dungeon "Bathysmal Rise" in both normal and hard version
  • We will add the missing regional item drops to the 4 event dungeons
    • Elleon's Mark of Valor
    • Fashion Coupons
  • The following shop items, upon purchase after the maintenance, will be delivered as tradable versions. This does not affect items purchased before the end of the maintenance.
    • Adventure Coins (800)
    • Haste Coin IV (5 Hours)
  • We will remove the "Letter Combination Runes" from the Merchants
    • If you've got some in your inventory, these can still be used
    • If you've got Letters or Reward Boxes from this event in your inventory, these will also stay available
    • We will delete all items related to this event by the end of July during a maintenance
  • The Battleground "Gridiron" is now open every day, from 00:00 to 24:00
  • The temporary "event icon" that was displayed in-game due to the recent changes with the coins system is now fixed
    • The cost display will no longer show the "reduced"-icon
  • Character Transfer Vouchers will be back in the shop after this maintenance
    • A couple of critical issues around this service have been resolved

The TERA team