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Maintenance - server merge: 02.05.2018

We will be carrying out server maintenance on 02/05/2018, starting at 08:00 CEST.

The server merge will take place as planned. Please have a look here for all the detailed information: Server merge - FAQ.

Due to the server merge, this maintenance might take longer than usual (no ETA).

Webservices and servers will not be reachable

In case of any changes to the timeframe, we'll keep you updated through our website, forum and social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

The TERA Team

Additional information:

  • Battleground rankings: The current Battleground season (season 2) will end on Wednesday 2nd of May. Winners will be determined within a few days of the end of a season and will receive their reward by parcel post in game.  A new season will start after the merge on all servers.
  • Removing old Tokens: some of the previous event tokens and their content wil be removed from the inventories and banks.
  • Names of inactive characters: With the server merge, the names of characters that have been inactive for over a year will be released. As a result, the original name will be released for active players. We therefore recommend that you log in with the character prior to the merge if you wish to keep the name. If you have created a new character in the last year but have never logged in with it, this character will also be deemed inactive and will also be renamed.
  • Battleground jackpots: No jackpots the 02.05. Jackpots will start again the 03.05 (cf. our schedule here)