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MANAHAN – The Event Server’s Coming!

Are you ready for an entirely new TERA experience? Patch 63 “Shadow of the Dark Gods” sees the return of Lakan’s Broken Prison, but another sinister power is stirring in the darkness. When patch 63 is released on 12th December, the event server “Manahan” will open its gates for just a few short weeks.

Immerse yourself in this exciting alternative reality: Manahan, the fallen and forgotten god, has torn through the veil of the dream and completely altered the face of Arborea!

Here are some of the changes you can look forward to:

  • Quicker progression from level 65, e.g. equipping and earning item XP
  • Tougher dungeon challenges
  • Kaia’s aid in instances
  • Unusual, experimental settings on battlegrounds
  • Daily open world challenge
  • Pets and mounts with special changes
  • … and much more!

Test your mettle on Manahan and bask in the fame and fantastic fortunes – you can even take your fully geared-up character with you back to your home server for free…

More details on patch 63 and the event server can be found here.

Have fun,

The TERA Team