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Patch 50.02 – Attack of the Dragons

Get ready for the attack of the dragons! Joining a brand-new 30-player dungeon, there’s a reworked GvG feature and great improvements to the revamped Archer class.

New Contents

  • New 30-player raid
  • GvG mode returns
    • Content / Feature disabled on PvE servers by default in all regions. An error message will be displayed on PvE servers for this feature.
  • Changes to the Archer
  • Changes to the TERA Club

Details on these features can be found in our patch and raid previews.



  • The devastated entrance to the Harrowhold provides a challenge for raid groups of 30 players. Full details to this dungeon can be found in our preview.
  • Enter from Velika Outskirts Dock


  • Celestial Arena
    • Adjusted reward for rank 1
    • Has been enabled again


  • All changes are in addition/complementary to those already detailed in the patch overview.


  • Higher multiplier applied to damage to normal and elite monsters (+5%)
  • New option to chest armor for increasing damage from Ultimate Overhand Strike by 10%
  • Ultimate Overhand Strike
    • Receives same effect from noctenium infusion as Overhand Strike
  • Knockdown Strike
    • Powerlinked Knockdown Strike: Increases skill damage of Overhand Strike by 20% for a few seconds
  • Eviscerate
    • Powerlinked Eviscerate: Increases skill damage of Overhand Strike by 25% for a few seconds


  • Higher multiplier applied to damage to normal and elite monsters (+3%)


  • Higher multiplier applied to damage to normal and elite monsters (+8%)


  • Thunderbolt
    • Reduced PvP damage by approx. 30%
    • Removed damage increase against monsters with low HP


  • Fiery Rage
    • Flurry of Blows effect now applied upon use; added HP costs of Flurry of Blows to Fiery Rage
    • Lingering Flurry of Blows (common) becomes Lingering Fiery Rage (common): Duration of Flurry of Blows increases by 30%
    • Lingering Flurry of Blows (uncommon) becomes Lingering Fiery Rage (uncommon): Duration of Flurry of Blows increases by 35%
    • Energetic Evasive Roll (common) becomes Energetic Evasive Smash (common): Decreases cooldown by 20%
    • Duration of Flurry of Blows set to 10 seconds
  • Evasive Roll
    • Reduced cooldown by 1 second
  • Evasive Smash
    • Increased cooldown by 2 seconds
  • Enhanced Thunder Strike
    • Added as new passive skill
    • Increases the crit chance by 10% for each Thunder Strike which was not critical
    • Can be stacked up to 10 times for a chance of 100%


  • Players above level 20 who join a guild collect guild experience and gold for this guild when levelling up
    • If potions which increase experience gain percentage-wise are used for levelling up, the guild also receives these benefits
    • If experience scrolls which provide a set amount of experience are used for levelling up, the guild does not receive these benefits
  • Guild war rankings
    • Removed penalty points for death
  • Boss monster rewards
    • Replaced VM7 reward chests with VM8 reward chests
    • Increased number of gemstones
    • Added Goddess's Gemstone as possible loot



  • Iron Battleground: Automatically accepted once per day when entering the battleground


  • Numerous changes to the location and number of monsters to make it easier to complete various quests:
    • Enemies in the Midst
    • Rescue the Core
    • Unveil the Mask
    • Need to Know
    • Closer to the Truth
  • Added a function to certain quests which allows players to collect required items again which were originally provided when the quest was accepted (e.g. should the player destroy the item before completion of the quest)
  • Separated daily quests for battlegrounds as follows (daily battleground events will be adjusted accordingly so that they largely coincide):

Day of the Week





Iron Battleground


Corsairs' Stronghold


Kumas Royale


Iron Battleground


Corsairs' Stronghold


Fraywind Canyon




  • The Corsairs' Stronghold was previously added to the Dungeon and BGs category in patch 48; Kumas Royale and Iron Battleground have been added as sub-menus in patch 50.
  • Added achievements to Iron Battleground
    • Won once in Iron Battleground
    • Won 30 matches in Iron Battleground
    • Won 100 matches in Iron Battleground
    • Won 300 matches in Iron Battleground
    • Destroy each tank in Iron Battleground 300 times
  • Added achievements to Kumas Royale
    • Won once in Kumas Royale
    • Won 10 times in Kumas Royale
    • Won 30 times in Kumas Royale
    • Destroyed Pallialith 100 times in Kumas Royale (includes Pallialiths destroyed by team members)
    • Achieved first place in the Kumas Royale 20 times



  • Added level IV etchings
  • Added VM 8.5 gear
  • Added more rewards chests for the 30-player raid


  • Added new random option (+5 PvP defense) for VM8 shoes. Reduced basic stats
  • Adjusted contents of battleground rewards chests (feedstock tiers, crafting materials, potions)
  • The gold medal with a pig’s head which appears above a character’s head when certain effects are activated now only appears briefly

Interface Changes

  • Improved display of raids, increasing maximum player count to 30
  • More details to the raid group interface can be found in our patch preview.

Other Changes

Flying mounts can now take to the skies in all available regions. Added following areas:

  • Sylvanoth
    • Seeliewood
    • Darkquaver Woods
    • Susurrus Woods
    • Amena Quatla
    • Dragonfall
    • Scythera Fae
  • Lorcada
    • Vale of Spires
    • Plain of the Damned
    • Habere
  • Kaiator Outskirts
  • Val Tirkai
    • Thrallhold
    • Pathfinder Post
    • Tirkai Forest
  • Helkan District
    • Khanovar Front
    • Zulfikar Fortress
  • Val Kaeli
    • Argonea
    • Granarkus
    • Kanstria

Known Issues

  • A Dreamstorm Quest will show after the patch, even though it's currently not available. It will be activated within the next few days, and we're going to inform you accordingly.

Regional Changes


  • Set the cooldown of the following three items to 60 seconds:
    • Dragon's Flame
    • Banyaka's Rootlocked Treasure
    • Banyaka's Treasure
  • Changed contents of Banyaka’s Rootlocked Treasure. Details can be found in this news item.
  • Split cooldown of following items:
    • Bravery Potion and Strong Bravery Potion
    • Canephora Potion and Strong Canephora Potion
    • For example: Consume a Canephora Potion and the Strong Canephora Potion will no longer be on a 60 minute cooldown.


  • Added various costumes and premium items
  • Reduced fees for Buy Now purchases from brokers for TERA Club members to 5% (non-Club members: 15%)

Please note: The TERA Club page in our shop might not be updated right with the patch 50 release, and can display a few older reward entries initially (graphical assets).