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Patch 59.03 – Demoros’ Roulette

Ready for a diabolical game? The door to Demoros’ Roulette opens with Patch 59, which hits our servers on 5th September. Awaiting you are the new, treacherous tricks of the two boss monsters Turgas and Demoros, who bear a certain resemblance to Bandersnatch and Valona…

You can also transform your jewelry into stronger versions with the help of some new items, and equip yourself with the new circlets!

NEW: Demoros’ Roulette

  • For 5-player groups
  • Teleportal outside Allemantheia
  • Min. required item level 423
  • Accessible from level 65
  • Two boss encounters
  • 2 daily entries, 4 for club members

NEW: Better artisan accessories

With the new materials from Patch 59, you can enhance your existing jewelry and get hold of new circlets: get Demoros’ Circlet and Demoros’ Luminous Circlet by collecting fragments of Demoros’ Circlet and creating these items.

There are also new artisan magic stones for necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Class Skill Changes

All classes (except Reaper)

  • Many skills can now be learned and used earlier


  • Soul Reversal
    • If there is no space behind the targeted monster when used, the Reaper will instead be moved into the space between her and the monster, if there is any.


  • Volley of Curses
    • Effect of the Glyph of Enfeeblement increased from 9% to 10%
  • Aura of the Merciless
    • Titanic Wrath: Granted power increased from 40 to 48, and granted attack speed increased from 6 to 9.6.
    • Fixed problem that triggered level 1 instead when used between levels 3 and 9 (Amani Female).


  • Knockdown Strike
    • The animation of In Cold Blood can be canceled to use other skills as chained skills.
  • Evasive Roll
    • Evasion duration increased slightly
    • Adjusted the distance covered by the roll between the Popori and the other peoples
  • Measured Slice
    • Damage is now shown correctly (High Elf Female, Human Female)


  • Damage to other players reduced by approx. 10%


  • Radiant Arrow
    • Damage at level 11 is now correct (High Elf Female)
  • Rain of Arrows
    • Fixed problem that activated Rain of Arrows level 6 when Rain of Arrows was used as a chained skill (Amani Female)


  • Traverse Cut
    • Level 10 is now used correctly (Baraka)
  • Blade Draw
    • Fixed problem that caused Blade Draw level 7 to apply the buff of Deadly Gamble (High Elf Female)


  • Zenobia’s Vortex
    • Levels 2-10 are now used correctly (Castanic Male)


  • Changed quest tooltips for ‘Berserker Training: Punishing Strike’ and ‘Berserker Training: Axe Counter’

Dungeon Changes

  • Removed Manglemire
  • In the following dungeons you can now only advance to the next battle area if the previous boss has been defeated:
  • Balder’s Temple
  • Necromancer Tomb
  • Golden Labyrinth
  • Ebon Tower
  • Labyrinth of Terror
  • Secret Base
  • Sinestral Manor
  • Ascent of Saravash
  • Cultists’ Refuge
  • Akasha’s Hideout
  • Saleron’s Sky Garden

Other Changes

  • Various pets received through achievements can now be stored in the bank.
  • Items from the following quests can now be obtained again:
    • Linkia’s First Brief
    • Linkia’s Second Brief
    • Linkia’s Third Brief
    • Linkia’s Fourth Brief
    • Linkia’s Final Brief
    • One Father’s Legacy
  • The level of detail of character effects can now be adjusted separately for the open world and dungeons:
    • Level 2: best quality
    • Level 1: normal quality
    • Level 0: low quality
  • Changed boss monsters’ loot in the guild war: new artisan items added


  • Fixed problem that caused Dakuryon to attack an invisible NPC in the middle of the room in Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard).
  • Fixed problem in Velik’s Sanctuary that caused Darkan to be shown as still alive for some players although he had already been defeated
  • Fixed problem that caused the options to be reset upon server change if the equipment options for dual effects were left open
  • Fixed problem that caused the berserker class not to automatically receive the passive skill "Cyclone" upon reaching level 26
  • The number of completions of the Abscess Vanguard Initiative quest is now displayed correctly.

Regional Changes

Rootstock Festival activities will end, and get activated again later in September together with the Bamarama.

Sky Cruiser Endeavor EXTREME

Look forward to the reworked Sky Cruiser Endeavor EXTREME! The new version of the dungeon is based on your feedback on the old version. It can be entered from 12th September. Here are some of the changes:

First room

  • Defense of various enemy types reduced by up to 30%
  • HP of archers and titans reduced by up to 15%

Second room

  • No changes.

Third room

  • The battle against Darkan is now a race against time – with a timer that slowly but surely counts down to 0!
  • Attack values of some of Darkan’s attacks have been increased
  • When Darkan has less than 30% of his HP, he gets…
  • … faster!
  • … stronger!
  • … deadlier!


  • Patch 59 adds the Korean updates from 27th April to 18th May 2017.
  • Next up we’re working on Patch 61, which includes the Korean patches from 25th May to 27th July 2017. We are therefore skipping Patch 60 and will be releasing the new enchantment system in October, along with some challenging and interesting dungeons!