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Patch Notes 80 – Curse from the Skies

With patch 80 on 28th March, the maximum level will be increased for the second time since TERA’s European launch in 2012 – by a whole 5 levels! In the run-up to TERA’s 7th anniversary, you can set out on your adventure toward level 70!

At the same time as the launch of patch 80, the Classic Server will be closed. All players who have reached level 60 with a character will be able to transfer it to a regular server for free. Additionally, these players will also receive new level 65 equipment. All details regarding this can be found in this separate post.



  • Level Cap 70
  • New Enemies
  • Instance Changes
  • Skill Advancement
  • Halidom & Relic
  • Equipment Infusion
  • Adventure Coin
  • Class Balancing
  • Other Changes
  • Item Changes
  • Regional Changes


The maximum level that can be reached by each class has been raised from 65 to 70. Thus with patch 80, all players will be able to go hunting in Arborea for experience points.

Note that there are no new dungeons or playable content with patch 80 that are limited to levels 65 and above. All players can enjoy all the content as before.

Additionally, levels 66 to 70 are designed to be long-term targets and require regular dedicated play over several weeks. Therefore, all content that you enter up to and beyond level 65 provides experience points accordingly:

  • Bosses in instances
  • Battleground Vanguard Initiative Quest
  • Monsters and BAMs in the open world
  • Gathering and crafting
  • Fishing

Experience Boosters in the Shop

To ensure equality among all players, there will be no experience point scrolls in the shop, which instantly grant players a high number of experience points.

Only the option of experience point boosters up to 50% will be found in the shop.

Note: All current experience potions (30, 50 and 100%) can only be used up to level 64! They have no effect on characters from level 65 onwards.

New Quests

In addition to the contents listed above, which earn you experience points, there is also a new series of story quests that will take you on an exciting journey of discovery surrounding a mysterious phenomenon!

This storyline starts with Velik’s Dream from level 65, following the Apex quests. After that, you will unlock one new story quest per level and delve bit by bit into the story of the mysterious floating island. This area will be accessible later in 2019.

< The island floats ominously over Highwatch >

Along with a total of 6 story quests with 3 animated cutscenes, there is also a whole series of daily quests for you to unlock during the story quests.

Below you will find a list of the areas where the daily quests will take place.

Some new zone quests have also been added. For quests level 65 and above, these are shown on the map with orange markers and thus stand out from the usual yellow for quests below level 65.

Existing Quests

With the new level cap, many existing areas have been adjusted to create new space for content in the open world. This means that many quests that previously led to these areas and zones have also been removed.

The following areas are affected:

  • Sienna Canyon – 8 quests
  • Celestial Hills – 7 quests
  • Blessing Basin – 13 quests
  • Timeless Woods – 13 quests
  • Essenian Crest – 14 quests
  • Tria – 19 quests


< The Timeless Woods in a new light >


  • A new season of achievements starts with patch 80.
  • There is a new achievement for reaching level 70.
  • There are new achievements for being the first of your class to reach level 70.
  • Removed achievements have been relocated to “Legacy Achievements”:
    • An achievement for Tria quests has been removed.
    • Achievements relating to the Sabex Armory and the Macellarius Catacombs have been removed.



New enemies have also been discovered in the reworked areas – evil mutations of familiar creatures are wreaking havoc here. The fate of Arborea is in your hands!

World Bosses

Three special new world bosses have been added, which can be fought starting Patch 80:

  • Cerrus in Lorcada
  • Hazard in Val Palrada
  • Ortan in Essenia

As a new feature to be added, these bosses won’t display their remaining or maximum HP:

  • Health Points won’t be displayed, and only the player doing the last hit will get a reward box
  • A worldwide chat message is being displayed on boss kills or respawns
  • Bosses will re-appear every 5 hours


A brand-new enemy type is waiting for you: Murdermoths and Mournmoths!

You will encounter these enemies on your way through the new story quest – where has the mysterious island come from? What is the meaning of this threat to Arborea?


New Modes for 7-Player Groups

  • Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard, 7-Person)
  • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard, 7-Person)
  • Dark Reach Citadel (Hard, 7-Person)

New Solo Instances

  • Secret Base (1-Person)
  • Sinestral Manor (1-Person)
  • Cultists’ Refuge (1-Person)
  • Lilith’s Keep (Challenge Dungeon)

Instances for Leveling Prior to Level 65

The requirements for finding a group have been adjusted for the following instances:

  • Necromancer Tomb
  • Golden Labyrinth
  • Ebon Tower
  • Labyrinth of Terror
  • Bastion of Lok
  • Sinestral Manor
  • Cultists’ Refuge
  • Saleron’s Sky Garden
  • Ascent of Saravash

These instances now only require a minimum of 3 players. The class requirements have also been lifted. As a result, one tank, one healer, and one damage dealer are no longer required. The enemies’ health and attack points have been reduced accordingly.

Additionally, some enemy attacks have been removed, which would have been unplayable for such group compositions.

Other Adjustments

Some instances have been removed:

  • Sabex Armory
  • Macellarius Catacombs

Additionally, many level 65 instances along with their difficulty rankings have been reorganized in the group matching.


Alongside the new level cap, the new skill advancement system is being introduced, which you can use to further improve and configure specific skills of your character.

For each level above 65, you will be able to improve one additional skill according to the following pattern:

  • Level 66, 68, 70: upgrade up to 60x
  • Level 67, 69: activate optional effects

An overview for your class can be seen in the regular Skills window – by clicking on the new “Skill Advancement” tab (from level 66).

Skill Advancement Points

From patch 80 onwards, you will receive skill advancement XP – a new type of experience points – for a variety of content. You can obtain them, for example, by completing Vanguard Initiative battleground quests or by killing the new level 66+ BAMs in the open world.

Once you have collected enough skill advancement XP, you will receive a skill advancement point, which you can then use for a level 66, 68 or 70 skill.

You can achieve a maximum of 180 points per character – and invest 60 points in advancing each skill.

Advancing Skills

If you have a skill advancement point, you can invest it in the level 66 skill for your class. In addition to the skill advancement point, you will also need some gold, as well as a certain number of Skill Advancement Scrolls I.

If you have several options for a skill, once you have unlocked an option you can switch options at any time and at no extra cost.

A complete list of skills and their advancement effects can be found in this table (names and effects in English).

Activating Options

No skill advancement points are required for the level 67 and 69 skills; you only need a large number of Skill Optimization Scrolls I or II and some gold.

These options allow you to adapt your skills to your needs. 

A complete list of skills and their options can be found in this table (names and effects in English).


The various level I and III scrolls can each be transformed into the highest Skill Advancement Scrolls:

  • 7x Skill Advancement Scroll I to 1x Skill Advancement Scroll III
  • 7x Skill Advancement Scroll II to 1x Skill Advancement Scroll III
  • 3x Skill Optimization Scroll I to 1x Skill Advancement Scroll III


Halidoms and Relics are two new equipment items that players can equip at level 66 and up. You have two new slots for them in your profile.


The two new items do not need to be enchanted to receive improved effects as before. If you have a level I Halidom, you can simply use another Halidom I to try and upgrade it.

The same system applies to Relics of all levels. Another Relic of the same level is required to upgrade a Relic IV.

There are three different rarities and five levels of levels of Halidoms and Relics. You can only upgrade an “Uncommon” Halidom with other Halidoms of the same rarity.


The values of Halidoms are defined as follows and are not randomly generated:

  • “Uncommon” and “Rare” rarity – the Halidom has either Power or Crit Factor as an effect, but never both. All other effects are always present.
  • “Legendary” rarity – the Halidom has both Power and Crit Factor as effects.

A list of the effects for each item can be found in this table (names and effects in English).


The values of Relics are defined as follows and are not randomly generated:

  • “Uncommon” and “Rare” rarity – the Relic has either Power or Crit Factor as an effect, but never both. All other effects are always present.
  • “Legendary” rarity – the Halidom has both Power and Crit Factor as effects.

A list of the effects for each item can be found in this table (names and effects in English).

Furthermore, neither item can be traded or stored in the bank. However, if you have too many of one type of item, you can sell them to a merchant for a price between 100 and 45,000 gold.


In addition to the new Halidoms and Relics, there is a new system of merging equipment options to improve your existing gear!

Using this system, you can transfer your options from blighted equipment items, which can be found in the game from patch 80 onwards, to your existing equipment.

  • Blighted Set: from instances or the open world
  • Blightrage Set: from instances or the open world
  • Blightoath Set: from the open world

You can start the process via a new button in your inventory. Select the item you wish to transfer the options to, then choose the item you want to sacrifice.

Up to two options are transferred at random, and the sacrificed item is destroyed. The number of transferred options depends on the target item: higher tier equipment can receive two options (Stormcry, Heroic Oath), while lower tier versions can take one (Frostmetal Set) or none (Guardian Set).

If you already have an item with transferred options and you’re not satisfied with it, you can overwrite the existing options with new ones by sacrificing another item!

Each transfer also costs some gold. Additionally, you can only merge equipment of the same type – i.e. only weapons with weapons, armor with armor, gloves with gloves, or shoes with shoes.


The system of daily entries into instances that has been used in TERA so far is being completely overhauled with patch 80.

New Weekly Entries

Instead of a single daily entry per instance, there is now a weekly maximum of 40 entries per instance, meaning you can complete each instance 40 times per week (80 for Club members) instead of the current 7 times.

Additionally, you require Adventure Coin per entry and dungeon, which is deducted upon entry or at the start of a battle, and which regenerates automatically.

Weekly entries are always reset on Tuesday mornings.

Adventure Coin

You can hold a maximum of 1,000 Adventure Coin. Adventure Coin regenerates at a rate of 3 every 3 minutes, whether you are online or offline.

Regardless of the automatic regeneration, your Adventure Coin will be replenished to the full amount of 1,000 when you reach the following levels (has no effect when you have exactly 1,000 Adventure Coin or more):

  • Level 2, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

In addition to the constant regeneration, there will also be additional items that replenish your Adventure Coin account:

  • X Adventure Coin
    • Instantly gives you the specified amount of Adventure Coin when used.
    • Also refills your Adventure Coin beyond the maximum amount of 1,000, but it can only be used if you have less than 1,000 Adventure Coin.
  • Haste Coin X
    • Increases your constant regeneration by 1 to 4 pieces every 3 minutes for the specified duration.
    • The effect is not active when you are offline. Therefore, this item cannot expire or overfill the amount of Adventure Coin you have.
  • Infinity Coin
    • The costs and Adventure Coin for entering instances are completely removed for the specified duration.
    • The time continues to count down even when you are offline!
  • Daily/Weekly Entry Count Recovery Scroll (1)
    • Restore one entry per use.
    • Only applies to dungeons where entries have already been used.
    • For weekly instances, one entry will be added for the current week.
    • For daily instances, one entry will be added for the current day.
    • Effect applies to all instances where you must use at least one entry.

Details of your current regeneration can now be found above your health bar:

You can also open the TERA Shop via the “+” icon, where you can purchase additional Adventure Coin.

During a server maintenance, you will automatically be credited up to 500 Adventure Coin (or even up to the maximum of 1,000).

List of Instances

A list of instances and the required Adventure Coin:


Adventure Coin

Ravenous Gorge (3-Person)


Channelworks (3-Person)


Kalivan’s Challenge


The Abscess


Thaumetal Refinery


Lilith’s Keep


Kalivan’s Challenge


Velik’s Hold


Red Refuge


Dark Reach Citadel


Shadow Sanguinary


Sky Cruiser Endeavor


Lilith’s Keep (Hard)


Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)


Ruinous Manor


RK-9 Kennel


Velik’s Sanctuary


Lakan’s Prison (Hard).


Grotto of Lost Souls


Dark Reach Citadel (Hard, 7-Person)


Antaroth’s Abyss


Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)


Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard, 7-Person)


Dark Reach Citadel (Hard)


Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard, 7-Person)


Red Refuge (Hard)


Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard)


Ruinous Manor (Hard)


RK-9 Kennel (Hard)


Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard)


Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)


Bahaar’s Sanctum




Dungeons that are not mentioned in the list still have the current daily entries or cooldowns. This mainly affects the following categories:

  • Single-player instances
  • Level 20 to 60 instances

Instance Reset Scrolls

Instance Reset Scrolls will become ineffective with this patch. You can sell them to merchants for gold.



The recommended glyphs for each class have been revised.



  • Unsheathe
    • Increased skill damage by 5 to 15% per charge level
  • In Cold Blood
    • The effect that increases power for its duration has been removed.
    • The skill damage has been increased by 15% to compensate.
  • Decimate
    • Increased skill damage by 35%
  • Overpower
    • The buff is not removed if you die.
    • Effect is applied upon Knockdown Strike, Whirlwind, and Heart Thrust.
  • Knockdown Strike
    • Can now go through party members.
  • Whirlwind
    • Increased distance traveled by 20%.
    • Reduced aggro generation upon successful hit.


  • Prime Flame
    • Cannot stun knocked-down players.
    • The skill can only be used once.
    • The projectile now flies back to the sorcerer once it has reached its maximum range.


  • Crack Shot
    • Reduced damage against monsters from 6% to 4%
  • Gust Arrow
    • Greatly increased recharge and casting speed


  • Growing Fury
    • For the duration of the effect, the first two targets hit by Rhythmic Blows are given a 20-second effect that reduces their endurance by 8% (stacks with the effect of Jackhammer).


  • Charge
    • Doubles movement speed when moving forward
  • Godsfall – Inspiring Shout
    • Increase effect duration from 20 to 28 seconds
    • Now also increases the damage of Twilight Waltz by 20%.


  • Unleash
    • Changed cooldown to 3 minutes 40 seconds
  • Titanic Shout I
    • Usable 2 times during unleash effect
  • Bloodshed
    • Effect that resets the cooldown when using Unleashed skills has been removed.
  • Unleashed: Rampage
    • Increased skill damage by 15%
    • Doubled distance traveled
  • Unleashed: Dexter/Sinister
    • Doubled distance traveled


  • Binding Scythes
    • The character is untouchable during the first strike.
  • Recall Scythes
    • Reduced recoil distance
  • Vengeful Attack
    • Changed time period to 2 seconds


  • Rain of Blows
    • Increased skill damage by 15%
  • Scythe
    • Increased skill damage by 5%
  • Aerial Scythe
    • Increased skill damage by 5%


  • Obliteration
    • Reduced MP costs from 1500 to 1000
  • Modular Weapon System
    • Reduced MP costs from 800 to 600
  • Blast – Glyph of the Swift (Superior)
    • Reduced rise in attack speed from 20% to 18%
  • Detonate
    • Reduced reuse speed by 10%


  • Thrall of Life
    • Thrall Augmentation increases the duration of the shield effect and reduces the animation time.
  • Thrall of Vengeance
    • Thrall Augmentation increases the duration of the buff effect and reduces the animation time.


  • Healing Immersion
    • Increased radius of the player selection pointer
  • Protective Response
    • Now reduces the cooldown of Kaia’s Shield by 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second after a monster has been hit by Triple Nemesis.

Item Changes


Crystals for weapons and armour are no longer destroyed upon the death of your character. Crystals for your accessories can still be destroyed upon your death!

Additionally, the descriptions of all crystals now show the roles they are best suited to (Healer, Damage Dealer, Tank).

Effects for Rare Items

The rays of light that are shot into the sky by rare items are now also in other color variations so that items can be displayed better.

Underdawn/Dawnfall/Dawnstorm Tokens

Some items have been removed and can no longer be purchased:

  • Titan’s Fire
  • Titan’s Peace
  • Titan’s Earth
  • Titan’s Storm
  • Pulsating Essence

Etching Craft Shop

Added recipes for rare etching materials:

  • Design: Lucid Titan’s Fire
  • Design: Lucid Titan’s Peace
  • Design: Lucid Titan’s Earth
  • Design: Lucid Titan’s Storm
  • Design: Harmonious Imbalance

Existing Equipment

  • Reduced costs of upgrading existing Guardian and Frostmetal equipment
  • Adjusted selectable options on equipment

Other Changes

Guardian Missions

Instead of a Vanguard Initiative daily quest at the end of a Guardian mission, there are now several quests, each requiring a different set of Guardian missions.


  • Apex missions now have the prefix [Apex] to make them easier to identify.
  • The first Apex mission is now automatically given to the player once is has been unlocked.


In addition to experience points that you now get for fishing, other changes have also been made:

  • New recipe for crafting a 20% experience booster
  • Number of deliverable fish limited to 30 per day. Gold can be obtained for deliveries
  • Number of deliverable crates of fish limited to 3 per day
  • A greater number of worms can now be stored in the inventory
  • When crafting worms, a critical success can now result in better versions

Experience Points

  • Reduced the number of experience points required between levels 58 and 65
  • Percentage display of experience points extended by one decimal place

Reputation Factions

Three new reputation factions have been added.

Regional Changes

In addition to the regular changes that are being introduced by this update, there is also a range of adjustments specifically for Europe:

The TERA Club

The TERA Club has been adapted to the changes in patch 80 and membership now has the following new benefits:

  • Double the number of weekly instance entries (80)
  • Maximum Adventure Coin of 1,680
  • Increase regeneration of Adventure Coin (4 every 3 minutes)
  • Permanently 100% more experience points
  • Permanently 20% more item XP
  • 20 additional fish deliveries per day
  • 2 additional delivery package handovers per day
  • Once a day: 100% experience booster for 60 minutes (stacks with the permanent effect)
  • Once a day: 100% EP XP for 60 minutes

A complete overview can be found in this table (names and effects in English).


Added new items to the shop for Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points and Elleon’s Mark of Valor.

A complete overview can be found in this table (names in English).

Weekend Event: Astral Gifts

The contents of the two boxes – Open Secret and Dark Secret – have been greatly improved!

A complete overview can be found in this table (names in English).

Additional Loot in Dungeons

The distribution of Fashion Coupons and Elleon’s Mark of Valor has been adjusted.

A complete overview can be found in this table (names in English).