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Patch Notes - 1.0.25

Please find below the various changes which were be applied on the game on the 2nd of May.
  • The following hair colors have been added in the character creation.
    • Human : Red, orange, yellow, green, blue
    • Castanic : Red, orange, yellow, green
    • Elin : Red
    • High Elves : Red, orange, green, blue
  • The texture bug which made white spots appear has been fixed.

Menu & System changes
  • The unnecessary “Subscription information” has been removed from the main menu.
  • A bug where the game occasionally crashes when the frame rate drops below 15 in certain situations has been fixed.
  • The global announcement when a player upgrades a piece of equipment to +6 has been disabled. From now on, only +9 and +12 will be displayed

Content changes and bug fixes
  • The items “Alkahests” have been modified. Those items are used for specific tiers of enchantment :
    • +1 to +6: Alkahest (sold by merchants)
    • +7 to +9: Refined Alkahest (sold by specialty stores)
    • +10 to +12: Masterwork Alkahest (sold by specialty stores)

  • The dungeons “Balder’s Temple” and “Fane of Kaprima” are now visible via smart search.
  • Inter-server party matching buff, Valkyon's Response and Rescue Supplies have been deleted.
  • Destiny Eggs and Lucky Eggs have been deleted from the quest rewards. With the alchemy crafting there is no longer a need for these rewards. Before the alchemy job was introduced, the egg rewards were the main source to get combat consumables.
  • Gula Skinners in the Hungry Caverns no longer spawn minions.
  • The bug where guild wars cannot be declared to guilds whose names have more than 32 characters has been fixed.

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