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Patch Notes - 1.0.29

Below you will find the important changes and additions that were made to TERA on the 15th of May 2012.
Important changes & additions
  • Blood has returned to TERA! Just like during the CBT versions, you will once again have access to a slider in the options menu that allows you to display blood effects when slaying monsters.
  • You are now able to use emblems for your guild with the same limitations as before (64x64 pixels, BMP format). Please note that the emblems are no longer stored on your hard drive but in the memory of the game client.
  • Fane of Kaprima and Temple of Balder instances have received improved loot drops when taking advantage of their hard modes. Randomization of equipment drops has been improved in order to avoid an excessive amount of duplicate loot. 
  • An accessory preview function has been added now.

Implementation of the political system
Starting on the 16th of May at 12:00 CEST, the political system will be activated on all servers. In order to run for the office, you will need to be at least level 50. You can vote if you are at least level 20. Only guild leaders can compete for the elections. For more information, please check out our latest article about TERA’s political system.
System & Menu
  • The collision system has been disabled in the prologue zone in order to avoid any unintentional blocking in narrow areas.
  • A clock was added to the game. You can find it in the lower right-hand corner of the screen so you’ll never lose track of the real world.
  • The default party loot setting has been changed in the following manner :
    • In the previous version of the game, all classes could roll on Legendary grade items
    • From now on, you can only roll on items which you can equip for the grade Superior and above
  • Selected guards in Velika, Allemantheia and Kaiator are now able to tell you where you can find certain NPC’s and locations within their cities.
  • The bug causing players on PvE servers to receive the Outlaw quest while in dungeons has been fixed.
  • The bug on the quest “Dark Revelations” which prevented the players from obtaining the kill completion on Karasha if they didn’t deal enough damage has been fixed.
  • The gathering system has been changed so that players will increase their gathering skill even when failing to gather a material.
  • The following three quests have been added to provide players with an introduction to the enchantment system:
    • Federation Support at Level 25
    • First Enchant at Level 25
    • Stronger Enchant at Level 48
  • To be ready for the upcoming Vanarch elections some speciality shopkeepers, skill trainers and tradebrokers went on vacation. They will be at your service later again if the Vanarch wants to.

Chat & Broker search
  • The bug related to the synchronization of the chat has been fixed. All the text should now be displayed correctly.
  • Various changes have been made on the profanity filter in all languages.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby some smart search brokerage conditions didn't work.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby there was a high probability of incorrect search results being displayed after clicking the "search" button in the brokerage.
  • The possible trade ceiling limit for one item in the brokerage has been changed to 990,000 gold.

Monster & Quest changes
  • The HP of the Baby Blue Horn Giant Toad (escort quest) has been changed from 100,000 to 500,000.
  • Changes for the Tuebenieus quest in the Oblivion Woods
    • Respawn timer has been reduced from 90 seconds to 30 seconds
    • 2 more spawning points have been added

Item changes
  • Bombs, charms and scrolls of resurrection are sold in the store now.
  • The 'Threatening Crystal' items can be used repeatedly now.

Other bug fixes & changes
  • We've fixed the problem whereby automatic movement was activated when you used the charged skill while moving by mouse.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby the guild state text was displayed differently in the party search tab of the information UI and in the game menu UI.
  • We've fixed the incorrect system message that was displayed after the destruction of the crystal that appears during the duel against the boss monster in Ascent of Saravash.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby the contents of the quest The Thrallhold were displayed incorrectly in the journal and the quest window.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby the latest file wasn't applied for the video of the quest The Secret Life of Trees and NPC Nivek's voice-over.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby the name of the target aide NPC during the quest Reach the Beach wasn't displayed.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby some of the vines in Hungry Cavern were useless.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby the PC would be immobilised when using another skill by button combination after the shield defense had been activated using the controller.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby the client crashed when the NPC Teldun in the Bulwark was clicked.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby the skill effect didn't disappear when the leash skill used by the Lancer class caused the knocked-down effect.
  • We've fixed the problem whereby guild points were reset to 0 after server restart.
  • The Pegasus platform in Cutthroat Harbor has been changed to 'secure area' (non-PvP area).
  • Elected vanarchs on PvP servers will be able to flag PvP on and off once they arrive in Shara.
  • Some city guards have been added in order to keep Velika, Allemantheia and Kaiator safe.
  • Green daily quest markers are now displayed on the world map and on the overlay map.
  • Berserkers will no longer experience a zoom-in when using certain axes.
  • The NPC Tanseril is finally back to the game and can be found in Scythera Fae.

Additional notes
Due to an issue causing a server crash, the Nexus system has been deactivated on all servers at the moment. We hope to have it resolved as soon as possible and will inform you when this feature is available again.
There are many more content additions and improvements planned for TERA’s future patches, so while you are enjoying today's brand new update, be sure to remember that there are many more on the way!

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