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Patch Notes - 1.0.33

Below you will find the important changes and additions that will be applied to TERA on the 12th of July 2012.
Major additions
  • The dungeon “Temple of Temerity” has been added! For more information about the level 60 instanced dungeon, please check out our article.
    • You can enter this new dungeon after talking to Ebir, the Temple of Temerity Gatekeeper inside Forgeheart in the Kaiator Outskirts.
    • The ‘Dire Badges’ and ‘Practicum Badges’ earned in this new dungeon type can be traded for superior glyphs and glyph boxes at the ‘Badge Merchants’, which stand at the same location as Ebir.
    • The dungeon has been added to the Instance Matching.
  • The Nexus system is now available!
    • To celebrate the introduction of the Nexus system they will appear each day at 15:00 CEST and 21:00 CEST. On weekends they will additionally appear at 19:00 CEST. These times will change once the introductory period is over.
    • For more information about the Nexus please check out our guide.
  • Guild vs Guild & Guild system changes
    • Guild-vs-Guild fights are now available on PvE servers. Guild leaders now have the option of either enabling or disabling this feature for their guild.
    • New permissions have been added to the guild menu:
      • GvG declare, GvG surrender, changing GvG status (PvE servers only)
    • After leaving a guild, you will now have to wait for 24 hours before joining another guild.
  • Political system – additions and changes
    • It is now possible to be elected in certain regions through Guild vs Guild battles. Up to 50 guilds can compete for this post. Read more about this in our related article.
      • Further changes will be made according to the feedback.
    • Vanarch flags have been added and can be bought using policy points.
    • Vanarch activities can now be found under  “Activities Menu” >“Vanarch” > “Vanarch Activity”
  • Changes to the warrior class
    • The warrior class can now choose to be a damage dealer or a tank in the instance matching system.
    •  When using Traverse Cut as a chain skill, 70% decrease in damage received. 
    • ‘Tank’ warriors will automatically receive a buff when entering the dungeon to make tanking easier:
      • 30% decrease in damage received
      • 40% increase in aggro acquired
      • 70% increase in endurance
      • Note that the buffs will be removed with upcoming patches which will balance the warrior class

Changes & additions

  • An achievement has been added for beating Kelsaik’s Nest 30 times on hard mode.
    • A special mask will be received once the achievement is unlocked
  • Additional rewards were added for the use of the match making tool.
  • A system message has been added in order to clarify which alkahest can be used depending on the enchantment level.
  • Crafting skill level-ups per successful crafting attempt have been increased from 2 to 6 skill points.
  • The PK system can now be deactivated on Arun by the Vanarchs, except on the Island of Dawn. (only on PvP servers)
  • A new limitation has been applied to the LFG and trade channel: From now on, you will only be able to send a message once every 10 seconds in order to prevent spamming. If you try to post before the end of the 10 seconds you're character won't be able to post again for the next 30 seconds.
  • The Outlaw skill can now be toggled on and off on PvP servers. It won’t activate itself anymore.
  • Resolute crystals are no longer stackable.
  • A player character who is not yet fully loaded is displayed in gray, like far-off NPCs.
  • A low point in Hungry Caverns where characters could fall but were unable to climb back up has been fixed.
  • Hasmina now runs instead of walks when she appears in Three Towers.
  • You can use the Page Up and Page Down buttons to scroll for the items you want. This is now also displayed on the respective buttons.
  • You can now make your own emotes, using the new /e command.
    • “/e looks for a GM“ will result in “Sealath looks for a GM”, for example.
  • The glow on +12 items has been changed from pink to scarlet red.
  • GameStat UI Element added.
    • Hovering the cursor over the clock display will now provide you with a tooltip showing your ping and your playtime (since login/total time played).
    • However, there is a known bug with this tooltip: It is sometimes displayed in abnormal positions.
  • When accessing the game via a free trial account, a ‘buy’ pop-up will appear at various points in the game.
  • Some item attributes have been changed:
    • Different reputation hats can now be stored in the guild bank.
    • Different reputation hats can now be bound and stored in your personal bank.

Dungeon Changes
  • Sigil Adstringo: increased weapon drop and armour drop (doubled), 3 rare crystals added.
  • Ascent of Saravash: increased weapon drop and armour drop (doubled), 3 rare crystals added.
  • Suryati’s Peak: increased weapon drop (doubled) and armour drop (tripled), 3 rare crystals added.
  • Kelsaik’s Nest (normal): 5 rare crystals added.
  • Kelsaik’s Nest (hard):
    • Increased Warden Blade drops and Guardian Leather drops (tripled).
    • Increased tier 13 weapon drops and armour drops (Synagogue Watcher’s).
    • An average of 15 Refined Alkahest and Masterwork Alkahest are dropped per run.
    • An average of 15 rare crystals are dropped per run.
  • Labyrinth of Terror (hard): Increased Murverog Pylon of Oracle drop rate (0.2>1), Rebirth armour series drop rate (doubled), and an average of 10 rare crystals dropped per run.
  • Fane of Kaprima: Changes were made to Kaprima’s whirlwind slash. The blood debuff has been removed and attack power has been reduced by 20%.
  • Balder’s Temple: Auricadis’ damage has been reduced by 20%.

  • The rewards and numbers required for different killing quests from the ‘Hands of Velika’ have been changed.
    • Quests will now grant you 1000 reputation points instead of only 700.
    • Quests will also grant you 30 reputation credits instead of only 20.
    • The amount of gold received remains 12 gold per quest.
  • Players can no longer enter Lighthouse of the Sun in Balder’s Refuge and Argon Catacombs in Khanovar Front as a group. Previously, some party members would enter the instance first and kill all the mobs, leaving the other party members with no way to finish the related daily quests.

Bug Fixes
  • The bug which prevented completion of the quest “Unveil the Mask” after killing Thulsa has been fixed.
  • Some minor display issues have been fixed on the political system policy interface.
  • The sound bug affecting the cut scene “Traitor of Arcarum” has been fixed.
  • Several minor localization updates have been made and some quest typos have been fixed.
  • The bug that made the nexus achievement “Catch the Nexus Wave” difficult to obtain because of daily quest reset has been fixed.
  • A bug affecting lighting conditions in the game has been fixed.
  • Reputation stores now sell various hats directly to players.
  • Broken text links in some quests have been fixed.
  • A bug where clocks in the game appeared twice has been fixed.
  • A bug where trial accounts could not block other characters has been fixed. 

Additional Notes

For the quest “Enchanting for Dummies,” players receive two white and two green items, plus a blue item to be enchanted. To complete this quest, you must successfully enchant the blue item using two white items and then two green items. If you enchant out of order, or are unsuccessful, you can use any white and green items to complete the quest.