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Patch Notes - 1.0.36

Below you will find the important changes and additions that will be applied to TERA on the 25th of September 2012.
Changes & additions

  • Crafting quests up to level 300 (Alchemy) and 410 (all other professions) are now available! They can be found in TERA’s towns and cities.
  • The passive attributes of the Kelsaik “Masterwork” Ice/Fire weapons have been modified to suit their level. The affected weapons are:
    • Frostspar
    • Frostwright
    • Icewing
    • Frostcoil
    • Icebow
    • Pillar of Ice
    • Rimetorch
    • Fire Talons
    • Emberspar
    • Flamewright
    • Firewing
    • Flamecoil
    • Firebow
    • Pillar of Fire
    • Emberneedle
  • Veritas, Lorcada, and Val Tirkai provinces are increasing to a minimum of three channels.
  • The cooldown timer for joining a guild is now 24 hours.

Bug fixes
  • The quest “Natural wonders” can now be completed properly.
  • The quest “Talk like a pirate day” can now be completed properly.
  • The Poporis and the Elins are now properly differentiated in the battleground rankings.
  • The stack number of refined/masterwork Alkahest is now properly displayed.
  • The problem related to the battlegrounds achievements which stated that the achievement is based on the weekly ranking has been fixed. The actual achievement depends on the season ranking.
  • Some warrior skills increase their edge against opponents. The edge count is not displayed if an edge skill is not used.
  • Fixed some naming issues which resulted in some items with different attributes to use the same name.
  • Fixed the problem of a meaningless number 20 being exposed in the raid UI.Fixed the problem of shadows from rocks in the Island of Dawn abnormally blinking.
  • Fixed some typos and screenshots in the help UI.

  • The Gameforge logos and legal lines have been added to the game client.
  • The French and German commands can now be used with special characters.
  • In the past, the terms “Minions” and “Small monsters” were used to talk about weapon attributes. This has now been uniformed to “Minions”.

Known Issues
  • Players cannot mouse-select the “Raid” text in the chat windows.
  • The character deletion tool-tip is incorrect. It states that characters between level 1 and 39 can be deleted instantly, while 40 and above require 24 hours. It takes 7 days to delete a character of level 6 or higher. Characters of level 4 and lower will be deleted instantly.