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Patch Notes - 1.0.39

Patch - 1.0.39
Below you will find the important changes and additions that will be applied to TERA on the 27th of November 2012.
Changes & additions
  • The character deletion rules have been changed as follows:
    • Characters level 1 to 30 will be deleted after 24 hours
    • Characters level 31 and above will be deleted after 48 hours
  • Following the latest changes regarding the party disband vote option, the party leader will no longer receive the dropout debuff if the party is disbanded.

  • Various modifications have been made in order to improve your game experience during the Nexus events. If there are more than 80 people on the screen around a single nexus, they will be shown as silhouettes. This amount can be modified through the real time optimization slider in the options menu.

  • Players who leave the battlegrounds prematurely will be considered losing.
  • The Bellicarium quartermaster items costs have been lowered.

  • The overall difficulty of the following dungeons has been decreased:
    • Balder’s Temple (Normal/Hard mode)
    • Argon Corpus (Normal/Hard mode)

  • The overall drop rates have been increased for the following dungeons:
    • Balder’s Temple (Normal/Hard mode)
    • Argon Corpus (Normal/Hard mode)
    • Manaya’s Core (Normal/Hard mode)
    • Sirjurka Gallery
    • Temple of Temerity

  • A rookie system has been added for dungeons. The first ten times you enter each dungeon, you’ll get a 25 percent increase in drop rates on the final boss for you and everyone in your party.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug related to the Berserker’s skill “Cyclone” tooltip.
  • Fixed the bug related to not being able to vote through the party interaction menu in raids
  • Fixed the problem of some monster attacks not dealing any damage to players wearing no armor.
  • Fixed the bug related to the search of Enigmatic scrolls in trade broker
  • Fixed various animations on Aman female characters