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Patch Notes - 19.04.05

Kelsaik’s Raid Added
  • 10 and 20 player raid dungeon “Kelsaik’s Raid” has been added!
    • Starting with this patch, you’re able to enter both versions (10/20players) once a day with a group of at least 10 players.
    • Instance reset scrolls will not reset the cooldown timer.
    • A new raid-teleportal has been added near the Ebon Tower.
  • Every player in the raid will get reward boxes after slaying Kelsaik, which may contain T14-gear, gems, campfires & similar items.
  • A new raid-quest named “A Bigger, Badder Kelsaik” has automatically been added for level 60 characters.
    • After defeating Kelsaik in 20 player version, you will get one “Kelsaik’s Treasure Crate”
  • Achievements have been added
    • Defeating Kelsaik in the 10-player version will grant you the achievement “That’s No Air Raid”
    • Defeating Kelsaik in the 20-player version will grant you the achievement “Raider of the Lost God”, as well as the “Pro Raider – Mark I”-title
    • These achievements will only be unlocked for the first group to clear the dungeons.
  • New enchantable T14 armour and weapons, as well as different necklaces, have been introduced to the 10 and 20-player version.

  • Merchants will now display a pop-up message when you try to either sell masterwork or enchanted items, as well as items which still contain crystals.
  • The tutorial has been removed from the game and level 1 characters will now enter the game immediately.
  • Daily quests will now again reset at 2 o’clock in the morning (CEST).
  • Players can now queue for the Champions’ Skyring (3 vs 3 arena) alone, and don’t need a 3-man group anymore (will be queued with 2 other players automatically).

Bug Fixes
  • Master and Common Enigmatic Scrolls can now be used as a shortcut in the skill-bars.
  • “Server First”-Achievements will now be properly displayed in the chat.

Known Issues
  • The German and French names for the Kelsaik-Raid aren’t fully displayed.

A manual download link will be added in this thread during the maintenance on Thursday, the 16th of May.