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Patch Notes – 2.1

Nexus Changes
  • Nexus Quests:
    • Nexus quests will no longer be received automatically when entering the area
    • Players need to pick up nexus quests on their own now
    • Four NPCs will be spawned near each nexus 10 minutes before the beginning of the nexus
    • Only 120 players will be able to pick up the quest per nexus
    • Whenever a player leaves the nexus area, the quest will be cancelled
    • Players without quests will still be able to take part in the nexus but won’t receive any rewards
    • Players without quests will also not be able to enter the Nexus Traverse
    • As long as quests are available, players will be able to participate – even at stage 2 or 3
    • New markings will be added to the map to indicate the nexus population.
      • Lock icon: no quests available
      • Red icon: 1% - 29% of the nexus quests remain – You’d better hurry!
      • Yellow icon: 30% - 49% of the nexus quests remain
      • Blue icon: more than 50% of the nexus quests remain
      • A tooltip was added to display the exact number of quests taken. Keep in mind that 120 is the maximum!
    • Nexus quest rewards have been significantly increased. They now give more reputation and credits.
  • Nexus monsters will no longer drop reputation motes
  • Decreased the amount of Nexus Call buffs needed to enter the Nexus Traverse. Now only one Nexus Call buff is needed.
  • Nexus buffs were adjusted to no longer drain HP
  • HP of stage 3 nexus monsters have been decreased
  • Nexus Traverse:
    • Traverse portals were adjusted so each portal leads you to the same Nexus Traverse instance
    • Nexus Traverse rewards have been increased to reward players with more gold, reputation and credits
    • After completing the Nexus Traverse, players will still be able to participate in available nexus quests but won’t be able to enter the Traverse a second time

TERA Club Changes
  • The Jeweled Lion now replaces the Nexus Warhorse for TERA Club members

UI Changes & Adjustments
  • An emote UI was added and can now be found under activities
  • In preparation for the upcoming loot pets, a pet UI was added under activities
    • Pet food can already be bought at various merchants
    • The new loot pets will soon be available in the TERA shop
  • Players can now adjust the game volume when the client is minimized. The default value is set to zero.
  • A preview function for cosmetic items was added. By pressing CTRL + right click, players will be able to get a preview of items at the trade broker or from their inventory

  • The Sheldon mount which can be purchased from the Unified Theory Institute in Allemantheia will be adjusted to have a riding speed of 275
    • Players who already own Sheldon won’t be affected by the speed reduction

Bug Fixes
  • A bug was fixed where bow enchantments were displayed incorrectly
  • The sorcerer glyph Energetic Retaliate is now displayed correctly. The tooltip and the skill UI will display the exact same amount of glyph points
  • A bug was fixed where the guild join cooldown was displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a problem where party matchmaking cancellation messages were not displayed
  • Canephora Potion now cancels correctly when entering a battleground
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to avoid damage from Melketran’s attacks in Manaya’s Core
  • Vanarch quests for non-existing monsters have been removed
  • Players who have been playing the tutorial will no longer enter the Island of Dawn when the server crashes