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Patch Notes - 2.2

Beginner Support System*
Players will receive supply crates for specific level ranges for finishing the quest “Making the Rounds” on the Island of Dawn. Depending on the level, different items and supply crates will become available to new players. Items provided will range from level 5 up to items for players at level 45 and above.
  • Beginner Supply Crate 1 – usable at level 5+ includes the following items:
    • Beginner Supply Crate 2
    • 5x Veteran Bandage
    • 3x Valiant Potion
  • Beginner Supply Crate 2 – usable at level 9+ includes the following items:
    • Volunteer Supply Crate 1
    • 2x Canephora Potion
  • Volunteer Supply Crate 1 – usable at level 12+ includes the following items:
    • Lun’s Weapon Crate (usable at level 16+ -> includes 1 class specific weapon & Volunteer Supply Crate 2)
    • 3x Federation Supply: 30% XP Boost (1 hour)
  • Volunteer Supply Crate 2 – usable at level 20+ includes the following items:
    • Yoki’s Weapon Crate (usable at level 25+ -> includes 1 class specific weapon & Volunteer Supply Crate 3)
    • 3x Greater Power Charm
    • 3x Goddess Blessing
    • 3x Greater Enduring Charm
    • 3x Greater Infused Charm
  • Volunteer Supply Create 3 – usable at level 30+ includes the following items:
    • Shan’s Weapon Crate (usable at level 35+ -> includes 1 class specific weapon & Volunteer Supply Crate 4)
    • 20x Extensive Alkahest
  • Volunteer Supply Crate 4 – usable at level 40+ includes the following items:
    • Nepir’s Weapon Crate (usable at level 45+ -> includes 1 class specific weapon)
    • 35x Extensive Alkahest

* Please note that the Beginner Support System might be deactivated again in the near future, depending on feedback and internal follow-ups.

  • Zone quest items can now be discarded
    • Players will be informed through a pop-up window that they can discard the quest item. If they proceed, they may not be able to proceed with the quest.
  • Characters with premium items (this also includes shop items) can now be deleted
  • Additional quest items are now discardable
  • The video “End of Argon War” will now be shown if players clear the dungeon “Manaya’s Core”
  • Splash image has been updated to feature the latest key artwork and logos
  • A rare issue where characters were created without the default skills was fixed
    • Default skills and race-specific skills can also be learned through the skill NPCs
  • Several background database improvements to increase performance
  • Fixed the problem of the Crystal protection effect disappearing with a probability of 100% when a character under the effect of a Crystalbind dies with no Crystals installed in their gear
  • Fixed the problem of no footstep sound being played while travelling on a snow leopard mount
  • Fixed the problem of being unable to complete the “Can’t Control the Power”  achievement in the Champions’ Skyring
  • Fixed the problem of global chat channel setting options being located under the system information tab in chat tab option UI
  • Fixed the problem of wrong system message being displayed in some cases when enchantment fails
  • Fixed the problem of some chat characters sticking out of the chat window
  • Fixed the problem of some premium items displaying item preview of the opposite gender
  • Fixed the problem of some system message attribute discrepancies in the German language

Known Issues
  • Problem of the item name icon of the reward item from the “Making the Rounds” quest added for the newbie support system not being displayed correctly.
  • Problem of Supply Crate items from the newbie support system not being able to display item pick-up confirmation chat message correctly
  • Problem of the “Server’s first to reach level 60” achievement message not being displayed correctly