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Patch Notes 24.05.00 – Onward to the Wintera Snowfield!

The new patch will be released on Wednesday, December 18th and includes several events and changes.

Three new events

This update introduces three new events that will be unlocked in the coming months:

  • The Wintera Snowfield, in which two groups of 10 players battle each other in a snowball fight.
  • Kumasylum, in which three players are transformed into Kumas and have to battle it out against 10 other players.
  • Fallowfest, in which you can experience a duel between bosses and take part in other minigames.

We’ll announce the events again shortly before they commence and we’ll have more info for you at that time, too.

Avatar weapons

Monsters in level 16 through 59 areas now drop fragments and pieces of relics as well as Godly Alkahest and Refined Godly Alkahest. They can be used for enchantments up to the 11th tier.

Once you’ve collected a certain number of relic fragments you can craft an avatar weapon. Just open your inventory and left-click on “Create Weapon” in the new window. If you’ve reached the required level, you can craft the weapon and a new “Enchant” button will be available. You can use it to enchant the new weapon.

Clicking “Enchant” will open an enchantment window displaying the weapon. You can select “Add Recommended” to automatically use fragments and Godly Alkahest. The fragments serve here as weapons that will be sacrificed. You only need one fragment per enchantment, regardless of the tier.

Godly Alkahest and Refined Godly Alkahest can be purchased from merchants. Some quests also yield this new Alkahest as a reward. An introductory quest for this system will be offered from level 16 and up.

Changes to Alliance system

  • An error involving the Superior Invisibility Potion, in which sorcerers with Mana Barriers did not become visible after running through a totem, has been resolved
  • The Alliance quest “Trophies for Fun and Profit” can no longer be completed via the Kezzel’s Gorge and Wonderholme instances.
  • The probability of getting a “good” Noctenium Ring or Earring in a vault has been increased 1,000%.
  • When joining an Alliance, you receive a new faction: “Noctenium Society”.
  • Reputation points and credits can be obtained through various acts, like hunting monsters in the alliance territories, completing Alliance quests and killing other players.
  • You can collect a maximum of 1,300 contribution points per day, with a maximum of 400 contribution points per day coming from a single monster.
  • A new merchant who will exchange various items for reputation points has been introduced:
  • Mines, grenades and potions
  • Various items needed for crafting new weapons
  • A variation on crystals
  • All players in an Alliance, and not just guild leaders, now have the ability to become Exarch. You no longer need to apply for it. You will automatically become Exarch if you have the most points at the end of a cycle.
  • The Exarch cycle has been reduced from two weeks to one week.
  • Exarchs and officers can now mark locations on the map in order to give their alliance various commands, like “Attack”, “Defend”, “Danger” and “Gather”.
  • Changes to intra-alliance ranks:


(1 player)

Any player can now become Exarch, depending on their performance.

Exarchs can no longer appoint Officers.

Exarchs receive the subordinate Officer skills.

Raid Commander

(4 players)

Alliance ranks 2 through 5 are now Raid Commanders.

They can use “Tenacious Aura”, which makes nearby comrades immune to knock-down and stun effects.

Security Commander

(5 players)

Alliance ranks 6 through 10 are now Security Commanders.

They can use “Enduring Aura”, which raises the constitution and defense of nearby comrades.

Logistics Officer

(10 players)

Alliance ranks 11 through 20 are now Logistics Officers.

They can use “Wholehearted Aura”, which restores the endurance of nearby comrades.

Echelon I

(30 players)

Alliance ranks 21 through 50 are now Echelon I.

They can use “Battle Standard”, which increases power by 30% for 10 minutes.

Echelon II

(30 players)

Alliance ranks 51 through 80 are now Echelon II.

They can use “Fortification”, which increases constitution by 30% for 10 minutes.

Echelon III

(40 players)

Alliance ranks 81 though 120 are now Echelon III.

They can use “Mad Dash”, which increases movement speed by 50 for 10 minutes.

Echelon IV

(unlimited players)

All players with more than 2000 cycle contribution points belong to Echelon IV.

They can use “Battle Prayer”, which increases resistances by 50% for 10 minutes.

Alliance Member

(unlimited players)

All players with more than 1000 cycle contribution points are an Alliance Member.

Alliance Cadet

(unlimited players)

All players with less than 1000 cycle contribution points.

Can enter the 5-player vault (requires a “Vault Ticket”).

  • An Alliance’s Executioner can only be attacked on Sundays between 5 and 7 PM.
  • The normal PvP times still apply. Players can attack other players during these times in the Alliance areas.
  • It is no longer possible to attack the Alliance Executioner at other times.
  • In order to attack the Executioner on Sundays, four of the crystals that create a protective shield for the guards must be destroyed. The crystals can be found in the respective Alliance areas. After four of them have been destroyed, the Executioner can be attacked.
  • A total of 120 players from an Alliance can enter the Alliance area during this time:
  • The Exarch (1 player)
  • The Officers (19 players)
  • Echelon I (30 players)
  • Echelon II (30 players)
  • Echelon III (40 players)
  • When an Alliance’s Executioner has been killed, all the players will be teleported out of the area. Once two of the three Executioners have been killed, the Alliance Fight is over.
  • Players who have participated in the battle for a certain amount of time receive a certain quantitie of gold.
  • The alliances are ranked according to the number of players killed, crystals destroyed and Executioners killed.
  • When you enter an Alliance area you can now automatically join a raid.
  • Players can now obtain special buffs for the following actions:
  • Killing monsters: Increases attack speed by 0.6%
  • Killing BAMs: Increases PvP damage by 0.5
  • Gathering: Increases non-combat movement speed by 2
  • Killing players: The effect of Noctenium Power I, Noctenium Power II and Noctenium Power III is doubled
  • Getting killed: The effect of Noctenium Power I, Noctenium Power II and Noctenium Power III is halved

The strength of Noctenium Infusions has been tweaked

All classes

  • PvP attack has been increased by 5%
  • PvP damage suffered has been reduced by 5%


  • Poison Blade: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%


  • Mindblast: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Burning Breath: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Glacial Retreat: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%


  • Web Arrow: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%


  • Healing Circle: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Arise: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Heal Thyself: Increase of HP restoration has been reduced from 30% to 5%
  • Focus Heal: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%


  • Titanic Wrath: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Titanic Favor: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Volley of Curses: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Sonorous Dreams: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Mire: Increase of duration of effect has been reduced from 100% to 20%

Item changes

  • The drop rate of level 58 crystals in Val Tirkai has been reduced.
  • The drop rate of level 58 crystals in level 58–60 instances has been modified.
  • The drop rate of lower-level crystals (not for level 58+ weapons) has been reduced.
  • A description has been added to crystals indicating the recommended class for the crystal.
  • The drop rate for Molten Tokens in the following vaults has been increased:
  • Balder’s Temple
  • Wonderholme
  • Shattered Fleet
  • Channelworks
  • Kezzel’s Gorge
  • Alliance Vault
  • The exchange location has been added to the description of the Molten Tokens.
  • The cost of buying Steadfast items with Molten Tokens has been lowered:
  • Weapons now cost just 24 tokens
  • Armor now costs just 20 tokens
  • Gloves now cost just 12 tokens
  • Shoes now costs just 12 tokens
  • The cost of buying Steadfast items with Cyasma Tokens has been reduced:
  • Weapons now cost just 12 tokens
  • Armor now costs just 10 tokens
  • Gloves now cost just 4 tokens
  • Shoes now cost just 4 tokens
  • The drop rates of “Mark of Bloodshed” in Wonderholme (normal) have been increased.
  • There is no longer a global message when you receive a “Mark of Bloodletting”.
  • The permanent mount “Carmine”, which you can earn by leveling up, now has a movement speed of 280.
  • Noctenium Infusions can now be used in the Champion’s Skyring.
  • MP-regenerating bonuses on weapons and armor now generate the indicated number of MP after executing a skill rather than at the start of the skill.
  • “Agnitor's Plagioclase” is no longer needed in order to craft a composite item.

Changes to classes


  • The cooldown for “Close Quarters” has been increased from 7 to 15 seconds.
  • The second, interrupting effect of “Rapid Fire” and “Final Salvo” has been removed.
  • Radiant Arrow:
  • The skill no longer knocks enemies back when used with a 0 or 1 charge.
  • The skill briefly interrupts the opponent with a 2 charge.


  • The cooldown for “Thrall of Life” has been changed to 45 seconds.
  • The regenerative effect of “Glyph of Restoration” for the “Arun’s Vitae” skill has been reduced from 30% to 15%.


  • The duration of “Mocking Shout” has been increased from 7 to 12 seconds.



  • Simplification of the entire process: gathered materials no longer require additional processing before the desired product can be created.
  • New recipes are available for purchase. The old recipes can no longer be purchased, but they can still be used if they have already been learned.
  • Old recipes can no longer be learned and can be sold for the purchase price.
  • The costs of certain materials from merchants have been raised.


  • The duration of effect of usable scrolls has been increased.
  • It is now indicated whether and with which type of scroll you can stack effects. For example:
  • Lasting Scroll of Carving I
  • Increases the critical hit rate by 5 for 15 minutes. The effect of this item does not stack with the effects of other Lasting Scrolls.

Panaceaic Bolster

  • The “Panaceaic Bolster” item has been removed from “Valkyon’s Response”.
  • The materials required for creating “Panaceaic Bolster” have been reduced.


  • The “Countess’ Golden Coffin” and the “Count’s Blue Coffin” are now correctly linked in the quest text for “Blood Will Always Tell”.
  • After destroying a Dementalith in the “Dementalith” quest, 10 Mad Dwarves and a Stonekeeper appear.
  • One step in the “Circle the Wagons” quest has been split into two steps to improve orientation.

Various UI improvements

  • If you mousover the “Endurance” heart, an explanation of the four different statuses appears.
  • Class tooltips are now displayed in the group and raid interfaces when you map over a class’ icon.
  • The indicator below chain skills is now highlighted in yellow to better indicate a possible skill effect.
  • Example skills are now displayed in the class selection process.

System changes

  • If a player tries to gather items in the area with the F key, items that they have the right to pick up will be targeted.
  • Change to the calculation of Mirror Charms so that the basis for reflected damage now represents the actual quantity of HP that would be deducted. Example:
  • If a total of 100 HP worth of damage is inflicted on a character with 5 HP, the calculation is based on the 5 HP that would actually have been deducted, and not on the possible 100 HP.
  • The position of the NPC Gwahre has been modified so that he now stands to the left of Laaran.
  • The number of spiders near the entrance to the Sinestral Manor has been reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Players who are riding mounts and use emotes like “dance” or “cry” now automatically dismount and execute the animations.
  • Change to instance and raid search:
  • Once a group has been created, you’ll receive the “Coward” effect if you leave the group. This is independent of whether you’ve already entered the instance or not.
  • The maximum number of blockable players has been increased to 120.