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Patch notes 25.05 – Solo dungeons

The new patch will be released on Thursday, 13th March 2014.

Existing instances now available as 1 player versions

Six of the existing dungeons will be available as 1 player versions, starting immediately. Upon entry, a randomly-applied principle decides which of the sections that you start in.

  • Bastion of Lok (separated into 2 sections)
  • Sinestral Manor (separated into 3 sections)
  • Cultists‘ Refuge (separated into 2 sections)
  • Necromancer Tomb (separated into 2 sections)
  • Golden Labyrinth (separated into 2 sections)
  • Ebon Tower (separated into 2 sections)

Opponents in these instances drop Rejuvenation Motes that restore HP.


Changes to Champion’s Skyring

  • In “Champion’s Skyring (Ranked: Solo)”, similarly valued equipment has been introduced:
    • Players receive equipment that is automatically of the same value (similar to the situation in the Corsairs‘ Stronghold).
  • New achievements for the “Champion’s Skyring (Ranked: Solo)”:
    • New achievements are completed with 1, 10, 50 and 100 won matches.
  • Changes to the dungeon ranking system
  • The ranking list will now be updated during running service at the end of a season instead of during the server maintenance.
  • Players that are in a dungeon during the change of a season will not have their attained value counted.


Changes to the alliance system

  • A buff will be provided during alliance battles, depending on the amount of members belonging to the various alliances in the area:
    • The buff increases strength by 34 and endurance by 20.
    • The member count will be recalculated every 3 minutes.


Rewards in Wonderholme

  • Smart boxes for armor and weapon rewards have been added to the boss monsters:
    • When these boxes are opened, the player receives an equipment item appropriate to their class.
  • The probability that you receive a “Mark of Bloodshed” from Bandersnatch (normal mode) has been greatly increased.


New hint signs have been added

  • These new signs can be created and then written by players.
  • Five signs can be created per account.
  • Personally created signs can be removed afterwards by using the F hotkey.
  • There are three types of sign:
    • The “Quarter-Day Sign” has a display duration of 6 hours and 10 available letters.
    • The “Half-Day Sign” has a display duration of 12 hours and 22 available letters.
    • The “Sign of Day” has a display duration of 24 hours and 22 available letters.
  • The player that creates the sign will also have their character name displayed on it.


New function for sorting items

A new function in the inventory and in the bank allows you to have the items displayed according to their category:

2014-03-10 13_54_28-TERA 2014-03-10 13_55_03-TERA

By clicking on one of the categories, all of the items that belong to this category will be automatically placed at the top of the list and highlighted with a lighter color so that they can be better differentiated from the other items.


Further changes

  • The “Hands of Velika” faction can now be received starting level 11.
  • Various quests now pay out points for the “Hands of Velika”.
  • The effect of the Speed Potion has been doubled while the duration has been halved.
  • It is now possible to receive loot when you are in a group where there is a large level difference between the participating players.
  • It is now possible to directly read received messages without having to first go to the Banker and then open the postbox.
    • To collect items or gold you will still have to visit the banker.
  • The equip levels for avatar weapons have been adjusted.
  • The gathering of pieces of Isren’s and Kara’s relics has been improved.
  • The folder for screenshots has been moved from \TERA_directory\Client\S1Game\Screenshots to C:\User\<Username>\Images\TERA_ScreenShots\.


Bug fixes

  • In the alliance area of the Enlightened Union you can no longer jump onto the roofs of buildings using a mountain.
  • Notes in the friends list that are longer than 17 characters will no longer be deleted after reconnecting with the game.
  • Fixed the instance where you were able to shoot down from above on players below the wall using a siege weapon in the Corsairs‘ Stronghold.
  • Fixed the error where airships remained still in the Corsairs‘ Stronghold when a player within the ship lost connection with the game.
  • Players below level 60 no longer automatically receive quests for level 60 in the Corsairs‘ Stronghold.
  • Repeated pressing of the key for siege weapon repair no longer speeds up this process.
  • Resolved the issue where the field of vision for impaired players increased in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue where players were not able to move using A and S while holding down the ALT key.
  • Fixed the issue where players were not able to unlock PvP achievements when they had lost a PvP duel.
  • Fixed the issue where you could receive an unlimited amount of contribution points through extra gate keys.
  • Fixed the issue where only the player to land the final hit received contribution coins when attacking a monster in the alliance area.
  • Fixed the issue where the gathering of ingredients was not cancelled while the skill was recharging.
  • Fixed the issue where if the video quality was set to below 2 then the appearance of the Elin would be incorrectly displayed to other players.
  • Fixed the issue where a summoned monster disappeared in battle.
  • Fixed the issue where summoned monsters did not play any sounds to their attacker when attacked by certain classes.
  • Fixed the issue where you had the “Beginner’s Luck” skill displayed to you when entering an alliance dungeon.
  • Fixed the issue where Bandersnatch destroyed his own statues and then triggered a shield effect.
  • Fixed the issue where the effects of enchanting on the Visionary Bow (Steelshod Bow) were not correctly displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the description of the cooking items and the triggered effects did not match.
  • Fixed the issue where the alliance battle interface continued to be visible after the period in an enemy zone had expired.


Known Issues

  • The amount of HP recovered is not being displayed in DE/FR clients (will be fixed in an upcoming patch).