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Patch Notes 26.04 – The Reaper!

The patch with the new Reaper class will be released on Tuesday, 27th May 2014.


To be able to create a Reaper, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • You must already have a character of at least Level 40.
  • You must have a free character slot. For this reason we will grant you an additional character slot for slots 3-12.

You will start with your Reaper at Level 50 in your own start area in Ashen Hope. You can find a list of the Reaper's skills here.

New crafting system

The crafting system has been completely revised. There are new powerful items waiting for you, as well as more crafting skill levels and tests!

Existing crafting skills merged

  • Weaponsmithing and Focuscrafting will be combined into Weaponcrafting.
  • Armorsmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring will be combined into Armorcrafting.
  • Alchemy and Alliance Supplies remain as separate categories.

Introduction of a new crafting skill

A new category of items has been introduced to TERA: the Etching Scroll! After crafting an Etching Scroll, you can use this on your equipment and endow it with extra bonuses.

Examples of Etching Scrolls:

  • Weapon Etching: Energetic II
    • Increases attack speed by 2.5% and decreases skill cooldown by 2%.
  • Glove Etching: Carving II
    • Increases crit rate by 12.
  • Armor Etching: Relentless II
    • Increases max HP by 3,200.
  • Footwear Etching: Grounded II
    • Increases endurance by 5.

Etchings exist in strengths I and II, in both temporary (3 days) and permanent varieties. A critical success is needed to be able to craft permanent etching scrolls. More detailed information will soon be available in our updated crafting guide.

New production points

Production points are consumed when crafting and gathering and regenerate over time. Five points are regenerated every 5 minutes to a maximum of 4000. You can now buy Elinu's Tears from the merchant Humtan in Velika, which will regenerate 1,000 production points.

Higher crafting skill levels

The maximum level for the previous crafting skills was 410. This patch makes it possible to reach level 800.

Up to level 500 it is still possible to earn experience by crafting. After level 500 it is necessary to pass a crafting test, to be able to reach as high as level 800.

New crafting materials

The necessary new materials can be crafted from existing resources or collected from crates in the following instances:

  • Wonderholme, Channelworks, Shattered Fleet, Kezzel's Gorge, Balder's Temple
  • Corsairs' Stronghold, Kumasylum
  • Nexus Traverse
  • Alliance Vault

Class skill changes

All classes will now receive a special positive effect when they carry out multiple attacks as a combo. Every successful attack with a combo skill will charge the combo attack. This will trigger a positive effect after a certain number of charges, depending on the class. The Sorcerer is here the exception.


  • After 14 successful combo attacks, combo attack speed is increased by 20% for 10 seconds.


  • After 8 successful combo attacks, Shield Barrage speed is increased by 20%.
  • Disappears once Shield Barrage has been executed with this effect.


  • Upon 4 successful combo attacks, Whirlwind speed is increased by 20%.
  • Disappears once Whirlwind has been executed with this effect.


  • Upon 4 successful combo attacks, charge speed of next charging attack increased by 20%.
  • Disappears once a skill has been executed with this effect.


  • Upon 10 successful arrow attacks, Penetrating Arrow is charged 50% faster.
  • Disappears once Penetrating Arrow is used with this effect.


  • If a Magma Bomb is used following Backstep, the area of effect increases from 3 to 5 meters. (Improved chain skill)


  • If Divine Radiance is used 4 times as a combo, Metamorphic Blast can be used as a chain skill.


  • If Sharan Bolt is used 4 times as a combo, Metamorphic Blast can be used as a chain skill.

Changes to the glyphs

  • The UI has been updated to provide a better overview of skills and their glyphs.
  • Glyphs will now be automatically learned at the relevant level and must no longer be purchased.
    • Master glyphs must still be purchased.
  • A recommended glyph combination for your class can now be selected.
  • Previously purchased and unused glyphs can be sold back to the NPC, but no longer used.
  • The level 20 quest for unlocking glyphs can no longer be accepted.
  • Glyph toggles are no longer necessary for switching between different saved glyph combinations.

Changes to the instances

Golden Labyrinth (1 person)

  • The number of experience points for monsters has been reduced.

Ebon Tower (1 person)

  • The number of experience points for monsters has been increased.

Balder's Temple (1 person)

  • A class chest with Sun Relic Guardian equipment has been added.
  • The number of daily visits has been reduced from 3 to 1 (2 for TERA Club members).

Bastion of Lok (1 person)

  • Monsters no longer drop enchanted items.

Sinestral Manor (1 person)

  • Monsters no longer drop enchanted items.

Changes to Fraywind Canyon

The requirements for activating the Desperate Resolve buff have been adjusted:

Cry of Retaliation I

  • Activates at a difference of 15 deaths.
  • Deactivates at a difference of 5 deaths.
  • Increases maximum HP by 30%.
  • Increases strength and endurance by 20.
  • Increases movement speed by 30.

Cry of Retaliation II

  • Activates at a difference of 30 deaths.
  • Deactivates at a difference of 20 deaths.
  • Increases maximum HP by 50%.
  • Increases strength and endurance by 30.
  • Increases movement speed by 40.

Cry of Retaliation III

  • Activates at a difference of 45 deaths.
  • Deactivates at a difference of 35 deaths.
  • Increases maximum HP by 100%.
  • Increases strength and endurance by 40.
  • Increases movement speed by 50.

A new system enables teams to earn more points. They can do this by defeating an enemy player with a kill streak.


  • A player has killed 10 enemies without dying.
  • When this player is killed, the victor earns 40 points instead of 8:
    • 8 regular points * (50% of the defeated players' kill streak) = 8*0.5*10

The hit points of named monsters have been quadrupled.

Changes to items

  • Supply crates can now only be opened by characters of the appropriate level.
  • Orpheus Medals will now be dropped by monsters in Balder's Temple (1 person) and in the Alliance Vaults. Clicking on this medal will open a window where you can earn a Laundry Basket containing 1 of 11 types of underwear.
  • New locked coffers have been added, as well as keys to open them. You'll find more information in this article.
  • The contents of the Kumas Candy Box have been changed.


Starting with this patch, a new type of clothing item will be available in the game: underwear! They look good and also give your character a few extra bonuses such as extra health, MP regeneration, strength or crit rate!

You can earn underwear for 80 Orpheus Medals in game or, after installing the patch, buy them in the TERA Shop for TERA Thaler!

System changes

  • You can now open the Enchanting window and carry out an enchantment whilst riding a mount. This will automatically cause you to dismount.
  • Global messages for tier 12 to 14 weapons to +12 has been limited to tier 14 weapons.
  • The system for changing the look of equipment items has been removed. Previously altered equipment remains the same.
  • The tooltip menus of masterwork items are no longer gold-rimmed.
  • Crystal sockets in equipment item tooltips no longer have an icon when they are unused.
  • The maximum number of character slots has been increased from 8 to 12.

Bug fixes

  • Cherry Blossom Bow weapon skins now glow red at +12.
  • The requirements for Heart of the Matter are now listed correctly.

Known bugs

  • The last option in the tooltip for the Skyring Scythe is incorrectly displayed as the Blacksmith's Hammerstrike.
  • When logging back in, the arrangement of the UI is reset.