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Patch notes 27.07 – Arborea is wounded

Patch 27.07 containing four new instances and many other changes will be released on Thursday, 24th July 2014. Dungeons The new instances are designed for one to ten players with normal and hard modes.

Changes to existing instances

  • Master Enigmatic Scrolls have been removed from Kelsaik's Nest.
  • Additional tier 14 sacrifice items have been added to the Labyrinth of Terror (Normal/Hard).
  • Molten Tokens can no longer be gathered in Balder's Temple (1 or 5 player).

New items

  • Molten Token II has been added. Old Molten Tokens can be exchanged for the new ones.
  • Cyasma Token II has been added. Old Cyasma Tokens can be exchanged for the new ones.
  • Items which can be purchased for these tokens have been updated and are now displayed when right-clicking on the tokens.
  • New jewelry is available.
  • As with the previous jewelry items, the new equipment items provide bonuses for wearing multiple items from the same set.
  • New tier 15 items are available. Tier 14 items can be dismantled and transformed into tier 15 items.

More details can be found here: Link.


Changes to existing items

  • Shandra's Quill is now tradeable.
  • Jelena's Letter can now be destroyed.
  • The sales price of various items has been reduced.
  • Dye Merchants no longer sell dyes directly, but the materials required for crafting them instead.
  • After using a Crystalbind it now only takes 3 minutes until another one can be used.
  • Coupons for costumes can no longer be used: there are no more costumes to exchange.
  • The contents of level 5-45 supply crates has been adjusted, no longer includes weapons of that respective level, amongst other things.

Interface changes

The most important changes have already been presented in this article: Link.

  • The display of player names and information has been improved.
  • The group search displays additional information.
  • The item enchantment interface has been improved.
  • In the chat interface it is now easier to tell whether a whisper was sent or received.
  • The choice of voices during character creation has been altered.
  • Boss HP is now displayed on the screen via a large bar.
  • The average trade broker's price for items is now displayed in item descriptions in the inventory.
  • A new category was added to the trade brokers for belts.
  • Instance teleporters now display an image of the instance.

Avatar weapons

  • New avatar weapons have been added for levels 58-60.
  • Tier 12 weapons can now be enchanted with Godly Alkahest.


  • Players who reach level 800 in a craft can now take a master's test and be able to learn the most powerful designs.
  • New designs for crafting equipment items have been added.
  • The chance of a crit when crafting has been adjusted.

Changes to the Nexus

  • The cooldown for entering the Nexus Traverse has been increased from one to two hours and applies to all characters belonging to the same account.
  • Nexi are no long open for one hour, but can only be closed for 30 minutes before they disappear.
  • The quest reward for victory over the Traverse Sovereign in the Nexus Traverse provides twice as much reputation and EXP.
  • To be able to enter the Nexus Traverse you must have taken part in at least one Nexus phase with a quest.
  • Previously one entrance to the Nexus Traverse appeared per area once all of the Nexi had been closed. Now a Nexus Traverse entrance will appear for each Nexus.
  • All Nexi now open simultaneously.
  • The Nexus Traverse quest can now be accepted directly in the Traverse.
  • All additional monsters in the Nexus Traverse disappear once the Traverse Sovereign has been defeated.
  • After defeating the Traverse Sovereign, a teleportal appears leading to one of seven areas.
  • The reward for each successful phase in a Nexus has been reduced:
    • Phase 1: 20 reputation points, down from 50
    • Phase 2: 30 reputation points, down from 100
    • Phase 3: 50 reputation points, down from 150
  • Items that can be purchased for the reputation points in the Zulfikar Fortress have been adjusted:
    • New tier 15 sacrifice items added
    • New belts and brooches added
    • Master Enigmatic Scrolls removed
  • The maximum number of reputation points has been increased from 24,000 to 60,000.
  • The maximum number of reputation points you can earn per week is now limited to 60,000 and will be reset every Tuesday.
  • The Traverse Sovereign drops tier 15 items.

Changes to battlegrounds

Reputation points have been adjusted:

Kumasylum (Victory/Defeat):

  • Bellicarium credits: 300/180
  • Killing Spree credits: 150/75

Corsairs' Stronghold (Victory/Defeat):

  • Bellicarium credits: 270/150
  • Killing Spree credits: 120/45

Fraywind Canyon (Victory/Defeat):

  • Bellicarium credits: 300/120
  • Killing Spree credits: 300/120

Champions' Skyring (Victory/Defeat):

  • Bellicarium credits: 60/20
  • Killing Spree credits: 280/20

Maximum reputation points increased:

  • Bellicarium credits: 40.000
  • Killing Spree credits: 40.000

Re-entry times adjusted for the following battlegrounds:

  • Kumasylum: 10 minutes
  • Champions' Skyring: 5 minutes


Changes to Kumasylum:

  • Kumas are tougher:
    • Red kumas: 1,800,000 to 2,000,000 HP
    • Small kumas: 1,500,000 to 1,800,000 HP
    • The kumas' resistances have been slightly increased.
  • Changed skills for red kumas:
    • A 'jump back' ability has been added.
    • When using the new ability, players hit will be poisoned.
    • The cleansing ability has been removed.
    • The cooldown for stunning opponents has been reduced to 30 seconds (previously 40 seconds).
  • Changed skills for small kumas:
    • The cooldown for stunning opponents has been reduced to 12 seconds (previously 15 seconds).
  • When a player is carrying rock candy their movement speed is reduced by 60% (previously 50%).


Changes to Fraywind Canyon:

The requirements for activating the buff have been adjusted:

  • The buff is not activated for the first 2,000 points. After 2,000 points it is active if there is a points difference of 1,500. As soon as the gap drops below 500 points, it is deactivated again.
  • The strength of the buff activated depends on the difference in killed players:
    • Strength 1: activated with a difference of 20 killed players, deactivated when the difference is 10 or fewer.
    • Strength 2: activated with a difference of 40 killed players, deactivated when the difference is 30 or fewer.
    • Strength 3: activated with a difference of 60 killed players, deactivated when the difference is 50 or fewer.
  • Both requirements (points and deaths) must be reached for the buff to be activated. If one is not fulfilled, the buff will be deactivated.
  • Changes to the buffs:
    • Powerful Morale increases power by 20, endurance by 10 and movement speed by 10.
    • Cry of Retaliation 1 increases maximum HP by 10%, power by 10, endurance by 10 and movement speed by 10.
    • Cry of Retaliation 2 increases maximum HP by 30%, power by 15, endurance by 15 and movement speed by 20.
    • Cry of Retaliation 3 increases maximum HP by 50%, power by 20, endurance by 20 and movement speed by 30.
  • Changes to the points earned:
    • Capturing a location: 100 points (previously 200)
    • For each enemy killed: 10 (previously 8)
    • Controlling a capture point: 4 points per second (previously 3)
    • Controlling two capture points: 6 points per second (previously 5)
    • Controlling three capture points: 8 points per second (previously 7)

Changes to alliance rewards

  • Three new rings and earrings can be found in the Alliance Vault.
  • Crafting materials for tier 15 items are available from Noctenium merchants.
  • To prevent alliance messages from overlapping the alliance conflict interface, the position of the latter has been moved from the center to the right.
  • Crafting materials from Bellicarium and Killing Spree merchants have been added to the Noctenium merchants.

Quest changes

  • Quests for the Shattered Fleet, Kezzel's Gorge and Wonderholme have been removed.

Bug fixes

  • Problem fixed whereby warriors earned more points than other classes in the Crucible of Flame.
  • Problem fixed whereby canceling a crafting action would close the crafting window before the last action had been completed.
  • Problem fixed whereby the production points used were not displayed in the German and French clients.

Known issues

  • Some texts in the DE/FR clients are displayed in English.
  • The maximum amount of Agnitor reputation credits is displayed wrongly in your profile (P), and should be 60,000.