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Patch notes 28.05 – Dungeon Raiders

This patch features a new system for providing support in dungeons, changes to the drop rates of certain items, and improved battlegrounds. It will be released on Tuesday, 26th August 2014.

Dungeon Raiders

There will be a new entry in the Instance Matching list which allows the player to register to enter a random dungeon and play low-level dungeons together with other players.

  • Level 60 players can register for this up to three times a day. They will be teleported to one of the following dungeons:
    • Bastion of Lok
    • Sinestral Manor
    • Cultists' Refuge
    • Necromancer Tomb
    • Golden Labyrinth
    • Akasha's Hideout
    • Saleron's Sky Garden
  • Upon entering one of these dungeons, a level 60 player will automatically receive adjusted equipment. All of their skills and glyphs can continue to be used as normal

    • Mystics: Thrall of Protection, Thrall of Vengeance, Thrall of Wrath
    • Warriors: Smoke Aggressor
  • As a reward, players will receive the Dungeon Raiders Badge by mail, which can be exchanged for equipment items and jewelry.

Drop rate changes

Rift's Edge (Normal & Hard), The Abscess (Normal), Lakan's Prison and Ghillieglade

  • The drop rate of weapons, armor, gloves and shoes has been increased by a factor of ten.

Rift's Edge (Normal)

The drop rates have been increased for:

  • Koleogg's Wing Piece
  • Beautiful Koleogg's Wing

Rift's Edge (Hard)

  • Airborne Shell drop rate doubled

Drop rates increased for:

  • Beautiful Koleogg's Wing
  • Koleogg's Wing Piece
  • Blue Spiritual Imbued Blue Bead
  • Designs for high quality wing brooches

Balder's Temple (1 person/5 person)

  • Gold from bosses reduced

Drop rates reduced for:

  • Tier 14 items
  • Goldfinger Tokens

Amount of crafting materials (Titan's Ember/Ease) from the following crates increased:

  • Kitbash Crate
  • Collaboration Crate
  • Sea Chest
  • Kumas Candy Box
  • Kumas Toybox
  • Rare Carapace Treasure Box
  • Carapace Treasure Box
  • Dazzling Treasure Box

Number of unsteel weapon fragments from the following crates increased:

  • Dazzling Treasure Box

Changes to the battlegrounds

Corsairs' Stronghold

  • New option added for registering for the Corsairs' Stronghold with a raid group of 20 players.
  • Each player automatically receives adjusted equipment when entering the Corsairs' Stronghold.


  • The tank on the top floor of the stronghold can no longer be driven down to the ground floor to block the inner wall.
  • The columns by the inner doors have been removed to make it easier for tanks on the ramps to attack enemies at the gate.
  • Two additional cannons have been placed in the inner stronghold which can be used by both teams.


  • A new airship has been added for the defenders which they can use from their stronghold.

Da Bomb Skill

  • Players with the bomb have a self-destruct skill.
  • Players who use this effect cause 50,000 damage in a 5 meter radius. Players hit will not be able to regenerate HP for 5 seconds.
    • A maximum of 10 players can be hit and the damage ignores the player's defense.
  • The bomb can be collected at the three respawn pyres and at the defenders' start.
    • There are three bombs per point and it takes 3 seconds to collect one.
    • If a player is attacked whilst collecting a bomb, they will be interrupted. Each bomb can only be collected by one player.
    • Gathered bombs respawn after one minute.
    • Players with this effect:
      • have one minute to self-destruct before they die.
      • have 50,000 HP. They are also immune to stun effects and have a movement speed of 240 (but they cannot ride a mount, tank or airship).
      • cannot explode if they are killed.
  • A bomb's radius will only be displayed to the player carrying it and the enemy team.

Gaining additional time

  • Each team starts with 7 minutes.
  • Destroying one of the outer gates adds two minutes (no bonus for additional gates).
  • Taking the middle respawn pyre the first time adds three more minutes.
  • Destroying one of the two inner gates adds three additional minutes.
  • The second round shows the time required in the first round and the team's own additional time.
  • When the team in the second round causes more damage to the anchorstone than the team in the first round, the battleground ends immediately.

Further changes

  • The underground route was removed.
  • When the raid leader changes, the cooldown for the 'Location Scan' skill is inherited as follows:
    • If the cooldown is greater than 30 seconds, the new leader receives this cooldown time.
    • If the cooldown is less than 30 seconds, the new leader will have a cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Added new achievements for using Da Bomb.
  • Added new achievements for obtaining top rank.

Fraywind Canyon

  • Mode adjusted so that players automatically receive adjusted equipment when entering.
  • Reputation credits for the daily reward increased from 200 to 600.

Champions' Skyring

  • Additional stat added to adjusted equipment (+2% attack speed).

Additional options for raid leaders

  • Raid leaders can now drop markers onto the battleground map to highlight important locations.
  • Leaders can prevent individual players from typing in the raid chat. Up to a maximum of 5 players can be blocked per round, and a maximum of one player every 30 seconds.

The order of battlegrounds in the matching system window has also been altered.

Changes to the crafting system

  • The promotion points required for Master Weaponcrafting/Armorcrafting Tests have been adjusted.
  • Increased the crit chance effect of Master's Additive.
  • Increased the chance of crit successes from rank III etchings.

System changes

  • Trading with other players has been changed as follows:
    • Items already added to the trading window can no longer be removed.
    • The trade must either be completed or canceled.
  • Improved display of quests in the quest log.
  • Quests can now be accepted/continued with NPCs using the 'F' button.
  • Quest areas are automatically displayed on the map, making it easier to find areas where the player can complete quests.
  • Added option to change the maximum camera distance.
    • The standard can be changed from 100% under 'Options' –> 'Game'.
    • A greater camera distance is useful in combat in larger areas, or simply to keep an eye on larger enemies.
  • Balder's Temple (1 player/5 player) can now be entered 3 times a day (6 times for TERA Club members).

Item changes

  • Fixed passive effects added to Advantaged weapons.
    • Tank/DD: PvP attack increased by 10 when attacking from behind
    • Heiler: PvP defense increased by 7 when attacked from behind

Known issues

  • The window for selecting the respawn point in the Corsairs' Stronghold may be displayed in the top left in rare cases.
  • In the DE/FR client the sound to the video in Sinestral Manor is not played correctly.

Bug fixes

  • Server outages no longer cause achievement progress to reset for certain achievements.
  • Certain weapon and armor standards were displayed incorrectly when leveling up to master.
  • Some text was displayed incorrectly in the main menu.
  • The duration of a dye was displayed incorrectly in the description.
  • Some descriptions on the teleportals to the new dungeons have been made clearer.
  • Some text was displayed in English in the DE/FR clients.
  • The client no longer freezes when receiving a matchmaking invitation whilst crafting items.
  • Reaper no longer receives an inventory system message during a fight with orcan deserters in the tutorial.
  • No message was displayed when the executioner or a wardstone was attacked in the player's own alliance territory.