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Patch Notes 29.03 – Fate of Arun

Patch 29.03, to be released on Thursday, 11th December 2014, introduces an increased level cap of 65, new skills, four dungeons, and five zones with quests.

Four New Dungeons

The following instances are available immediately:

Northern Arun – Val Oriyn

Northern Arun can now be reached and leads you through thick jungles and polar landscapes to the forgotten Baraka city of Highwatch as you progress to level 65. You can find more details about the individual zones here.

New Class Skills

There are three new skills available for each class from level 61 to 65. In addition there are improvements to existing skills, which can be learned as usual from Tactics and Magic Instructors. You can find further details about the skills here.

Further Additions for Level 65

  • A further 91 achievements have been added. Rewards for unlocking achievements are now delivered directly to your inventory. Should your inventory be full, rewards will arrive per mail as a fallback.
  • Character-specific basic stats increase with each level from 61 to 65.
  • New crystals (armor, weapon, jewelry) have been added for level 65 equipment.
  • New superb crystals (indestructible crystals with two stats) have been added. More details can be found here.

New Battleground: Monkeydrome

  • Confront another group of players in 3 vs 3 and collect points by defeating monsters that attack your group in waves.
  • The aim is to collect the most points in 3 rounds.
  • Before each round you can select buffs which will last the length of the round, allowing you to either strengthen your own group, weaken the opposition, or summon additional monsters that your enemies must defeat.

Changes to Existing Dungeons

The following instances have been removed as they no longer meet the new maximum level:

  • Akasha's Hideout (Hard)
  • Ebon Tower (Hard)
  • Labyrinth of Terror (Hard)
  • Kelsaik's Nest (Hard, 10 players, 20 players)
  • Saravash's Ascent
  • Sigil Adstringo
  • Suryati's Peak
  • Temple of Temerity
  • Manaya's Core (Hard)
  • Sirjuka Gallery
  • Crucible of Flame
  • Channelworks
  • Shattered Fleet
  • Kezzel's Gorge
  • Wonderholme (Normal/Hard)
  • Ghillieglade
  • Rift's Edge (Hard)
  • Lakan's Prison
  • The Abscess (Normal)

Rewards that were previously available in an instance's hard mode can now be looted in normal if the hard mode has been removed.

The quest "An End to War" can now be completed in Manaya's Core (Normal).

The following dungeon cooldowns have been adjusted:

  • Argon Corpus: 30 minutes
  • Manaya's Core: 30 minutes
  • Balder's Temple (1 and 5 players): 30 minutes

The drop rates for Master Enigmatic Scrolls have been adjusted:

  • Can now be found in Macellarius Catacombs, Ravenous Gorge and Bathysmal Rise.
  • Drop rates altered in Manaya's Core, Argon Corpus, Rift's Edge and Balder's Temple (1 and 5 players).

Previous sacrifice items have been replaced by tier 5 feedstock in The Abscess.

Further System Changes

  • The enchantment system has seen a change that allows items to be dismantled into feedstock. Alkahests for items up to tier 6 have been introduced (6 = current Refined Alkahest, 5 = current Alkahest). More details can be found here.
  • Help menu entries for camera and enchantment system have been updated.
  • The Nexus and associated quests have been deactivated until further notice.
  • A walk toggle has been added which can be (de)activated via the "/" key on the numpad. Characters then switch between running and walking. New animations have been to reflect this change. The function is not available while mounted or when in combat.
  • Minimum levels have been added for gathering ores, plants and energies. The maximum gathering skill has also been raised to 350, and the ranks for the master tests adjusted.
  • The teleport system has been improved. More details can be found here.
  • A new system has been implemented for daily quests and the Vanguard Initiative faction. More details can be found here.
  • Tiers of equipment items have been combined:
    • Tier 1-5: new Tier 1 (4 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
    • Tier 6-9: new Tier 2 (8 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
    • Tier 10-12: new Tier 3 (12 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
    • Tier 13-14: new Tier 4 (14 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
    • Tier 15: new Tier 5 (15 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
    • New Tier 6 (16 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
  •  new system for Crystal Fusion has been added. More details can be found here.

Item Changes

  • Forge Stoke can now be traded for Tier 4 or 5 Feedstock.
  • Master Glyphs can still be traded for existing Gold Coins/Dire Badges.
  • The sales price for Master Glyphs has been reduced.
  • Time Traveler Badges will no longer be available until further notice. Existing badges can continue to be traded as usual.
  • The required number of relic weapon fragments has been reduced.
  • Two Avatar weapons have been added: Ishara (Level 60) and Oriyn (Level 62).
  • New tier 6 plants, ores and energies are available in the new zones.
  • New materials and recipes have been added.
  • Fashion coupons will also be awarded in the new instances and the Monkeydrome.

Changes to the Alliance System

  • Enemies in the Alliance Vaults have been swapped and adjusted to level 65.
  • Healer classes entering the vault now receive a supporting buff.
  • Rewards have been adjust to match the new maximum level.

Changes to the Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds have been adjusted to the maximum level:

  • The maximum entry level for Battleground Matching has been increased.
  • Levels for received daily quests have been adjusted.
  • Reputation points and items offered by Reputation Merchants have been modified.
  • Monsters, gates and other structures have been modified.

Enjoy Fate of Arun!

The TERA Team