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Patch Notes 30.09 – Flying Fortresses

The patch will be published on Thursday, 26 February 2015 and introduces flying guild keeps that can be conquered and occupied, updated class skills, and new, improved, and more difficult dungeons.


Honor Halls

The biggest new addition is the introduction of the Honor Halls, which are floating keeps that guilds can conquer and occupy!

You’ll find our preview with detailed information here.

  • You can only enter your own Honor Hall.
  • You can reach your keep via Pegasus from Velika/Allemantheia or via Teleportal.
  • Honor Halls with maxed out expansions and all six NPCs receive a special effect around the keep.
  • An introductory quest will guide you into a keep, giving you preview of the possibilities.


The following instances are available immediately:

The following instances are no longer available, effective immediately:

  • The Abscess (Hard)

Please note:

If you want to re-enter the Ghillieglade after killing Banyakas, reset the instance in your profile via 'P' > 'Instances' > 'Reset instances'. If you don't, you'll just find an empty dungeon there.

If you die in the Ghillieglade, you will respawn outside the instance. Don’t be overconfident, or if you plan on taking risks, make sure you have a Blessing of the Goddess with you so that you can respawn directly in the dungeon.

Loot in Instances

Bathysmal Rise (Normal)

  • Increased probability of Bathysmal Fish Scale

Ravenous Gorge

  • Increased probability of Nimstrix Plume
  • Adjusted probability of jewellery

Dungeon Raiders

  • New badge to trade for Ambit Treasure Chest with equipment and Naturetune Accessory Chest with jewellery
  • Altered number of Tier 5 Feedstock as a reward for Vanguard Initiative

Behaviour in Instances

Ravenous Gorge

  • Hit points for the three bosses decreased by ~17%
  • Strength of initial defensive buff decreased by 25%
  • Defensive values of flowers and sloths increased
  • NPCs are summoned immediately after destroying two pillars at Nimstrix
  • Duration of regenerative buffs increased by 10 seconds between the first and second bosses

Bathysmal Rise (Normal)

  • Damage dealt by Mephisis has been decreased (if the shield was not destroyed quickly enough)

Dungeon Raiders

  • Critical hit rate increased by equipment
  • Group search improved so groups have a maximum of two level 60-65 players
  • Decrease of damage for level 60-65 players in Dungeon Raider instances

Changes to Alliance Vaults

Previously players were always confronted by the same monsters in the vault, with the exception of priests and mystics who received a buff increasing their damage. This patch ensures that all classes have the same experience in the vaults:


  • Monster hit points increased by 54%


  • Monster hit points reduced by 25%
  • In the Vault of Winter: reduced damage from Dracoloth's breath attack

Other Classes

  • Monster hit points increased by 150%

All Classes

  • In the Vault of Winter: Warning when Dracoloth is about to deploy its 360° skill, which can lead to instant death
  • Slight increase in rank points received

Changes on the Battlegrounds

Reputation Points in the Kumasylum

  • Bellicarium | Victory 900 | Defeat 500
  • Killing Spree | Victory 700 | Defeat 300

Reputation Points in the Corsairs' Stronghold

  • Bellicarium | Victory 700 | Defeat 300
  • Killing Spree | Victory 1000 | Defeat 150

Reputation Points in Fraywind Canyon

  • Bellicarium | Victory 300 | Defeat 100
  • Killing Spree | Victory 1000 | Defeat 500


  • Kuma movement speed slightly increased (~3.5%)
  • Some paths that were only passable for humans have been changed so that neither humans nor Kumas can use them
  • Regardless of whether the Kuma team wins, it receives an additional Kumas Toybox
  • For quests between levels 31 and 51 there is a different reward box that is identical to the old box except for the Liquid Bravery.

Fraywind Canyon

  • Points per defeated player increased from 10 to 40
  • Players that defeat four others in a row are worth 80 points

Corsairs' Stronghold

  • Damage from players armed with bombs increased by 10%
  • Hit points and attack strength of cannons increased (17% and 67%, respectively)
  • Hit points of airships increased (inner 50%, outer 67%)

Jackpot System Updated

  • Higher probability of jackpots per match
  • Liquid Bravery will now be dispensed for item jackpots

5-Player Champion's Skyring

A new version of the Champion's Skyring will become available with this patch. You enter this 5-player version daily between 8 PM and midnight and on weekends between 6 PM and midnight. This battleground will appear in the group and individual rankings.

The following reputation points will be awarded:

  • Bellicarium | Victory 400 | Defeat 150
  • Killing Spree | Victory 650 | Defeat 250

In the rankings: In individual a standardized set of equipment will be assigned. In a group your individual equipment remains unchanged.

Changes to Class Skills


  • Defensive Stance III: Aggro increased from 65% to 70%
  • Defensive Stance IV: Aggro increased from 75% to 85%
  • Combative Strike: Damage increased by 10%
  • Scythe:
    • Hit count reduced from three to one, damage combined in the remaining hit
    • Can be used as a combo skill after Rain of Blows, Blade Draw and Evasive Roll
    • Probability of knocking monster down increased
  • Battle Cry: Cooldown reduced from 30 to 24 seconds
  • Battle Cry IX: Aggro increased by 20%
  • Torrent of Blows IX: Aggro increased by 5%


  • Rallying Cry I: Duration reduced from 8 to 7 seconds
  • Shield Counter: Aggro increased by 20%
  • Combo Attack XI, XII: Aggro increased by 100% on first hit
  • Spring Attack X, XI: Aggro increased by 10%
  • Shield Barrage X, XI: Aggro increased by 20%


  • PVP attack and defence slightly reduced
  • In Cold Blood I: Attack speed increased by 6%
  • In Cold Blood I, II: When attacking another player this skill no longer adds 10% additional damage


  • Leaping Strike: Execution changed so that the animation can be interrupted at the end with a block


  • Fireblast: Damage increased by 25%
  • Ice Needle: Damage increased by 20%
  • Mana Agony: Instant MP regeneration increased by 60%
    • Level 1: 252 -> 403
    • Level 2: 529 -> 846
    • Level 3: 833 -> 1333
  • Lightning Trap: Glyph of Powerlink has been removed
  • Nova: Skill can be interrupted by dodging


  • Penetrating Arrow XII: Skill for level 65 added
  • Radiant Arrow: Damage increased by 10%
  • Hit points consumed when overcharging Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow greatly reduced (~50%)
  • Rapid Fire: Damage increased by 50%, MP regeneration tripled
  • Backstep: Cooldown reduced from 7 to 6 seconds
  • Breakaway Bolt: Cooldown decreased from 20 to 10 seconds
  • PvP attack slightly decreased
  • Sniper's Eye I: Increased the strength by 30, attack speed by 4%, movement speed by 8 and the damage from attacks on boss monsters by an additional 5%
  • Sniper’s Eye II: Increases strength by 30, attack speed by 8%, movement speed by 16 and damage from attacks on boss monsters by an additional 5%
  • Eagle's Eye I: Increases strength by 30, attack speed by 4%, endurance by 4 and damage from attacks on normal monsters by an additional 10%
  • Eagle's Eye II: Increases strength by 30, attack speed by 8% and damage from attacks on normal monsters by an additional 10%
  • Velik's Mark: Probability of miss greatly reduced
  • Radiant Arrow: Effect of Glyph of Power changed to 'probability of critical hit increased by 300%'


  • Triple Nemesis: Duration of reduced endurance increased from 7 to 12 seconds


  • Volley of Curses: Duration of reduced endurance increased from 12 to 16 seconds
  • Arun's Vitae: Effect of the 'Restorative Double Shear' glyph increased from 15% to 20%
  • Titanic Wrath: Amount of MP consumed reduced by 50%
  • Titanic Wrath III: Can overwrite the 'Blessing of Shakan II' from priests for group members
  • Arun's Cleansing Touch:
    • Number of selectable players increased by one
    • Mystics will also be cleansed
  • All Thralls of Life are now immune against knockdown and stagger
  • Thrall of Life XIII: Maximum hit points doubled, movement speed increased to 240


  • Whipsaw: Damage increased by 60%
  • Grim Strike: Damage increased by 10%
  • Sundering Strike: Damage from second explosion increased by 10%
  • Pendulum Strike: Required glyph points reduced from four to two
  • Whipsaw: Required glyph points reduced from four to three

Changes to Noctenium Infusion


  • Rising Fury: A Noctenium Infusion will only be consumed on the first hit
  • Combative Strike: No longer requires a Noctenium Infusion
  • Torrent of Blows: Aggro increased by 40% when using Noctenium Infusions


  • Shield Barrage: A Noctenium Infusion will only be consumed on the first hit
  • Debilitate: No longer requires a Noctenium Infusion
  • Challenging Shout: Aggro increased by 40% when using Noctenium Infusions


  • Thunderstroke:
    • Damage from overcharging with Noctenium Infusions increased by 3~8%
    • Noctenium Infusion is only required to start the overcharging process


  • Penetrating Arrow:
    • Damage from overcharging with Noctenium Infusions increased by 3~8%
    • Noctenium Infusion is only required to start the overcharging process
  • Breakaway Bolt: Damage increased by 3~8% with Noctenium Infusion and only one Noctenium Infusion is consumed


  • Ice Needle: Damage increased by 3~8% with Noctenium Infusion and only one Noctenium Infusion is consumed


  • Healing Immersion: Regeneration quantity increased by 5% with Noctenium Infusion; consumes only one Noctenium Infusion


  • Contagion: Duration increased by 20% with Noctenium Infusion; consumes only one Noctenium Infusion


  • Pendulum Strike: Damage increased by 3~8% with Noctenium Infusion; consumes only one Noctenium Infusion

Changes to Items

  • Ambit Belt can be purchased for 60 Ambition Tokens
  • Eclipse Potion I-V changed so that enemy aggro is decreased by a certain percentage while the skill is in use effect (previously the existing aggro was reduced by a specific value)
  • Alliance summoning staffs are no longer usable on the Island of Dawn
  • Increased drop rate for Empyrspade Shards and Empyrplate Fragments from various chests and dungeons
  • Liquid Bravery has been added as a possible item to the following boxes: Sea Chest, Kumas Toybox
  • New equipment designs and materials are available from the Bellicarium merchants

New Apex Enchantment +15

Selected equipment items can now be enchanted up to +15.

You'll find all the details about this new features here.

Additional Changes

Vanguard Initiative

  • Additional NPCs added to Highwatch
  • Ambit weapons and equipment added to reputation merchants
  • Changes to actions required to complete the following quests:
    • Barely Got Away!
    • In Conclusion...
    • Well Done!
  • Daily quests added to new dungeons

Crafting and Gathering

  • Productions points required to gather level 1~6 materials increased to 25
  • Materials received per gathering attempt increased. Successful gathering:
    • Level 1 ~ 5: 4 materials (was 2)
    • Level 1 ~ 5: 3 materials (was 1)
    • Level 6: 3 materials (was 1)
    • Level 6: 2 materials (was 1)
  • Degree of difficulty lowered so that you can also gather higher materials with lower skill levels
  • Spawning algorithm for plants, ore and energy updated
  • Cost for crafting materials required for higher-quality brooches reduced
  • Crafting requirements for high-quality Zawa leather reduced


The UI for achievements has been improved and now provides a clearer overview of which rewards and achievements are still open. You can thus work toward a specific title or achievement in a targeted manner. Furthermore, the requirements for some achievements have been updated so that you can complete higher achievements even though there are lower-level achievements that are no longer available.

A new special feature is the ranking system that allows you to compare yourself with other players. The rank depends on the points that you've earned through achievements. Other players, in groups for example, see your rank as a more imposing class symbol.



Twice a year the cycle of laurels is revised in order to update the new maximum number of achievement points.


  • The encoding of some videos has been updated and the first video of the Fate of Arun patch can be skipped.
  • An option has been added to the mailbox enabling you to select multiple messages simultaneously and receive their attachments at the same time.
    • Reduction of the experience points received for characters under level 60 from monsters over level 60.
  • Falling from great heights can now lead to death. The quest 'I'll Take the High Road' on the Island of Dawn has been updated accordingly. You can now use potions to minimize the damage.
  • Improved movement sound effects.
  • Tradeable gold limit increased to 9,990,000.
  • Bombs in the Corsairs' Stronghold can now only be picked up by one character each.
  • The quest progression for learning the skill to trigger PvP in open areas has been changed.
  • Buffs for dungeon newcomers updated. From now on you receive a beneficial effect the first couple runs through the dungeon that increases the max. hit points and enables a free resurrection.

Known Bugs

  • In the German descriptions for some brooches the effect of the brooch is incorrectly explained.
  • Various texts and images in the help menu are not displayed properly.
  • Some items are presented oddly in the Reaper starting area.
  • Descriptions of some engravings are incorrect in French.
  • In English a possible apex enchantment for all items is not presented; in French the weapons are omitted.
  • Selling-Price for Bahaar's Spark of War & Kaia's Acquiescence are displayed wrong, but working correctly.
  • The effect of the Combat Accelerator Potion disappears prematurely with your death.

Resolved Bugs

  • Fixed an error preventing a battle in Ravenous Gorge from restarting after dying and respawning.
  • Fixed an error that kept buffs from being removed when leaving the Saleron's Skygarden instance.
  • Fixed an error causing problems with missing or strange nametags for some NPCs.
  • Fixed an error whereby some windows in the game could be moved off the screen.
  • Fixed an error causing the cooldowns for the Tempestuous Savage Draught and the Inexorable Savage Draught to overlap with other potions.
  • Fixed and error causing the description of the 'Aura of Tenacity' effect in alliance conflicts to be displayed oddly.
  • Fixed errors in the descriptions of Glyph Chest I and II.
  • Fixed an error whereby players could die in safe areas during the attack of the last boss of Ravenous Gorge.
  • Fixed incorrect texts at certain niveots.
  • The description of the Fashion Coupon has been updated so that a limit of 5,000 coupons no longer appears in the inventory.