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Patch Notes 30.11 – Dreadspire

Patch 30.11, to be released on Thursday, 26th March 2015, will see the new top instance Dreadspire opening its gates. There you'll find familiar enemies with a greatly increased difficulty level.


The Dreadspire is a 5-player instance of 20 levels, with dangerous and difficult challenges lurking on every floor. You can find more information about the instance and the individual bosses here.

  • Access tickets to the 16th challenge can now be looted from bosses in the following instances:
    • Bathysmal Rise (Hard)
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Normal/Hard)
    • Dreadspire (15th Challenge)
  • The following items can be looted from the 1st–15th Challenges:
    • Masterwork Alkahest
    • Tier 6 Feedstock
    • Dyad Niveot Structure
    • Discovery Weapons
    • Timeworn Weaponry, Plate, Handwear or Footwear
    • Nimistrix Plume or Bathysmal Fish Scale
    • Noctenium Infusion Chest
    • Crystal Box
    • Dreadspire - the 16th Challenge Ticket
  • The following items can be looted from the 16th–19th Challenges:
    • Rustic Weapon Skins
    • Cold Comfort Weapon Skins
    • Solace Weapon Skins
    • Penultimate Weapon Skins
    • Dreadspire - the 16th Challenge Ticket
  • The following items can be looted from the 20th Challenge:
    • Ultimate Weapon Skins
    • Riding Skill: Smolder
  • Dreadspire has been added to the rankings for the Challenger League.
  • The Instance Reset Scroll does not reset the entry limit for the Dreadspire.
  • New achievements have been added (including for the first group which conquers the 20th Challenge).

Further changes

  • TERA Club members now have additional bonuses (details can be found here).
  • New armor decorations are available using Fashion Coupons:
    • Visionmaker Costume
    • Agnitor's Nexus Costume
    • Conjunct Costume
    • Noctenium Costume (certain race/gender combinations lack a specific Noctenium costume)
  • The effect of the Combat Accelerator Potion no longer disappears prematurely when a character dies.
  • Steampunk and Icetouch Weapon Skin Smart Boxes can now be traded.

Have fun,

The TERA Team