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Patch Notes 33.08 – New Dimensions

Coming on Tuesday, 14th July 2015, Patch 33.08 will open four top dungeons and a new battleground, as well as tweaking class skills, adding the style shop for trying on costumes and mounts, and much more.

Instance changes

The following dungeons are newly accessible:

  • Vault of Kaprima
  • Shattered Fleet
  • Akeron's Inferno (Normal/Hard)
  • Timescape (Normal/Hard)

More info about the bosses, loot and achievements can be found on the overview page.

The following dungeons have been changed:

  • Bathysmal Rise (Normal)
    • Instance for 7 players
    • HP and attack power of bosses reduced
  • Bathysmal Rise (Hard), Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Normal/Hard)
    • HP and attack power of bosses reduced
  • Ghillieglade
    • HP of Dominolith and Banyakas reduced
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
    • Blessing added 3, 6 and 9 minutes into the fight
  • Sabex Armory
    • Group search without Tank added
  • Saravash's Den
    • HP of certain monsters increased, defense and attack power changed

The following dungeons have been removed:

  • Rift's Edge (Normal)
  • Dreadspire

Changes to the Battleground

  • Order in Battleground Matching UI changed
  • Champions' Skyring (Event) and Monkeydrome can no longer be accessed
  • Weekly maximum credits increased to 160,000 (Bellicarium and Killing Spree)


  • A brand-new battleground is available in the game! You'll find all the details in our preview.

Fraywind Canyon

  • Battle Reward for daily quest in Fraywind Canyon added
  • Changed number of Healers per group
    • Previously: 1 to 5
    • Now: 3 to 5
  • Equalized gear changed so that players below the required item level of 197 receive equalized gear, but players with gear over 197 keep theirs
  • Points for taking a capture site reduced from 100 to 40, points per second for your own sites halved, and points per kill increased from 40 to 80
  • Points for personal rankings changed so that assists reward 1300 points and capturing a base only rewards 2000 points (no change for killing enemies)
  • The extra Killing Spree Credits awarded for reaching high personal scores have been increased
  • Changed the number of personal points received for killing players who have already killed a number of players
    • Previously: 50% when killing an enemy with 80 points
    • Now: 25% when killing an enemy with 160 points
  • Liquid Bravery reward has been changed to Crowning Laurel
  • 3 victories or 3 defeats no longer provides a Victor's or Challenger's Box

Corsairs' Stronghold

  • Changed number of Healers per group
    • Previously: 1 to 5
    • Now: 3 to 4
  • Party size for Battleground Matching reduced from 5 to 2
  • Range for receiving Assists increased
  • Liquid Bravery reward has been changed to Crowning Laurel
  • 3 victories or 3 defeats no longer provides a Victor's or Challenger's Box


  • Maximum round time reduced from 15 to 12 minutes
  • Priest's Divine Intervention skill cooldown increased 5-fold

Loot in existing instances changed as follows

Bathysmal Rise

  • Weapon/Armor/Handwear/Footwear boxes added
  • Increased drop rate for Tantibus Scalen and Fulminar Belt

Changes to the Vanguard Initiative

  • Quests added for Vault of Kaprima, Shattered Fleet, Akeron's Inferno and Gridrion
  • Quests updated for Bathysmal Rise, Ravenous Gorge, Channelworks and Sky Cruiser Endeavor
  • New quest added for earning Idoneal Armor
  • Quests updated for battlegrounds and for killing enemies and collecting items in the open world

Skill changes

Changed crit factor in PvP so this is the same from ahead, from the side and from behind.


  • Point Blank
    • First hit changed so that it has a 100% chance of causing an impact on other players and a high chance against NPCs
  • Mana Missiles
    • Skill changed so that it has a 100% chance of causing an impact on other players and a high chance against NPCs
  • Scattershot
    • Damage of middle hit increased from 40% to 75%
  • Burst Fire
    • Multiplied attack power and increased crit factor of Burst Fire (increases with each hit up to 6 times the value of the first)
    • Reduces movement speed of players hit for 1 second (excluding boss monsters)
  • Arcane Barrage
    • Damage reduced by 10%
    • PvP damage reduced by 15%, second explosion removed
  • Rocket Jump
    • No longer ignores status effects
  • Balder's Vengeance
    • PvP damage reduced by 20%
  • Command: Stay/Follow
    • Range now works as intended


Changes detailed here are in addition to those mentioned in the preview.

  • Blade Draw
    • Basic damage increased by 10%
  • Rising Fury
    • In PvP now works as follows: first hit: stumble, second hit: knockdown
  • Backstab
    • Stun duration increased by 1 second
  • Traverse Cut
    • Effect reducing enemies' endurance changed to 0.35% per stack
  • Rain of Blows
    • Warrior is immune to stagger and knockdown during the effect duration
    • Can be cast faster after Cascade of Stuns
  • Poison Blade
    • An extra edge is provided when using Noctenium Infusions
  • Scythe
    • Can be cast faster after Poison Blade


Changes detailed here are in addition to those mentioned in the preview.

  • Evasive Smash
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 10 seconds
  • Sudden Attack
    • In PvP: removed knockdown effect
  • Intimidation
    • Reduced PvP attack power by 18


  • Basic endurance increased to 50
  • Sundering Strike
    • Damage of first hit increased by 60%
    • Damage of second hit reduced by 37.5%
    • Cooldown reduced to 21 seconds
    • Glyph Points for Powerful Sundering Strike reduced to 4
    • Glyph Points for Carving Sundering Strike reduced to 4
  • Death Spiral
    • Glyph Points for Powerful Death Spiral reduced to 4
    • Glyph Points for Powerlinked Death Spiral reduced to 3
    • Glyph Points for Powerlinked Death Spiral: Grim Strike reduced to 3
  • Grim Strike
    • Damage of first hit increased by 20%
    • Damage of second hit increased by 50%
    • Third hit removed
    • Cooldown reduced to 6 seconds
    • Glyph Points for Energetic Grim Strike reduced to 4
  • Spiral Barrage
    • Damage increased by 25% (with the exception of the last blow)
  • Pendulum Strike
    • Damage increased by 50%
  • Shadow Lash
    • Damage increased by 25%
  • Veil of Shadows
    • Reaper can now be healed by the following skills:
    • Priester: Blessing of Balder, Kaia's Shield (Glyph Effect), Focus Heal, Regeneration Circle, Healing Circle, Healing Immersion, Restorative Burst
    • Mystiker: Titanic Favor, Thrall of Life, Boomerang Pulse, Warding Totem, Arun's Vitae
    • Reaper: Whipsaw
    • Potions: Valiant Potion, Health Potion
    • HP healed at the end of Veil of Shadows’ effect reduced from 30% to 15%
  • Double Shear
    • Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds
    • Additional damage dealt with used as a chain skill reduced to 10%
  • Shadow Burst
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Glyph Points for Energetic Shadow Burst reduced to 3
    • Glyph Points for Swift Shadow Burst reduced to 2
    • Casting speed for Swift Shadow Burst increased from 17% to 25%
    • Glyph Points for Brilliant Shadow Burst (Uncommon) reduced to 2
    • MP cost reduced by Brilliant Shadow Burst (Uncommon) changed to 150
  • Shadow Reaping
    • Glyph Points for Lingering Shadow Reaping reduced to 3


  • Kaia's Shield V
    • Damage absorbed increased from 18,920 to 39,749
  • Focus Heal
    • Glyph Points for Multiplicative Focus Heal reduced to 2; increased number of possible targets to 2
  • Grace of Resurrection
    • Glyph Points for Energetic Grace of Resurrection reduced to 2


  • Shield Counter
    • Cooldown reduced to 4 seconds
  • Wallop VII
    • Additional aggro greatly increased
  • Lockdown Blow
    • Generates aggro
  • Combo Attack
    • Third hit no longer causes knockdown


  • Vow of Rebirth
    • Resurrects with full stamina, MP and HP
    • Glyph Points for Energetic Vow of Rebirth reduced to 3 (Uncommon to 2)
    • Glyph Points for Altruistic Vow of Rebirth reduced to 2 (Uncommon to 1)
  • Titanic Favor
    • Glyph Points for Multiplicative Titanic Favor (Uncommon) reduced to 2; increased number of possible targets to 2
  • Arun's Cleansing Touch
    • Glyph Points for Multiplicative Arun's Cleansing reduced to 2 (Uncommon to 1); increased number of possible targets to 2


  • Basic value of crit factor increased from 38 to 50
  • Reduced defense in PvP
  • Teleport Jaunt
    • Cooldown increased to 15 seconds
    • Cooldown no longer shared with Backstep
  • Warp Barrier
    • Effect duration reduced from 2 to 1 second
    • Delay after casting removed
    • MP regenerated per blow increased to 5%
    • Glyph Points for Lingering Warp Barrier reduced to 2 and effect duration increased by 100%
    • Glyph Points for Energetic Warp Barrier reduced to 3 (Uncommon to 2)
  • Painful Trap
    • Can be cancelled whilst casting
    • Damage increased by 80%
    • Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds
  • Mana Infusion
    • Regenerates 120 MP per second
  • Mana Siphon
    • MP restored by Mana Siphon increased
  • Nova
    • Glyph Points for Carving Nova reduced to 4
    • Glyph Points for Grounded Nova reduced to 4
    • Glyph Points for Swift Nova reduced to 2
  • Lightning Trap
    • Stun duration increased to 6 seconds
    • Casting time reduced
    • Cooldown reduced to 24 seconds
  • Time Gyre
    • Same duration in PvE and PvP
    • Glyph Points for Blazing Time Gyre reduced to 2
    • Glyph Points for Multiplicative Time Gyre reduced to 4 (Uncommon to 3)
  • Mindblast
    • Glyph Points for Hastened Mindblast reduced to 2
    • Glyph Points for Persistent Mindblast reduced to 3
  • Nerve Exhaustion
    • Effect duration increased to 5 seconds
    • Cooldown reduced to 50 seconds
  • Burst of Celerity
    • Can be learned from level 18
    • Can no longer be removed by Plague of Exhaustion or Regression
    • Glyph Points for Swift Burst of Celerity reduced to 3 (Uncommon to 2)
  • Ice Needle
    • Glyph Points for Blazing Ice Needle reduced to 2
  • Hail Storm
    • Glyph Points for Brilliant Hail Storm reduced to 2
  • Painblast
    • Slowing Painblast effect now has 100% chance
    • Glyph Points for Powerlinked Painblast: Flaming Barrage (Uncommon) reduced to 3
  • Mana Volley
    • Cooldown reduced to 90 seconds
  • Fireblast
    • Generates aggro only after casting, not at the start
    • Reduced MP cost when starting to cast
    • PvE damage increased by 10%
    • Glyph Points for Hastened Fireblast reduced to 3 (Uncommon to 2); increases casting speed by 25%
    • Energetic Fireblast (Uncommon) effect reduces cooldown of Fireblast by 20%
    • Brilliant Fireblast (Uncommon) effect reduces MP cost by 400
  • Flaming Barrage
    • Delay after casting reduced by 0.3 seconds
  • Void Pulse
    • Brilliant Void Pulse (Uncommon) effect reduces MP cost by 400
    • Damage increased by 10%
  • Arcane Pulse
    • Flies at enemies twice as fast
    • Glyph Points for Powerlinked Arcane Pulse reduced to 3
    • Glyph Points for Slick Arcane Pulse (Uncommon) reduced to 2
    • Carving Arcane Pulse (Uncommon) effect doubles crit factor for 5 seconds
  • Magma Bomb
    • Arc of throw lowered
    • Damage increased by 20%
  • Flame Pillar
    • Damage doubled
    • Delay after casting removed
    • Glyph Points for Blazing Flame Pillar: Lightning Trap reduced to 2
  • Fireball
    • MP cost of 10 removed
    • Restores 100 MP per hit
    • Damage reduced by 12%


The following attacks are considered as attacks from behind depending on the character’s position, and no longer from where the skill itself is placed:

  • Archer: Rain of Arrows, Stunning Trap, Incendiary Trap
  • Sorcerer: Painful Trap, Lightning Trap, Hail Storm
  • Gunner: Bombardment
  • Reaper: Sundering Strike (second hit)

Changes to Main Menu

  • The Style Shop is now available. This new icon in the main menu gives you a new interface for trying on costumes, mounts, weapon skins etc.
    • The list of items that can be tried on will be further expanded over of the coming weeks
  • Improved presentation of extra information in the main menu
  • Ostgarath name was slightly misplaced on the world map
  • More detailed display of location names on the two maps (N and M keys)
  • Help added for “Leave Party”
  • The mini-map (N key) has been changed so that it is always switched off in locations without a map

Further Changes

  • Messages can no longer be created COD
  • NPC added in villages and starting points which provide hints to explorable monuments and achievements
  • Four new achievements for Saravash's Den added
  • Second round of achievements – more points are needed to reach the various Laurels
  • HP bars added to existing dungeons including certain quest instances
  • Option added to remove yellow quest markers on the map
  • Added the ability to create a shortcut for Battleground Matching in the options
  • Animated arrow added to all climbable locations
  • Changed description of Mystic in the character creation
  • Master Weaponcrafting/Armorcrafting/Etching Tests simplified
  • Info added for level 60 players highlighting the quests for Northern Arun
  • Info added which pops up when a time-limited item will expire in 10 minutes
  • Various text descriptions changed
  • Drop rate for relics increased
  • Gold removed from monsters in certain areas and added to specific daily quests
  • Groups in the open world earn 3 times more experience rather than 2 times more
  • The Guild Masters of leading guilds of both leagues receive new rewards at the end of a Crusade season
  • All guild members of the leading guilds in the Cutthroat League receive new reward skills at the end of a Crusade season
  • Achievements and titles added for owning dragon riding skills

Bug Fixes

  • Added additional collision detection to stop characters falling through the ground in certain locations
  • Special effects restored for the following weapon skins: Prismatic and Pulsating weapon skins and Glacial Silver Dragon and Flaming Golden Dragon weapon skins
  • Various NPCs which spoke German in the English client now use the correct language again

Known Issues

  • The store for "Elleon's Mark of Valor" does not show its second tab within the EN language version of the client. Players wanting to buy the Big Head items will unfortunately have to temporarily use either the DE or FR language version of TERA