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Patch Notes 46.05 – Birth of a Tyrant

A brand-new dungeon awaits you in patch 46.05 which allows you to choose your path yourself!


Echoes of Aranea

  • New solo dungeon which reveals some of TERA’s back story
  • In-depth preview with details here

Demokron Factory

  • Can be accessed via the teleportal in the open world


Champions' Skyring (Team)

  • Noctenium Infusion applied automatically

Champions' Skyring (Solo)

  • Noctenium Infusion applied automatically
  • Updated equalized gear

Fraywind Canyon

  • Equalized gear from item level 404 (previously 411)


  • Equalized gear from item level 404 (previously 411)

Kuma's Royale

Kumas Boss:

  • Attack power increased by 30%
  • Cooldown of “Rage-Waddle” has been increased to 5 seconds
  • Kumas Boss become immune to Healing Aura
  • Adjusted Balance on Healing Crystals

Baby Kumas:

  • When Baby Kumas on the same team receive the effect of Healing Aura, their movement speed increases by 80. 
  • Heal over Time has been buffed from 3000 to 6000

Open Areas

Island of Dawn

  • Increased number of channels from 4 to 8

Added New Flight Zones

  • Allemantheia   
    • Allemantheia Outskirts               
    • Western Allemantheia
  • Essenia               
    • Blessing Basin  
    • Tralion
    • Essenian Crest
    • Blightwood       
    • Timeless Woods            
    • Tria
  • Westonia           
    • Tempest Reach              
    • Mount Tyrannas            
    • Acarum              
    • Frost Reach      
    • Bleakrock          
  • Val Elenium      
    • Wyrmgorge      
    • Tor Exsul
    • Elenea
  • Val Palrada        
    • Quarantine Zone           
    • Feral Valley      
    • Frontera            
  • Veritas
    • Balder's Refuge              
    • Bastion               


  • Previously adjusted required item levels for daily quests are now recognised by the client. As a result, quests are now shown correctly even before completion.

EU Specific:

Added following swimwear to the Balderian Bivalve Token shop:

  • Navy Blue Surfer Outfit (Male)
  • Jade Butterfly Monokini (Female)
  • Frilled Sailor Tankini (Elin)
  • Golden Shades
  • Turquoise Butterfly Shades
  • Striped Hairband
  • Jade Butterfly Hairband
  • White Sea Breeze Straw Hat

Note: The effects of the various Shape Changer: Chest items are not visible with the new swimwear.