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Patch Notes 47.02 – Battle for Velika

Is your guild ready for battle? This question lies at the heart of Patch 47, with new challenges and features revolving around your group of warriors. Upgrade your guild skills, complete guild quests, then dive into the fray in exciting battles against other guilds to claim ultimate victory!

The patch will be applied on our server on Tuesday, September 20th 2016!


  • Reworked and expanded guild menu
  • New guild wars
  • Removed alliance and crusade elements
  • Dreadspire closes its doors


Complementing the information provided in the preview:

  • After leaving a guild, you can only join a new guild after 24 hours.
  • Guilds cannot complete the same guild quest more than once per day.
  • Whenever a member leaves a guild, their contribution to the ongoing quest is deleted, assuming the quest hasn’t been completed yet.

Guild War

Complementing the information provided in the preview:

  • Upon entering the guild war region, all characters suffer from the Time Travel Side Effect debuff. The cooldown of Summon Party skills (priests and mystics) is increased six-fold.
  • Only one outpost can be placed within 80 metres.
  • Goddess’ Blessing cannot be used.
  • After death, players can choose to resurrect either at their own outpost (if available), or at the dock.
  • Respawn times are halved as long as your outpost is still standing.
  • Summoned bosses ignore crystals which modify damage based on enemy size (i.e. crystals with +% damage to BAMs have no effect).


  • Fixed errors in Manglemire’s debuff description
  • Adjusted sales prices for loot collected in the open world (e.g. materials)
  • Removed guild skills and castles from top crusade ranks
  • Removed NPCs related to alliance (inc. Strategic Commands)
  • Removed alliance-specific skills