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Patch Notes 51.03 – Twisted Dimensions

Ringing in the changes for 2017, TERA’s bringing you a brand-new dungeon challenge on January 19th. Descend into the Broken Prison and hunt Balbatos through the ruins of this former prison!

Broken Prison

An informative preview of the new dungeon can be found here.


The following changes have been made to the 30-player raid:

All Phases

  • Goddess’ Blessing can no longer be used

Phase 2 (Ground Attack)

  • More than doubled the strength of shields
  • Increased Vergos’ HP

Phases 2, 3 and 4

  • If various tactics can’t be carried out successfully, the fight will be aborted and you have to start again from the beginning
  • Changed range of Dragon’s Eye

Phase 3

  • Reduced duration of the Flame and Dust Warning debuffs to 5 seconds
  • Lava waves appear 20% faster. More lava is summoned
  • Vergos’ flame breath directed straight ahead can no longer be dodged with skills
  • Flame/Dust spheres are now summoned 15% faster and explode 10% sooner than before
  • Increased Vergos’ defense
  • Increased speed of walls of flame
  • Explosions triggered by combination of Dust and Flame cause damage of 100% HP

Phase 4

  • Reduced duration of Heat debuff to 6 seconds. Reduced cooldown before the effect can be cast again – overall execution has been accelerated
  • Celestial Power now increases skill damage by 50%
  • Explosions triggered by combination of Dust and Flame cause damage of 100% HP
  • Increased Vergos’ attack speed by 20% when below 50% HP
  • Vergos now continues to use all of his abilities when below 10% HP
  • Increased Vergos’ defense
  • Celestial energy spheres are now twice as difficult to destroy and float through the area faster
  • Hit points of shields now increased by 20% per successful stack of Celestial Power
  • Rocks summoned after a nearby explosion appear faster
  • Fiery breath when flying now casts quicker
  • More lava summoned



  • Removed daily rotating battleground quests

Kumas Royale

  • Split Kumas Royale into two modes, one for level 20-64 players and one for level 65 players
  • Players joining the mode for levels 20-64 are equalised to level 65
  • Added daily quests for level 65 players
  • Descriptions adjusted accordingly
  • Players can only be expelled from a battleground party by unanimous agreement of the other players



  • Reduced costs for declaring and maintaining a challenge
  • Adjusted messages relating to GvG (deaths/victories)


User Interface

  • The raid party interface can now be resized in the game options
  • The raid party interface is not affected by scaling the overall interface
  • Adjusted descriptions of items and dialogues to make it easier for players new to level 65
  • Returning level 65 players and players who have just reached level 65 will now only be shown important quests to accept


Regional Changes

Dungeon Loot

Added Twisted Lakan’s Prison to list of 4-star difficulty dungeons with additional loot:

  • 10x Masterwork Alkahest
  • 10x Elleon's Mark of Valor
  • 1x Noctenium Infusion Chest
  • 40x Fashion Coupons
  • 1x Dyad Niveot Structure*
  • 1x Goldfinger Token

*This item is not included 100%.


Adjusted rewards for players who used the BuddyUp! system. Details will follow on Wednesday.