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Patch Notes 55.03 – Velika's Secrets

New dungeons, stronger gear and better daily quests – that and more from Tuesday, 2nd May, in TERA!

Focus on New Contents

  • Velik's Hold (Normal/Hard)
  • Velik's Sanctuary (Normal)
  • New tier 12 gear
  • Changes to battleground rewards


Dungeon Changes

New instances

  • Velik's Hold (3 Stars)
  • Velik's Hold (Hard, 4 Stars)
  • Velik's Sanctuary (4 Stars)

These Instances Are Returning

  • The Abscess (3 Stars)
  • Bathysmal Rise (3 Stars)
  • Timescape (4 Stars)
  • Kalivan's Challenge (3 Stars)

These Instances Are Closing Their Doors

  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
  • Vault of Kaprima
  • Shadow Sanguinary (Normal/Hard)
  • Lilith's Keep (Normal/Hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (Normal/Hard)
  • Harrowhold
  • Twisted Lakan's Prison

Demokron Factory (Normal)

  • Adjusted start positions of Vera and Prima in hard mode (not standing together)


Class Skill Changes


  • Curse of Confusion, Sonorous Dreams, Shara's Lash
    • If one of these skills is used on an opponent, no more of these skills can be cast on the same opponent.
  • Aura of the Merciless VI
    • Strength of the effect (crit factor) increased from 2.1 to 2.2


  • Meteor Strike
    • MP cost reduced from 1200 to 800
  • Hail Storm
    • MP cost reduced from 1000 to 900
  • Nova
    • MP cost reduced from 700 to 600
  • Teleport
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 12 sec.
  • Warp Barrier
    • Cooldown increased from 10 to 18 sec.


  • Chase
    • Cooldown reduced from 25 to 20 sec.
    • Glyph of Energy (Common, 4 glyph points): cooldown reduced by 20%
  • Rain of Arrows
    • Distributed damage is no longer divided by number of targets


  • Growing Fury
    • Removed cooldown
    • Glyph of Energy (Common) changed to Glyph of Threat (Common): generates 20% additional aggro


  • Shining Crescent
    • Attack power reduced by 10%
  • Runeburst
    • Attack power reduced by 5%
  • Titansbane (without Ragnarok)
    • First strike increases the attack power of skills by 10% per second each time enemies in range are attacked. Up to 5 attacks and buffs can be stacked
    • First strike increases the attack power of party members during the attack by 10%
    • Second strike: When attacking, attack power is calculated using the player's stacked buffs
  • Titansbane (with Ragnarok)
    • First strike increases the attack power of skills by 10% per second each time enemies in range are attacked. Up to 5 attacks and buffs can be stacked
    • 1 runemark is stacked on the first strike of each attack
    • First strike increases the attack power of party members during the attack by 15%
    • Second strike: When attacking, attack power is calculated using the player's stacked buffs
    • 2 runemarks are stacked on the second strike of each attack


  • Fiery Rage
    • Reworked animation


  • Distant Blade
    • Reworked animation on third strike


New gear added

  • New jewelry
  • As loot and for crafting: Tier 11 gear (Veldeg's set)
  • For crafting: Tier 12 gear (Deathwrack set)


New Material Tiers Added

  • Tier 12 Feedstock
  • Tier 12 Alkahest
  • Spellbind XII
  • Master Enigmatic Scroll XII

New Materials

  • Herpstone Gravel
  • Crocement Powder
  • Repaired Herpstone
  • Crocement Adhesive
  • Ominous Ore
  • Herpvein Powder
  • Talisman of Lakan
  • Lakan's Scale
  • Badge of Loyalty
  • Lakan's Banner

Existing Materials

  • Tier 11 Feedstock: fusion to Tier 12 possible
  • Spellbind XI: fusion to Tier 12 possible
  • Renamed and no longer usable:
    • Undershade Token -> Corroded Undershade Token
    • Shadecore Token -> Corroded Shadecore Token
    • Shadetop Token -> Corroded Shadetop Token
  • Renamed:
    • Undershade Token -> Undercede Token
    • Shadetop Token -> Supercede Token
    • Shadecore Token -> Intercede Token

New Tokens/Badges Added

  • Underhold Token
  • Interhold Token
  • Superhold Token
  • Crocstar Token
  • Kumas Royale Receipt
  • Iron Battlefield Victory Chest
  • Gridiron Receipt
  • Champions' Skyring Receipt
  • Corsairs' Stronghold Receipt
  • Fraywind Canyon Receipt

New Reward Chests Added

  • Lakan's Treasure Chest
  • Follower's Supply Crate
  • Kumas Royale Victory Chest
  • Iron Battlefield Victory Chest
  • Corsairs' Stronghold Victory Chest
  • Gridiron Victory Chest
  • Fraywind Canyon Victory Chest
  • Champions' Skyring Victory Chest
  • Key Accessory Design Box
  • Misery Weapon Crate
  • Misery Armor Crate
  • Deathwrack Weapon Crate
  • Deathwrack Armor Crate
  • Deathwrack Handwear Crate
  • Deathwrack Footwear Crate
  • Desmense Accessories Crate
  • Desmense Necklace Crate
  • Desmense Earring Crate
  • Desmense Ring Crate
  • Desmenseborne Earring Crate
  • Desmenseborne Ring Crate

Existing Equipment Items

  • Rarity of a random option on armor changed from green to yellow

New Interface for the Vanguard Initiative

  • The interface for the Vanguard Initiative has been completely reworked:
  • New visuals for available quests
  • New visuals for weekly rewards and their achievements
  • Daily rewards added
  • Detailed display of the respective instances
    • Possible rewards
    • Number of successful completions
    • Difficulty
    • Item level
    • Information on Neophyte Resuscitation
  • Detailed display of the respective battlegrounds
    • Possible rewards
    • Conditions and number of players per team
    • PvP short guide
  • Additional filter for story quests
  • Teleportation to Vanguard Initiative Reputation Merchant



From Patch 55 onwards, reputation can no longer be earned as a reward on battlefields. There are now victory chests instead that can be opened for rewards, or receipts that can be exchanged for victory chests at a rate of 5 to 1.

Contents of Victory Chests

  • The exact contents of the chests can be viewed here: (PDF).

Reputation Shop

  • As reputation can no longer be obtained, the prices of existing items have been reduced.

Corsairs' Stronghold

  • Gates increased to level 65
  • Strength of the gates increased 1.5-fold


Other Adjustments

  • Text adjustments on Stepstone Isle
  • Text adjustments for Velik in Velik's Sanctuary
  • Price of Stout Zyrk adjusted
  • Quantity of alkahest needed for Lilith's Equipment (Tier 10) reduced from 16 to 8 per attempt
  • All quests lower than the Reaper's starting level are automatically considered completed for the Reaper.
  • You are now teleported correctly to the entrance teleportal to the Golden Labyrinth when pressing the corresponding button in the Vanguard Initiative window
  • BAM HP and other stats adjusted on the Island of Dawn
  • Opponent HP and other stats adjusted in the Celestial Arena
  • Opponent HP and other stats adjusted in the Challenge Dungeon
  • Rewards from dungeon quests adjusted (higher tier of contents)
  • Start of new season for achievements (Season 6)

Guild War

  • Rewards for the guild war and emergency missions changed
  • Dungeons available for guild missions changed



  • Corrected problem where the wrong requirements were set for the 'Rising to the Challenge' achievement in Bathysmal Rise
  • Valkyrie:
    • Fixed mistake in the Ragnarok effect tooltip
    • Moon Umbra no longer inflicts damage despite blocking successfully
    • Changed icon of the Elven Moon Glaive


Regional Changes

Vanguard Initiative Reputation Merchants

  • Removed scrolls for resetting the cooldown of removed dungeons
  • Added scrolls for resetting the cooldown of three groups of dungeons

Dungeon Loot

The additional dungeon loot has been adjusted with patch 55 as several new dungeons make their appearance, while other older instances have been removed. The loot is based on the difficulty shown in the instance matching. Unless otherwise stated, it is awarded to each party member with a probability of 100%:

2 Stars (Level 65)

  • 25x Fashion Coupons
  • 4x Veteran Masterwork Alkahest
  • 1x Goldfinger Token
  • 1x Crystalbind
  • 2x Elleon's Mark of Valor

3 Stars

  • 5x Veteran Masterwork Alkahest
  • 4x Elleon's Mark of Valor
  • 1x Goldfinger Token
  • 1x Noctenium Infusion Chest
  • 30x Fashion Coupons

4 Stars

  • 10x Masterwork Alkahest
  • 10x Elleon's Mark of Valor
  • 1x Noctenium Infusion Chest
  • 40x Fashion Coupons
  • 1x Dyad Niveot Structure*
  • 1x Goldfinger Token

5 Stars

  • 18x Masterwork Alkahest
  • 1x Noctenium Infusion Chest
  • 18x Elleon's Mark of Valor
  • 1x Dyad Niveot Structure*
  • 2x Goldfinger Token
  • 50x Fashion Coupons

*This item is not included 100%.


Ghillieglade Changes

Removed old items:

  • Materials for crafting VM7 gear
  • Design for crafting VM8 gear
  • Tier 10 Feedstock
  • Manor Dust, Bloodmetal Ore, Manor Collection, Bloodsteel Ingot

Added new items:

  • Materials and designs for crafting VM9 gear
  • Tier 11 and 12 Feedstock
  • Added a potential drop of a Semi-Enigmatic Scroll


Materials for Flying Mounts

Since various dungeons have been removed, the materials for flying mounts have been redistributed. They can be gotten as follows:


Additional Changes

  • Spellbind Key
    • Amount and Probability for Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls increased
    • Reduced probability for various potions (HP, MP)
  • Doubled Vanguard Initiative Credits from daily quests stays in
  • Increased tier of Spellbinds and Feedstock included in the following boxes:
    • Enchantment Rewards Box
    • Enigmatic Rewards Box
    • Binding Rewards Box