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Patch Notes 62.03 – The Elin Gunner

Patch 62 brings arcane Elin power: Starting next week, you can storm into battle with the Elin Gunner. There's also the hard mode of the RK-9 Kennel and a new slot where you can equip your animated stamp effects.

New Contents

The Elin Gunner

  • The Gunner class can now be used to create not only female High Elf and Castanic characters, but also Elins.
  • All existing costumes for Gunners, which are available for Fashion Coupons, can now also be worn by Elins.
  • In patch 62 it is not possible to use a Race Change Voucher to transform a High Elf or Castanic Gunner into an Elin. This will become possible in 2018.
  • Elin Gunners can be created for an unlimited time.
  • A new hairstyle has been added to the character selection for Elins.


Additional Character Slot

  • Patch 62 increases the maximum number of character slots per server from 17 to 18.
  • Get your free slot now! Info on this can be found here.

RK-9 Kennel

  • The hard mode of the RK-9 Kennel is opening its doors!
    • For 5-player groups
    • Min. required item level 446
    • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members

Further information on the dungeon can be found in the patch 61 preview.


A new item type is being added with patch 62: the Stamp! These items can be equipped like costumes. With each step you take, you will now leave an animated trail on the ground.

A new slot has been created for Stamps in your profile (keyboard shortcut “P”) where these items can be equipped and unequipped. A corresponding menu item has also been added to the Auction House.

You can choose whether Stamps are displayed in the game options. Here are a few details:

  • Stamps are never shown in video presets 0 to 3
  • Stamps are never shown in battle
  • Stamps are shown to all players only within a radius of 25m
  • Stamps are shown to party members regardless of radius
  • Stamps can be completely turned off in the options:
    • Options > Video > Travel effects


  • Adjusted the strength of some level 5 equipment
  • Reworked the description texts of some enchanting materials to add additional or new procurement sources (e.g. the new RK-9 Kennel (Hard)).

Class Changes


Traverse Cut

  • The attack speed bonus is granted to other warriors in the party when Defensive Stance II is active and an opponent is hit by Traverse Cut.
  • The lancer’s Adrenaline Rush cannot be stacked with the party’s attack speed bonus
  • The effect of Traverse Cut is not shown after it has been granted to a party member

Assault Stance

  • Increased cooldown to 60 sec.
  • Cooldown is shared with the cooldown of Defensive Stance

Defensive Stance

  • Increased cooldown to 60 sec.
  • Cooldown is shared with the cooldown of Assault Stance

Other Changes


  • The date received messages will be deleted is shown in the overview.
  • The date received messages were received is shown in the details.
  • Sent message can be viewed in the “COD Pending” tab.
    • If there are 100 saved messages, the oldest message is deleted when you send a new one.
  • Messages are deleted after 180 days.


  • Increased guild level limit from 257 to 309.
  • Added the following additional levels for skills:
    • Amarun Energy VI-VIII
    • Elinu’s Vigor VI-VIII
    • Guild Expansion V-VII


  • Area directly around the Arena is now a no-fly zone
  • Area directly around Rootstock is now a toy tank-free zone

Dressing Room

  • Small upgrade for the Dressing Room: You can now search for specific items and sort them by name or date added!

Regional Changes



  • The passive effect that speeds up the crafting of items by 50% has been increased to 99.9%.
    • Background: Each crafting process has a minimum crafting time of a few seconds. The 50% buff was used very little for items that are crafted very quickly. By increasing it to 99.9%, the effect should be clearly noticeable even for items with short crafting times.
  • The effect of the Complete Crystalbind is now no longer shown as a ball of light around the character.
    • Background: As this effect is permanently active for the duration of the membership, without the player being able to decide to hide it in the city, for example, we have decided to remove the ball of light.

Fashion Coupons

Fashion Coupons will be available as loot in level 65 instances again from patch 62.

Vanguard Initiative Quests

4500 Metamorphic Emblems have been added to the “Conquer the RK-9 Kennel (Hard)” quest.

Character Transfer

Character Transfer will be adjusted as follows during the server maintenance for patch 62:

  • Increased the maximum amount of Gold a character can be transferred with from 50,000 to 1,000,000.
  • Transferring from the Saleron, Sikander, and Amarun servers to the “old” servers is now possible.
  • Transferring to Saleron, Sikander, and Amarun remains deactivated.