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Patch Notes 64.03 – Guardian Legion Missions

Join the ranks of Arborea’s guardians! With the launch of the new patch on Tuesday, 23rd January, you can look forward to exciting Guardian Legion missions. Plus the Slayer is getting a new passive skill, while we say goodbye as the event server Manahan closes its doors.


The Guardian Legion

These new events running throughout the whole day will really test your mettle. Take on various missions in the open world each day and reap the rewards! There are 3 main types of Guardian Legion mission:

  • Boss fights
  • Monster waves
  • Games with tuwangis

You can take on the various mission types against a range of enemy types in the different areas. Simply look on the world map to find out which events are currently active and which are going to start soon.


Once you have selected a mission, teleport to the mission area with a simple click of the mouse. You don’t need to be in a party to start a mission, but the mission’s difficulty will be automatically adjusted to take account of the number of participating players.

Depending on how well you do on the mission, you can receive a variety of different rewards. These can be seen on the right-hand side of the screen:

A – Points earned. Depends on the amount of damage inflicted or damage healed.

For every 100,000 points you’ll earn a rewards chest. As soon as the bar is full, you start earning points towards the next chest. Each day you can receive a maximum of 40 chests. In addition to the chests, you’ll receive 30 item XP and 250 Arborean Guardian points.

B – Name of current mission

C – Progress bar for the current mission, divided into segments. The remaining time available for this mission is displayed on the right.

D – Goal of current mission segment

E – Ranking of participating players

The new credits can be exchanged with the merchants Ayla, Kethenn and Mia in Velika once you have completed the relevant story quest. You can only accept the quests once you have reached a certain item level, hence you have a broader range of options available to you, the higher your item level.


Class Skills


At level 16, Slayers learn the new Propulsion passive skill with the following effects:

  • If a critical hit is landed with Eviscerate, the cooldown for Measured Slice is reduced by 1.5 sec.
  • If a critical hit is landed with Whirlwind, the cooldown for Measured Slice is reduced by 1.5 sec.
  • If a hit is landed with Overhand Strike, the cooldown for Whirlwind is reduced by 2 sec.
  • If a hit is landed with Ultimate Overhand Strike, the cooldown for Whirlwind is reduced by 2 sec.
  • If a hit is landed with Eviscerate , the cooldown for Whirlwind is reduced by 2 sec.


  • Focus Heal
    • Slightly increased targeting range
  • Energy Stars I-IV
    • Reduced buff cooldown for party members by 5%
  • Increased skill damage against bosses by 20%


  • Titanic Favor, Arun’s Cleansing Touch
    • Reduced targeting range
  • Vow of Rebirth
    • Effect now lasts 5 minutes
    • Glyph of Energy now reduces cooldown by 30%
  • Increased skill damage against bosses by 20%


  • Jackhammer
    • Endurance reduction per stack now reduced by 1.5%
  • Counter
    • Increased chance to activate chained skill Glyph of Power by 25% for 6 sec.


  • Rain of Blows
    • Using Rain of Blows after Deadly Gamble II increases the stack before the final blow.
  • Blade Draw
    • Using Blade Draw after Deadly Gamble II increases the stack by 1 after the 1st and 3rd blows.
    • When using the Glyph of Advantage, this increases to 2 stacks after the 1st and 3rd blows.


Other Changes

  • Kicking a player from a party requires 80% of party members’ approval
    • Players who are offline or who are still in a dungeon will automatically answer with ‘Yes’
  • Quest items from the following quests can now be discarded and collected again from the quest if required:
    • From the Mouths of Scions
    • Some Gave All
    • A Manor Invasion
  • Various rewards below level 65 have been adjusted
  • Descriptions of various quest items have been updated



  • The event server Manahan will be closed and removed from the server selection menu
  • The Race Change Voucher now allows Gunners to change their race to Elin
  • Daily Club Reward Box
    • 100 Golden Talents removed
    • 40 Golden Talents and 10 Silver Talents added
  • Star Gift Event Boxes
    • 10/15/20 Gold Talents removed
    • 4/8/12 Gold Talents + 1/2/3 Silver Talents added
  • Fire Demon's Tome
    • With the B64 Update, the Runestones will be removed from the merchant (can not longer be purchased)
    • Existing Runestones and Letters can still be used, and won't be deleted with this maintenance