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Patch Notes 68.03 – Revolution!

Are you ready for the Revolution? Patch 68 hits our servers on 15th May.

Look forward to exciting challenges in a new dungeon, a brand-new equipment slot, and mysterious events on the Island of Dawn!

New Dungeons

The Red Refuge opens its doors in normal and hard mode.

Red Refuge: 

  • For 5-player groups
  • Difficulty: 3 stars
  • Required item level: 439
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members

Red Refuge (Hard): 

  • For 5-player groups
  • Difficulty: 4 stars
  • Required item level: 446
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members

New Equipment Slot and Matching Items

A new equipment slot provides space for masks that you can get in the game.  They each grant +2 or +3 endurance as well as one of these bonus stats at random:

Mask of the Beginning

  • +9 crit factor
  • +4 power
  • +0.04 crit power
  • +2.4% cooldown reduction

Mask of the Infinity

  • +12 crit factor
  • +6 power
  • +0.06 crit power
  • +3% cooldown reduction

Island of Dawn 

Interact with the Essence of Life appearing on the Island of Dawn and get one of the following outcomes:

  • Receive a random buff upon collection
  • Summon a thief instead These thieves carry chests, which can be opened using keys obtained from daily quests.

Other Changes

  • Increased the additional damage received by priests during the Awakened quest series form 15% to 30%
  • Added extra items to the shop for Fashion Coupons
  • “Gender Change” function now also available for brawlers using items such as the voucher of the same name
  • The Kelsaik’s Raid event dungeon closes its doors