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Patch Notes 69 – Hero’s Oath

From June 7th, patch 69 is bringing with it additional instances, a new battleground, and more powerful gear!

But that’s not all, of course: we’re opening one additional server each for English and German speakers. This gives you the opportunity to start your career as a hero again from scratch and to take the new world by storm!

New Dungeons

Antaroth’s Abyss will be available in normal and hard modes. Guild quests have also been added for these dungeons.

Antaroth’s Abyss: 

  • For 5-player groups
  • Difficulty: 4 stars
  • Required item level: 446
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members

Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard): 

  • For 5-player groups
  • Difficulty: 5 stars
  • Required item level: 453
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members


Extra Rankings

Like for battlegrounds, with patch 69 there are now also rankings for two instances:

  • Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard): 
  • Pit of Petrax

Here you’ll be able to view the rankings for the fastest completions in each 4-week season, filtered by class.

From patch 71 (planned for July), they will also be joined by the new Dreadspire!


Battleground Changes

Underground Battlepit

The Underground Battlepit is new patch 69 and replaces the Gridiron.

Here are a few details on this new battleground:

  • Opening times: Saturdays and Sundays between 8 PM and 10 PM
  • Minimum level: 65
  • Number of players: 10v10
  • Reward: depends on the rank achieved
    • The 10 best players in the battleground will receive between 5 and 9 rewards chests.
    • Rewards are issued independent of your own party and are only dependent on your own rank.
    • At least 300 points need to be scored to receive a reward.

Players in each party are anonymous. This means that the name of your character is not visible to other players:

  • Players receive names such as “Red 01” or “Blue 10”.
  • All players receive identical-looking equipment.
  • Your name is also anonymized in the battleground’s rankings.

Kumas Royale

  • The voting process for expelling a player from the party has been adjusted. In the future for the vote to pass, 80% of the players must vote “Yes”.
  • The number of rewards for lost rounds has been increased from 1 to 3 rewards chests.

Corsairs’ Stronghold

  • Reduced the cooldown for the Corsairs’ Stronghold to 10 minutes
  • Increased rewards for won and lost rounds:
    • Won: 7x Champion’s Enchanting Chest (previously: 5x)
    • Lost: 4x Champion’s Enchanting Chest (previously: 1x)

Fraywind Canyon

  • Increased rewards for won and lost rounds:
    • Won: 8x Champion’s Enchanting Chest (previously: 6x)
    • Lost: 5x Champion’s Enchanting Chest (previously: 1x)

Champion’s Enchanting Chest

  • Increased the probability of receiving Golden Talents
  • Reduced the probability of receiving Silver Talents
  • Contains the Mask of the Infinity and Veilthroch


New Gear

In patch 69 it is possible to upgrade the previously best gear to a new type of equipment!

  • Stormcry Set +9 can be upgraded to the Hero’s Oath Set +0.
  • This requires a new material – Veilthroch!
  • Veilthroch can be received in the following game content:
    • Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard)
    • Corsairs’ Stronghold rewards chests
    • Fraywind Canyon rewards chests

The Mask of the Infinity mentioned in patch 68 can now also be obtained in the game!


Dungeon Changes

Pit of Petrax

  • Both the quest reward and loot from Petrax have been improved.
  • Petrax’s HP has been adjusted specifically for the different classes.
  • The battle mechanics have been adjusted so that Petrax no longer gets a shield when the archers appear.


Other Changes

  • Pieces of Seren’s Relic are now dropped from level 12 (no longer from level 11 as before). 
  • A maximum of 2 pieces of Seren’s Relic can be dropped as loot at once (no longer 4 as before).
  • The increasing of HP through guild skills has been reduced.
  • Various improvements have been made to quests.
  • Towers for guild wars can now only be placed by players who have been given the right to do so by the guild leader.


Regional Changes


Supplement to patch 68:

  • Regional rewards have been added to the two new dungeons (3/4-star rewards respectively).

Patch 69:

  • Regional rewards have been added to the two new dungeons (4/5-star rewards respectively).
  • Added the new enchantment item "Veilthroch" (non-tradable) into the "Divine Support Box".
  • Added the Buff "Velik's Little Helper" (+23 Power, +23 Endurance) to the following dungeons:
    • Red Refuge
    • Red Refuge (Hard)
    • Antaroth's Abyss
    • Antaroth's Abyss (Hard)
    • RK-9 Kennel (Hard)
  • Removed the Token "[Event] Ruby" from the Star Gift Event
  • We'll remove the following items from all inventories, banks and other storage places with the B69 maintenance:
    • Summer Festival Tokens (Seashell, Sun Token)